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  1. slceso

    PSA: If you can remove your alternator, you can probably rebuild it.

    or "how I learned to trust but verify when the parts store tests your alternator and tells you it is bad." Also, this is assuming that your rotor and stator windings are good. Replacing the brushes, regulator, and rectifier is pretty easy. After watching lots of vidjeos and reading a lot of...
  2. slceso

    Hot deal on viair Amazon deal

    Viair 450P Automatic Function Portable Compressor
  3. slceso

    Just heard Richland Rd is shut down

    Some stuff on FB about it being gated. RIP.
  4. slceso


    I posted this over in 80tech. Was gonna try for walkup to LR, but no way now. Feel free to weigh in.. Is this normal? Front diff issues
  5. slceso

    edit: This Is NOT normal!? Front diff issues

    This is a 1990 HDJ81. I was pulling up some shrubs today with my winch and some of the bigger ones maxxed it out, so I was pulling in 4L. The CDL was engaged but I was chirping tires on the driveway, so I engaged the front and rear lockers. I can't remember what, but something distracted me...
  6. slceso

    Beware of floodmobiles!
  7. slceso

    scouting for kids etc

    I dabbled in cubs and BSA a kid, but never really did it. I'm on my second cub troop and can't stand it for the usual reasons I'm sure everyone encounters: the constant fundraising, the unequal sharing of responsibilities, kids who don't give a s*** and are dragging the whole thing down but...
  8. slceso

    People that want to camp this weekend before the WNC Meetup

    Hey guys, We are going to find somewhere to camp this weekend before the Meetup in Black Mountain. I'm not settled on a spot, but I also don't know what's good, but if others would like to find a common spot, I'm down for that. I heard Mortimer, and I thought there was stuff right near Black...
  9. slceso

    The Adventure Truck build thread 1990 HDJ81

    I've done a few things now since I've had this thing for a year so I thought I'd start putting a thread together. I used to have a pretty nice (except for the frame and body rust) locked '95 FZJ80 with 96k miles. I was going to build it for family camping with an emphasis on overlanding, but...
  10. slceso

    KISS Drawer Group Buy (kind of) xpost from ONSC

    KISS drawer kind of group buy Later!
  11. slceso

    KISS Drawer Group Buy (kind of) xpost from ONSC

    KISS drawer kind of group buy LAter!
  12. slceso

    KISS drawer kind of group buy

    Hey all, I posted this in the for sale thread last week and nobody seemed particularly interested, but I will try again. Not looking for criticisms, just takers. Also, I'm not making money off of this, just basically looking to bundle shipping with some other local folks. I talked to...
  13. slceso

    Show me your doohickeys!

    I was inspired by @Izzyandsue 's post to start this thread. There are tons of threads on mud about "bestmods for XXX" or other cool mods that I will never do. I wanted to dedicate this one to doohickeys and creature comfort things that We (the royal We) have added (and actually work) and would...
  14. slceso

    Need help realtime

    Need help real-time
  15. slceso

    Need help real-time

    Anybody close to here? Fuel mix up at the pump and I'm dead in the water
  16. slceso

    So, I bought a surplus M1101 trailer..

    Anyone ever seen, used, owned one of these? I really wanted a M-416 but they are real rare and $$$. Anybody titled any gov surplus stuff in NC before? I ordered the SF-97, so hopefully that will help. This guy was my inspiration, pulls one with FJC: M1101/M1102 Trailers
  17. slceso

    MUDShip  Wanted: from Relic Run Uwharrie to Hickory/Lenoir, NC or thereabouts

    Hi all, I'm looking for transport for a set of springs and shocks from the upcoming Relic Run in Uwharrie to some place between there and Lenoir, NC, 28645. If you can help out, please let me know. Thanks!
  18. slceso

    Wanted  80 factory winch cover

    as seen in post 1 of: For Sale: - 80 series factory winch bumper Part 38105-60170 (COVER SUB-ASSY, WINCH GEAR CASE) if anyone has seen a decent one laying around, please let me know. Thanks!
  19. slceso

    Seriously, though..

    What do yo toys do with you waste coolant? I'm replacing FHH PHH and heater valve tonight. Do you guys run the Toyota red only? I have a 95 80 with aluminum rad. Anybody replaced the speakers in one of these? The pioneers that are so frequently referenced are in stock at Wally world. I...
  20. slceso

    Wanted  (IL) WTB 95 FJ80 power antenna (all of it)

    Hi, I'm looking for a replacement power antenna. I damaged the tube that the coax connects to, so just replacing the mast wont help. I also destroyed the grommet and bushings etc that mount it to the upper fender. I would take all of that with the coax diked off if someone has something...
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