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  1. 77wagon

    For Sale  OEM tie rod end FJ40

    SOLD OEM Toyota TRE 1963-84. From what I understand these are discontinued, but when I ordered a new tie rod and relay rod from the dealership there was an end stuck in each rod. I don’t need the connecting end because my rig is RHD. How about $20 shipped. I don’t need it, feel free to make an...
  2. 77wagon

    For Sale  Brake booster [SC]

    I swapped to a dual diaphragm booster with disc brakes, so I no longer need this one. It's a remanufactured one which I ran it for a few years, and it worked fine when pulled. The check valve was new also. I payed over $300 for it a few years ago, how about $125 plus shipping. For 1970-75 fj40.
  3. 77wagon

    Wanted  OEM fj40 brake proportioning valve

    As the title states, looking for a stock brake proportioning valve 9/75- 7/80. I'm swapping to front discs and would like to keep things OEM/ stock looking. I know that I should probably get an adjustable one from cityracer, but just thought I'd try. Here are some pics highjacked from the web...
  4. 77wagon

    Wanted  Knuckle centering tool

    Does anyone have a knuckle centering tool they are willing to loan/rent/etc? I'm getting ready to swap to front discs and need to use one. Please let me know if anyone can help. Thanks in advance.
  5. 77wagon

    For Sale  Bib & bezel wall art/crawler [SC]

    As the title says. Rusty, patched, headlight screws have been drilled out. $30 plus shipping and it's yours. Free if picked up locally.
  6. 77wagon

    For Sale  FJ40 parts

    OEM Non USA distributor with electronic conversion. I don't know anything about the electric conversion (someone feel free to chime in if they do-I want to say TPI 4x4 sells these) vacuume advance with octane adjuster. $70 shipped Water pump pulleys $25 shipped SOLD Lug nut wrenches (the one...
  7. 77wagon

    Wanted  Fj40 wiper motor RHD

    I'm looking for a wiper motor for a 1977 right hand drive. If anyone's got a spare they are willing to part with let me know. I might be taking a road trip next week and need a backup in case this one finally dies. Thanks
  8. 77wagon

    Wanted  Harmonic balancer 2F

    Im looking for a harmonic balancer for a 77 2F. Preferably a double pulley in good condition. Please send detailed pics of it (especially the back side) and let me know how much you want for it. Thanks
  9. 77wagon

    Ignition coil question

    I am planning on replacing my ignition coil and read this on a website: I have a vacuum advance distributor as stated, but not sure if the coil number pictured above is the correct number or just a stock photo that isn't correct. I'm unable to find the specs to prove wether or not it will work...
  10. 77wagon

    Wanted  Australian brake drums

    Looking for some break drums for an Australian FJ40 drum brakes- these are wider than US spec drums and have cooling fins on the outside. New or used if decent. Let me know what you've got and how much you want for them. Thanks.
  11. 77wagon

    Leaf spring removal?

    Of course I've already read as much as I can find, but was hoping for some custom advice for my rig. Like everyone else, I would like to soften the ride, but generally want to keep things stock, so any input is welcome. It is a long wheel base fj45 Arkana conversion (so it began its life as a...
  12. 77wagon

    For Sale  1987 FJ60 3rd member [SC]

    As the title says 1987 3rd member 3:73 gears. Comes with 2 new OEM pinion nuts. Good condition. $150 OBO plus shipping. Located in South Carolina.
  13. 77wagon

    For Sale  3 x 3rd members [SC]

    Prices Reduced I have three third members for sale: 2 are 4:11 from my 1977 fj45. The front axle had a lot of grease in it and it shows in the pic. SOLD for the pair plus shipping 1 is from a 1987 fj60 3:73 This one is great condition and comes with 2 new pinion nuts. $150 plus shipping I...
  14. 77wagon

    For Sale  FJ60 trans, transfer, & axle parts [SC]

    Here's what I've got: all plus shipping 84 4 speed transmission and split transfer case SOLD Condition- had water in the bottom of the transmission! No rust on the gears, but you can see the water mark on the bottom inside of the housing. I have no idea what the condition of the transfer case...
  15. 77wagon

    Wanted  Late model FJ40 door parts

    I'm in need of a lower window guide- this holds the felt/run in the interior of the door. This would be from a 75-84 model door, passenger side, but I'm not sure that it matters. If anyone has got one, please let me know. I'm in the middle of door restoration and would like to get it back...
  16. 77wagon

    For Sale  FJ40 steering box heat shield

    Manual steering box heat shield and brackets. How about $35 shipped?
  17. 77wagon

    For Sale  FJ40 roof rack

    Fj40 roof rack for sale. Needs to be prepped and painted and needs mounts (I've got some I could part with soon, but they are in use right now). $100 Plus shipping. If anyone wants it let me know. 54" wide x 60" long x 4" tall it can be dissasembled for shipping, but would still cost a little to...
  18. 77wagon

    For Sale  RHD manual steering box

    Right hand drive manual steering box. I have replaced the seals and some bushings and readjusted with the proper shims (all OEM parts). Not a complete overhaul. I'm not a professional rebuilder, nor is this priced that way. I bought it so I could swap it in with little down time. Just thought...
  19. 77wagon

    Harmonic balancer squeak- continued

    Yesterday I took of the timing gear cover and I have a few questions. The cause of this investigation was a squeak coming from the back side of the harmonic balancer. 1. Should I continue to run this harmonic balancer- is it likely failing, or just showing some age- the rubber is begining to...
  20. 77wagon

    Wanted  2F oil slinger

    I'm looking for a crankshaft oil slinger for a 2F. If anyone's got one let me know. Thanks #60 in the diagram
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