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    For Sale Craigslist Arkansas 2006 LC 93,000

    Pm me if you are serious about that.
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    SOLD Considering buying - 1988 FJ60. Info In post what’s the Feedback?

    New paint and rhino liner can hide a lot of issues. Take a magnet with you but underneath looks fairly rot free so who knows.
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    SOLD Considering buying - 1988 FJ60. Info In post what’s the Feedback?

    Looks like the one for sale in Fayetteville. Rhino liner and new paint scare me a bit but overall doesn’t look terrible. They have any photos prior to paint?
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    Wanted Colorado - Looking for a project 60/62

    Have my 84 I could be persuaded to let get of. Has rear hatch rust but frame isn’t terrible. It likely needs the 2f rebuilt and I was debating on 5spd conversion. Otherwise, the lift, tires, brakes (front and rear), knuckles, tie rods and ends are all brand new. It was running well until...
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    SOLD San Antonio, TX: 1985 FJ60 Silver, CLEAN 212k miles (rebuilt motor @194k) adventure ready

    Obligatory undercarriage and rust pics. God I hope there’s something significant so I don’t have to fly to Texas.
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    SOLD 04101: Tuffy Deluxe Stereo Security Console 8” Wide (New Condition)

    Would’ve grabbed this a while back but with a small dog I wasn’t sure he’d be able to climb the seats. Killer deal though.
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    SOLD FJ60 Rear Heater with shiny formed undercarriage hose/pipes

    I’m interested if initial sale falls through.
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    SOLD 04101: Tuffy Deluxe Stereo Security Console 8” Wide (New Condition)

    Just to clarify, No cup holders? Not a deal killer as price seems fair.
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    For Sale SF Bay Area, CA : FJ62/FJ60 Brown Interior Parts

    @hygge , door card still available?
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    Wanted FJ60 Southeast

    Pm me if it falls through. Have an 84 60 I’m considering putting up for sale.
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    @FJ80joe , update the title to "SOLD" or "NLA". good looking rig, not surprised you were inclined to hold onto it.
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    SOLD Charlotte, NC, 1992 HZJ73

    Someone tell me that this would make a terrible daily driver for the CO mountains so I can stop lusting after this!!!
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    SOLD 1987 FJ 60 1HD-FT 133k original miles. SOLD

    Sweet truck for sure.
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    craigslist 1984 FJ60, WA, this looks nice

    Swear I’ve seen this one on here before. Maybe I’m wrong but the steering wheel wrap seems too familiar. Good looking rig
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    2f Carb Tuning - Timing - and Vacuum Routing for Desmog

    How did it run before replacing the carb? If it was poor, my guess is you’ve got something else wrong. What does the vacuum gauge read? You may want to ensure that the valves and timing are first set and then go back to the carb. I love my cityracer but like any carb can take some time to get it...
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    Builds Work In Progress aka: Badass

    You really are badass and continually a source of knowledge and wealth of information. You make the forums better F.
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    60 Front Door Weatherstrip

    I know a few people have used this place. I have no experience with any of these however.
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    Wanted  Fj60 spare tire tool kit

    Looking for Fj60 spare tire tool kit to manage spare tires carrier. Doesn’t have to be spotless but just functional condition. PM with price plus shipping to 80220
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    For Sale 85 FJ60 Arkansas

    @LoRide , please change title to SOLD. Im tired of clicking on this and getting excited to find out it's NLA
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    Another FJ60 hesitation/stutter/hard to start when warm thread

    Been a busy week, but things are now looking up. Had to tow the truck to the shop because of the hesitation under load. Truck was due for suspension work and ended up putting on a new OME medium lift. Took off the carb and the needle valve seat had essentially eaten the associated brass filter...
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