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  1. BG_TX

    fj62 1988 Landcruiser Transer Case Leak

    Not huge, but you will have to tear down the tcase to get to the seal - when I did it I went ahead and rebuilt the tcase as well.
  2. BG_TX

    1 Day Away - Throwing Down 4 the Suspension

    Thanks! Yes, SCS F5 Matte Gunmetal 16x8 -25mm; rubber Mickey Thompson Baja 305/70/16 - I will be going with narrower tires when I replace these.
  3. BG_TX

    1 Day Away - Throwing Down 4 the Suspension

    12 years later, no complaints. No relocating hangers, no stinkbug, I did install anti-inversion shackles initially (did not install the CCOT shackles) because I had them on hand already. Pic taken today - no significant decrease in lift height over the years, no stinkbug, no complaints (from me).
  4. BG_TX

    Front bumper removal bolt help

    Not sure if year of bumper matters, for newer model ARB on FJ62 I did have to remove 2 bolts (1 lower and 1 upper) from the OEM bumper mounts to make room for the upper/lower ARB bolts. Mine (both sides) were both bolts, not rivets.
  5. BG_TX

    New Rumor: 300 LC Will Be Stripped Down Utility Wagon

    I heard production deployment was delayed due to weather... haryv prob has more details.
  6. BG_TX

    Smittybilt Console Review

    ~9years later and still good. The top cushion is showing some cracks and will prob need recovered in the near future but that will be an easy job.
  7. BG_TX

    Knuckle Rebuild - Real Time Tips

    Toyota of Plano sold me new OEM studs for $7ea. 2 weeks ago... not cheap, but better than $120.
  8. BG_TX

    Knuckle Rebuild - Real Time Tips

    I drove my new OEM studs in using stacked washer method and an impact... Also, those OEM studs list for ~$13 each, at least that's what a local dealer quoted me then took 50% off.
  9. BG_TX

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Things got shiny this weekend. I'm tempted to tear it all back down and replace the dust shield with the eliminator plate. That thing is a pain in the ass - I can only imagine doing birf work on a trail and having to jack around with cracking open brake lines, etc. But for now... bling
  10. BG_TX

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Yes OEM... they do not have the hole drilled for the hub/rotor bolt though - oh well.
  11. BG_TX

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Finally rotors/calipers arrived... preparing for the weekend. Bearing races are in the freezer! What I plan to do this weekend :beer::wrench::beer::wrench::beer::beer::beer:
  12. BG_TX

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Cleaning things while waiting for parts (new calipers and rotors en route). Before, lots of gunk. After some degreaser, scraper and paint.
  13. BG_TX

    Birfield Wear - Look OK?

    What says mud, the tabs are discolored from what appears to be heat/wear - look ok?
  14. BG_TX

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    New ARB has 3 height positions, I think mine is the middle and rides the headlight and replaces the turn signals.... and servicing the axles this weekend thru next weekend.
  15. BG_TX

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Raised the LSPV 2" to see if it made a difference, noticeable so tracking down better hardware for the long term. After piling on a bunch of weight I needed some braking back. And just 'cuz
  16. BG_TX

    UPGRADE - Basics are done

    I tried to search for this answer but that is the core of my problem... Advanced Search doesn't show an option to search by section (40s, 60s, 80s, etc)? And the "hottest wives" thread is missing. :p:beer::flipoff2:
  17. BG_TX

    I've got a picture, and need help finding Toyota's Land Cruiser year.

    2018/2018 LandCruiser70 Workmate
  18. BG_TX

    ARB bumper install

    62s don't need them.
  19. BG_TX

    Grill paint debate

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