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    A little radiator blow out captured on Ring cam. FZJ80 plastic radiators....

    Youtube says video is private and unavailable. I'd like to see it!
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    Auxiliary Fuel Tanks for 200s

    Not an exact answer to your question, but I have the 12.5 gallon LRA tank. I haven't documented mileage, but I've gone from being frustrated with how often I have to fill up to it not being an issue. I consistently get 12 to 12.5 gallons in the aux tank. I got 12.75 gallons in the first time I...
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    SOLD Midland, TX - 200 Series Front and Rear Bumpers - ARB Summit, RLC

    Rear bumper is sold and picked up. Front bumper is still available. The front will fit 2016 and newer Land Cruiser 200. It does not fit 2015 or older.
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    SOLD Midland, TX - 200 Series Front and Rear Bumpers - ARB Summit, RLC

    The rear is spoken for. It’s supposed to be picked up on Sunday. If that falls through, I’ll let you know.
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    Auxiliary Fuel Tanks for 200s

    With the LRA tank, the line I've highlighted blue ties into the line with the air filter. The part with the red X is relocated to the right rear fender and plumbed inline with the air filter according to LRA instructions, but if you do that, you have an air filter plumbed inline with an air...
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    Auxiliary Fuel Tanks for 200s

    In stock form, doesn't it breathe through the charcoal canister filter? If you plumbed it back to the fill neck, I think you would have a sealed system creating a vacuum on both tanks as you used fuel. Edit: my post above assumes you have eliminated the the charcoal canister air filter and a...
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    Auxiliary Fuel Tanks for 200s

    Gotcha. I was curious if the larger tanks did require relocation of the charcoal canister. I think I may swap my 12.5 gallon for a 24 if I ever come up with a good solution for storing the spare tire inside the vehicle. I went with the 12.5 to avoid putting the spare on my rear bumper (already...
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    Auxiliary Fuel Tanks for 200s

    My 12. 5 gallon tank did not have me relocate the charcoal canister. I believe the instructions have you relocate the charcoal canister air filter to the right rear wheel well and plumb it inline with the filter supplied in the kit. Another mud member (maybe radman?) said you can delete the...
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    Auxiliary Fuel Tanks for 200s

    I installed my 12.5 gallon tank a few weeks ago and I think your main tank will overflow to the charcoal canister if overfilled. I don't see how it would overflow to the aux tank unless the fuel level made it up to the breather port of the aux tank located high on the filler neck. In that case...
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    Upgrade time: Dual Battery, Solar, Drawers and Air Install - Component advice

    Can you elaborate on this or point me to a thread that discusses it? I also have a larger Optima battery in place of the OEM battery, but no solar. I've read that the OEM alternator may not provide sufficient voltage for charging AGM batteries.
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    SOLD Midland, TX - 200 Series Front and Rear Bumpers - ARB Summit, RLC

    There are 2 others interested ahead of you. If they fall through I’ll shoot you a message.
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    SOLD Midland, TX - 200 Series Front and Rear Bumpers - ARB Summit, RLC

    I tried to send you a private message but your inbox is full. Shoot me an email at my address in the original posting when you get a chance. I'm working nights right now, so I may not get back to you until the next evening if you reach out during the day.
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    SOLD  Midland, TX - 200 Series Front and Rear Bumpers - ARB Summit, RLC

    ARB Summit and RLC rear bumper off my 2017 Land Cruiser 200 for sale. Both bumpers were painted by a body shop to match my silver Land Cruiser. Both have around 30,000 miles and 2 1/2 years of use. Front bumper has small paint chips shown in pictures. The rear bumper has scratches that don't...
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    Tapping the IG1 Relay bus from the bottom side (under the relay/fuse panel in the engine compartment fuse box)

    I'm looking to do the exact same thing as the original poster for my LRA tank pump. I was hoping someone else had done it before and had a link to the connectors needed to add the fused side to the fuse receptacles.
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    Cruiser Brothers 12.5 LRA Aux Tank Install in LX570

    Does anyone know what size rivnuts are needed for the spare tire crossmember? The instructions make a distinction between "later model" Land Cruiser having fewer relocation holes. My LC is a 2017 if that matters. I will be DIY'ing a 12.5 gallon install in the next week.
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    Silver with stock Rock Warrior wheels?

    My silver '17 with Rock Warriors.
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    Drivers side A-pillar assist part number

    I come up with 74610-90K00-B6 , but it's gray. Anyone know the part number for tan/oak?
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