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  1. offroadin4fun

    SOLD  North Idaho

    60 Series ARB Old Man Emu Shocks and Steering Dampener for 3-4" lift bought new in 2007. None appear to be leaking so I am offering these to a fellow "WHEELER" for free pickup. These shocks will accommodate up to a 4" lift. Local only please.
  2. offroadin4fun

    SOLD  Upper Thermostat Housing 88-90 FJ62

    Upper Thermostat Housing 88-90 FJ62 w/ good threads & thermostat sealing surface wanted. Thanks
  3. offroadin4fun

    62 Long Range Fuel Tank Pump Options

    I'm finally gonna bite the bullet and fork out for a bigger fuel tank now that I now have reason to suspect my 15 year old fuel pump is on its last leg anyways. I might as well replace the pump & strainer simultaneously and would like to hear any sucess/ failure experiences of a replacement pump...
  4. offroadin4fun

    Looking For the Correct Offset With 35x12.5 Mudders With 4" Lift?

    After breaking the bead on my 15x10 aluminum rims aired down I hope to jump into some beadlocks and hopefully can find some 15x8's with the correct offset? Any ideas or experiences would be great. I have the Dakar, OME lift w/ reverse shackle currently running Bilstiens. Thanks
  5. offroadin4fun

    4" Old Man Emu Heavy Lift Driveline Angles

    I have had this lift with the shackle reversal for 15 years without any issues. The u-joints have remained sound. The castor shims are installed as prescribed. There seems to be some controversy with the local shops as to the front driveline angle with one saying it is fine and the other saying...
  6. offroadin4fun

    FJ62 engaging into 4x4 issues

    When I am attempting to engage into 4 wheel drive via the push button on the dash everything appears to operate correctly and the indicator light comes on but intermittently it doesńt seem to fully engage properly and a clicking noise seems tobe come from the t case and this noise is much more...
  7. offroadin4fun

    SOLD  North Idaho, 1989 FJ62 w brown interior

    Thanks for your interest. All the vitals are gone and it wouldn't be fair to my fellow mudscum to sell anything until it's cleaned up and or tested. I am at a lost as to how to sell allthe electrical s*** until somehow it's tested. I am open for suggestions as to how..... I am not doing this for...
  8. offroadin4fun

    Resolved Update: Old Man Emu vs Bilstein vs Fox Shox w/ 4" lift.....

    I chose the Bilstein 1500. Very happy with the results.
  9. offroadin4fun

    New ARB Locker & 4:88s in rear diff catastrophe

    So recently I had the gear shop install front and rear air lockers and they didn't like the way me previous rear gears were wearing so after speaking with the ever so famous Georg I agreed to replace everything. Cool. Shortly after a bad leak from rear diff cover I bought the OEM gaskets from...
  10. offroadin4fun

    Wanted  FJ 62 drivers door wiring wiring harness

    Please dont ask what they were thinking before I rescued this rig but it ain't pretty. Whoever got into the drivers door wiring apparently replacing the master switch with masking tape probably meant well but thank goodness they didn't go any further. I just got a new OEM master switch and kinda...
  11. offroadin4fun

    Bottle Jack In Factory Location On 62?

    I am running out of jack with the OEM corkscrew so I am looking for a reliable snug fit for a larger aftermarket bottle jack in the factory location next to the rear window bottle behind the cargo panel. My six ton was close but slightly too small for the factory mounting hardware and I don't...
  12. offroadin4fun

    How Do You Mount Your Traction Boards?

    I can't be the only one who opted not to pay Bucko Bucks for top of the line something I need to peel out on to get unstuck. I called ARB in Seattle and said what is your warranty on those spendy Tredds and they said don't melt them and spin your tires and we will warranty them. I'm like HUH...
  13. offroadin4fun

    Is MAF's Shackle Reversal 4" Heavy Load Kit That Much Of An Improvement? YES!!!

    I am in no way affiliated with MAF and am posting this because I began posting on another members thread on the OME suspension upgrades but didn't want to unfairly hog his blog! So I'm here to tell you after racing motocross since 1975 (my first race bike was a 1975 Yamaha YZ 80) and four...
  14. offroadin4fun

    FJ 62- Rebuild Factory Radiator Or Buy Lifetime Warranty Aftermarket Plastic Tanked One?

    So ten years ago I opted to replace my original radiator with an aluminum one from Performance Radiator which are distributed here locally and they were under two hundred bucks with a five year warranty at the time. So I got ten years out of it and it just split the upper seam and they no longer...
  15. offroadin4fun

    Wanted  FJ 62 Rear Pass Side Power Window Switch-Grey

    I'm not sure if these switches are door specific or not. Switch Doctor only sells the brown which makes zero sense to me.
  16. offroadin4fun

    Show Me Your Aftermarket Console And Rear Heater Combo In Your 62

    I'm getting tired of the factory console rattling around but not sure if an aftermarket console would accomodate my rear heater which I don't want to part with. If anyone has made a mod incorporating the heater into either a Tuffy or Smittybilt I would sure like to see it. Thanks
  17. offroadin4fun

    Dobinson's Drawer Install Possibly Compromised Fuel Pressure

    So after the installation of the cargo drawers I'm begginning to wonder if somehow the fuel tank or other related items may have been damaged whie installing the dual drawer system.I detect a slight fuel odor inside the rig and when fueling before the install I would get a healthy burp when...
  18. offroadin4fun

    Reverse Lights Switch On 62 Faulty?

    So after a Tranny/TCase rebuild I have no back up lights... I remember replacing the shifter bushings years ago because the shifter was sloppy but never had any backup lights issues. I had it at the dealer for another problem and neither of us can find the switch on the vehicle or in the FSM...
  19. offroadin4fun

    Satellite Outlet for Xantrex Pro Watt

    I am in the process of mounting a 2000 watt pure sinewave inverter behind the second seat of my 62 and want to place an outlet accessible at the rear of the rig when I open the rear hatch. Customer support at Xantrex says use a non GFCI outlet and assemble a short extension cord leading to it...
  20. offroadin4fun

    Dealer Says Load Test On 62 OK?

    I asked my local dealer to do a load test on my charging system due to an intermittent dying problem at startup with AC on and watching the factory voltage gauge nosedive when operating my struggling power windows- 13.92 with no load vs 12.70 with load. That seems like a pretty extreme...
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