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  1. Haring Bagsik

    SOLD  OME 2.5" lift kit - 100 series

    I'm selling my recent OME 2.5" 100 series lift kit take off. It comes with 865 springs. It has about 10k miles on it or less. Local pick up only. Selling it for $550. Located in Elk Grove, CA
  2. Haring Bagsik

    Ironman Foamcell lift kit

    Anyone currently running a 2” Ironman Foamcell constant load lift kit? I currently have OME on my 80 with 850 front springs, 864 rear springs with Nitro Charger shocks all around. I’ve had them on since 2008 and about 60k miles. I’m running front & rear bumpers, winch, sliders and under armor...
  3. Haring Bagsik

    SOLD  Elk Grove, CA - Yakima Megawarrior with Extension

    i'm selling my Yakima Megawarrior with extension. It is in excellent condition. I will include the locks for it. $450, local pick up
  4. Haring Bagsik

    SOLD  Elk Grove, CA - Rhino Rack roof basket

    I'm selling my excellent condition Rhino rack roof basket. Measures 57.5 x 37 x 6.5. Selling for $300. Local pick up only
  5. Haring Bagsik

    SOLD  Elk Grove, CA - 99 LX470 Extremely Clean

    Thinin out the heard again. Selling a 99 LX470 that is extremely clean and well maintained. Drives great, no rust and no leaks. AHC works great. Roofrack & spidertraxx spacers not included in the sale. -SOLD- Let me know if you have any questions. Here are some details: -New Oem front brake...
  6. Haring Bagsik

    For Sale  Elk Grove, CA - OME 865 springs

    I’m selling a set of OME 865 springs that I recently took out of my 100 series. They are almost new and in excellent condition. Springs are located in Elk Grove, CA. Selling them for $120 FTF.865 rear
  7. Haring Bagsik

    SOLD  Elk Grove, CA - 275/70/18 Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx

    For Sale: A set of 4 275/70/18 Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx...Tires have plenty of thread left and in excellent condition. $600, I'm throwing the wheels with it. local pick up only. Left Front - 14/32 Left Rear - 14/32 Right Front - 15/32 Right Rear - 14/32
  8. Haring Bagsik

    Wanted  Sacramento: Looking for 100 series 18" 5 spoke stock wheels

    Hi all! I'm looking for a good to great condition 100 series 18" 5 spoke wheels (no tires). PO on my rig mounted some chrome wheels and looking to re-install stock wheels. I'm looking for all 5 and I'm in Elk Grove, CA (South of Sacramento). Prefer to pick up locally or towards SF bay area...
  9. Haring Bagsik

    Anyone Running 295/70/17 AT Tires? Let See them

    Hi All, I'm about ready to replace my wheels & tires on my '05 100 with a 2.5" lift. I've picked the 17" Icon 6 speed wheels but still undecided on the tires. I know I want to run AT tires to keep a smooth ride but also want to fill the wheel well. I'm looking at the 295/70/17 AT tires. I've...
  10. Haring Bagsik

    For Sale  2005 Land Cruiser - Dealer

    I went to check this LC out 65 miles away. Before I came out, I've talked to the sales rep and sales manager on the phone inquiring about pricing multiple times. According to the the sales manager, the LC is owned by the owner of the dealership since 2014 when it had 85k on the clock and now...
  11. Haring Bagsik

    craigslist  Not mine - 07 Lexus LX470

    Wonder why this hasn't sold yet?
  12. Haring Bagsik

    Inspecting a 200

    Hi All, I’m not sure if this is the right clubhouse, but here it goes. I’m very interested on a 200 series in the Escondido area and I’m wondering if anyone knowledgeable can pre inspect it for me? I’m in NorCal and it’s such a challenge to get this going. Can anyone please assist? I greatly...
  13. Haring Bagsik

    craigslist  2009 LX570

    Has anyone seen this rig? I'm very interested but wondering why it hasn't sold, though I think for the most part it looks good and fairly priced? It's been reposted multiple times. I haven't ran the vin though to get a full history...
  14. Haring Bagsik

    For Sale  Norcal - 1999 LX470

    Thinin out the herd some more. I'm selling our clean 1999 Lexus LX470 with 137k on it. Timing belt service has been done. AHC works great and drives smooth. Let me know if you have any questions
  15. Haring Bagsik

    For Sale  2001 Land Cruiser - Norcal

    I'm selling my lightly built, very clean 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser. It has 155,000 miles on it. It has always been dealer serviced. Tags are paid up until September 2020. Timing belt service done 30k miles ago. Always been in California. It has the following: - Full front end clear bra...
  16. Haring Bagsik

    For Sale  2011 TOYOTA PRIUS IV

    Selling our 2011 Toyota Prius IV with a clean title. It has 114,000 miles on it and been well kept. All maintenance done at Elk Grove Toyota. It is clean in and out. Bluetooth, leather seat, backpack camera, GPS, USB port, tinted windows. I installed full front end clear bra, as well as on the...
  17. Haring Bagsik

    Trail Tailor rear antenna mount

    I’m looking into purchasing the Trail Tailor rear antenna mount for my 100. Anyone have purchased and installed this mount yet? If you have, can you please post a pic of your antenna mount and how do you like it? Thanks!
  18. Haring Bagsik

    62 Glove Box lock

    My 62 didn’t come with a lock / knob on the glove box door when I bought it. Finally I was able to source a replacement lock for it but I can’t figure out how to mount it. I know it is secured by 2 screws but I have a gap between the lock assembly and glove box door. Does anyone know ho to...
  19. Haring Bagsik

    For Sale  2007 Honda Odyssey

    Hi All, Posting for my cousin 2007 Honda Odyssey Thanks.
  20. Haring Bagsik

    Wanted  FJ62 - 85440-60120 VSV Switch

    Hi All, The 85440-60120 VSV Switch recently went out on my 1990 FJ62. Since this part is discontinued, wondering if anyone have a good unit laying around that I may purchase. Please let me know. Thank you
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