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  1. Jdfern

    Timing Belt change in progress question.

    After my local toyota dealer quoted over $2000 plus tax to do t-belt job, I decided to do it myself. I've been using this forum and the OTRAMM video for guidance so far so good. I have a 2003 LC I was told by the PO that the engine was changed so I am trying determine the year of the engine all...
  2. Jdfern

    ARB rear bumper long lead time.

    I ordered the ARB rear bumper for my 03 LC on Dec 29, 2020. Still waiting for delivery. Is this normal?.
  3. Jdfern

    2003 100 LC Timing belt noise?

    I bought my rig about a year ago 230k miles, didn't have many service records. I was going to do a timing belt job myself but chickened out and hired a mechanic to do it. The mechanic used a timing belt kit from auto zone, instead of Toyota parts as we discussed. Right after the timing belt job...
  4. Jdfern

    Rear wind deflector fasteners.

    When I bought my 03 100 series LC it was missing the rear air deflector, and like everyone else I can't find a replacement. I see some rust color coming from the fasteners so I planned to remove them to make sure it's all sealed but all they do is spin. I removed the moulding on the inside to...
  5. Jdfern

    Which after market front bumper do I have?

    The 2003 I bought came with this bumper, I'm trying to find which model it is or who makes it. So that I can explore options to add bull bars. To me it looks like ARB but I can't seem to find it on through internet searches.
  6. Jdfern

    Rear Bumper advice

    My stock bumper on my 2003 LC is pretty beat up and I am considering replacing it with an after market type. I just want protection for now. I'm not looking for ladders, tire or jerry can carriers.(for now) I like the ARB modular with the blanking panels and I think I'm going to go for that. I...
  7. Jdfern

    Rear Brake Fitting kit 04948-60010 pad support positions

    When I took my old pads and old parts out I really didn't pay much attention to the pad support positions, then I realized they were all different, I consider myself pretty mechanical so I thought I would figure out the puzzle.... what a pain. After a lot of trial and error and searching this...
  8. Jdfern

    Rear Brake Pad Insulator - Anyone know what these clips are for?

    I'm in the process of replacing my rear brake pads, the Toyota part 04946-60031 Rear Brake Insulator came with little clips but I don't really know where they go. The pads I took off the LC look like after market so they are different and there are no clips. I was thinking of just chucking them...
  9. Jdfern

    Power tilt and telescope both not working.

    When I bought this 2003 LC with 226,000miles , both the tilt and telescope features were not working (as well as a lot of other things too). The telescope is in a decent position so I'm gonna just leave it for now, but I just drove it on a 1500 mile trip and the tilt is stuck in a bad position...
  10. Jdfern

    Can you help identify these fasteners?

    I am hoping to find a part Toyota part number for my missing screws. I am missing the fasteners that attach the side step (running boards) to the fender. I am guessing they may be the same as the other fender fasteners (some of those are missing too) which look like black round head torx. Thank You.
  11. Jdfern

    SOLD  Nation Wide. Toyota OEM Roof Rack for 2003 UZJ100

    I am looking to buy an OEM Roof rack and the hardware for the 2003 LC I bought and it came without any. I'm not really planning on carrying cargo, just want to fill the holes and make it look finished up on the roof.
  12. Jdfern

    Do I have a limited slip rear differential?

    I bought a 2003 UZJ100 with 227000 miles and very limited service records. I've been going through everything I can to make sure all fluids are new and correct, as well as repairing issues I find. During the rear differential oil change I was trying to determine if it was a limited slip or not...
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