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  1. ryanwk628

    Anyone recognize these holes?

    I have two holes on my passenger side cowl just above the vent. I thought perhaps they were for an antenna but I have not been able to identify what one. It is not for the FJ40 radio antenna I bought. I’ve looked at a lot of CB antennas but have not found one with this hole pattern. You can see...
  2. ryanwk628

    craigslist  FJ55 stuffed with 40 series parts

    Posting for a friend. Toyota Landcruiser and parts+++++ I visited this guys shop today and he has quite a haul. The 55 needs work but that is made up for by the fact that it is stuffed with parts he has acquired while restoring multiple Fj40s. The roof has ambulance doors and a hood stacked...
  3. ryanwk628

    Black/Red Ignition Wire Burnt Up

    A few days ago I was drove my 11/69 FJ40 to lunch and when I got in it to go, smoke instantly started coming out from under the dash. I turned the ignition off, disconnected the battery and checked for fire before having AAA come pick me up and going back to work. Today I dragged it out of...
  4. ryanwk628

    11/69 Vacuum Switching Valve, Carb and Vacuum Retard Distributor Questions

    Running a 1970 (11/69) stock F engine and am going to a Trollhole carb. The new carb only has one vacuum port compared to the three I had before. I also have a vacuum retard distributor with petronix. The FSM (1972 F egnine) actually shows a Vac advance dizzy (page 8-25 or 160 in the pdf.)...
  5. ryanwk628

    1970 Build in CT

    Doing a lot of little things to my 11/69 FJ40 so I figured I would document them. I did an intro but this is where I will post my slow build. Mud has been a great help and I am sure I will continue to rely on this as I go through it. My plan is to work on this truck as I enjoy it. I dont...
  6. ryanwk628

    For Sale  1970 Bench Seats for Sale/Trade

    I pulled the seats from my 1970 FJ40. The vinyl needs to be repaired/replaced but the foam is probably good. Passenger side foot closest to the door rotted off with the floor, easy fix. Otherwise very good shape for a restoration or parts. I thought about saving these but Im just too tall...
  7. ryanwk628

    For Sale  Axles for sale/trade, 1970 FJ40

    These axles came with my 40. No hubs. Not sure what the condition is. PO swapped in rebuilt axles out of a 77. Located in SW Connecticut 5 min off i-84. Axles for sale/trade, 1970 FJ40 by ryanwk628 posted Dec 1, 2016 at 1:47 PM Axles for sale/trade, 1970 FJ40 by ryanwk628 posted Dec 1, 2016...
  8. ryanwk628

    Wanted  WTB: F Engine Offenhauser Intake

    Im thinking about trying out a FiTech EFI, so Im pricing out a reasonable offenhauser intake for my F engine. According to the offy catalog these are part numbers 6154-DP or 6225-C. Dual port or C series are OK. Let me know if you've got one on the shelf you're willing to part with. Thanks!
  9. ryanwk628

    Rough Country Lift Issues

    On my 11/69 FJ40 the PO installed a 4" Rough Country lift when he swapped in rebuilt axles out of a 77. I knew this was a cheapo lift and the shackle angles were off when I purchased it but the springs still had the stickers on them so I figured they would soften up a bit. I was just happy to...
  10. ryanwk628

    2014+ GM LV3 V6 - Looking for Info

    Trigger Warning: This is an engine swap question and while I am speaking hypothetically, it may offend purists. As I waiver between what I will or wont do to my FJ40, I keep running across the new LV3 engine. Unlike the LSx engines, GM actually made a Gen 5 V6. I know GM V6s have been very...
  11. ryanwk628

    Intro thread - Ryanwk628

    Ive been commenting and asked a couple questions since I picked up a 11/69 FJ40 last month, lurking even longer than that as I looked for one. I live in CT and have been a 40 fan since I was a kid when my great-uncle had one. He plowed with it and let it rot, but I still thought it was...
  12. ryanwk628

    New 40 owner, first question - Roof Rack?

    Hello, I just picked up my first FJ40. Ive wanted one ever since I was a kid and my great uncle had one. (I think he blew the motor, it sat and someone towed it away.) Ive always been a Toyota fan, personally having learned to drive in a Rav4, after which I got a 96 Tacoma (was always...
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