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  1. NCNole

    Trailer parking in Charlotte

    Hey guys! Anyone know of a temporary (safe) parking place in CLT for a trailer and truck? Adam is bringing one down for about two weeks in September and my place has no space (nor is the gate tall enough). Most of the rental places around town require some type of contract for the long term...
  2. NCNole

    MABDR Done!

    Adam and I just finished the MABDR-we were on the bikes, but it may be a cool trip for anyone wanting to drive on some backroads/off-road stuff all the way to the PA/NY line. We loved it, especially the VA parts. There are camping and hotel options along the way so a bit of variety. Butler...
  3. NCNole


    Not that any of you guys bake, but check out these awesome cookie cutters.....made some Pappy cookies :)
  4. NCNole

    Heritage Museum

    Adam surprised me after skiing in SLC today and we went to the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum. If you are ever here, definitely make time to see it-free to enter and Dan is like a land cruiser encyclopedia. He also will open the hoods and doors on anything for you. I’ll post more pics later but...
  5. NCNole

    Adam has come to the dark side....

    Someone became a land cruiser owner proud of him :)
  6. NCNole

    Mudship RDU to CLT

    Hey guys-anyone headed from Raleigh to Charlotte anytime in the next month or two? I have some old springs I need brought down and doubt I'll be in the area any time soon. Thanks!
  7. NCNole

    Muffler shop CLT

    Anyone know of a good muffler shop in CLT-my last one in Raleigh lasted maybe 2 years....this happened while driving and scared the sh$t out of me.
  8. NCNole

    Stained truck top

    Hey guys-took the 40 to a shop where they left it sitting under a tree for a few weeks and now the top of the 40 is stained with stuff that fell off the tree and the front moldy. Any ideas on how to get it clean? I tried a clay bar and it does nothing. Thanks!
  9. NCNole


    Just got my motorcycle license after taking a safety course and was hoping to find a place near Charlotte (hopefully outside the city) to rent a bike for a weekend. Anybody know a place to rent and some areas for good beginner rides?
  10. NCNole

    Ne shock advice

    I'm looking to replace the shocks on my 1978 FJ40 and wanted some advice on how to determine the correct size. I have a 2.5 inch lift on the truck. Also, I've done some searches on brands, but any advice on that would be helpful as well. Thanks!
  11. NCNole

    Wanted  Driver's side bottom seat cover 1978 FJ40

    I am looking for someone who has an original driver's side bottom seat cover that will fit a 1978 FJ40 in good shape that they may be replacing and don't need. Mine is shot but the rest of the upholstery in the truck is perfect, so I hate to re-cover all the seats. Please PM me! Thanks!
  12. NCNole

    Charlotte Cars and Coffee

    Anyone headed to Charlotte Cars and Coffee this weekend?
  13. NCNole

    Charlotte Cars and Coffee

    Anyone headed to Charlotte Cars and Coffee this weekend?
  14. NCNole

    Looking for a 40....not me, a friend

    So as most of you know, I recently moved to Charlotte and started a new job. It just so happens that my mgr (David) has been looking for a 40 for a few years and has been on his way to buy multiple times, only to have trucks sold while en route. I mentioned that he needed to get his stuff...
  15. NCNole

    Body shop in Charlotte

    So I spent yesterday moving down to Charlotte. Pappy did an awesome job making it the whole way with no issues, except for the fact that I was being cooked thru inside. Anyway-my mom drove the Miata down and about 10 miles from our destination, some lady smacked the back of the Miata at a stop...
  16. NCNole

    New shock advice

    Hey I spent a good 6 hours at Mike Demeglio's place yesterday changing out some springs. We swapped my 4" for his 2.5". Love it, drives great....and Mike is the nicest, most helpful guy in the world......but I noticed a little knocking noise when turning this morning. It's fine...
  17. NCNole

    Goodbye Raleigh.....hello Charlotte

    So, I said I had news and wasn't expecting it to take this long to be official, but I was finally able to give notice at work yesterday and have taken a job in Charlotte! This is part of the reason I have been so absent lately and I was actually checking out the area the weekend of Meet and...
  18. NCNole

    For Sale  SOLD NC-34x10.5x15 Super Swamper TSLs (set of 5)

    SOLD For sale: set of 5 34x10.5x15 super swamper TSLs. The spare has never been used and the other have about 1500-2000 miles I'd say-I did not purchase them as they were on the truck when I bought it. I can measure tread once I get home, but there is a good amount left. $700 for the set of 5...
  19. NCNole

    Trollhole carb installation

    Has anyone installed a Trollhole carb on their 40 and had trouble getting the solenoid (I think that's what this is) to hook in to your wiring? If so, is there an adapter I need? Thanks!
  20. NCNole

    For Sale  WARN 8274 Winch

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