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    For Sale  CO: 1999 LC Engine Room Junction Box

    Selling a used engine room junction box that I took off my 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser over the summer. Willing to ship at buyer's expense or local pick up in Monument, CO. Asking $100 or best offer.
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    For Sale  CO: 16" OEM 100 Series Wheels and 285/70/16 Nitto Trail Grapplers

    I'm getting new wheels and tires on Friday this coming week, so I'm selling 4 stock wheels with Nitto Trail Grapplers. The wheels were plastidipped in 2019 (there is no peeling or damage to the plastidip) and the Nittos are older but still have some useful life left in them. Local pick up in...
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    Hot Starting Problems

    I have been trouble starting my truck when the engine is hot. Here are the details: Year: 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser Location: Colorado (~6-7000ft) Mileage: 203k Here is what's happening: I drive the car until the engine is hot, then shut it off. If started again immediately after turning it off...
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    Wanted  100 Series Air Intake Connector Pipe

    I need the entire thing pictured. Had one of the hose connections break off on my 99 Land Cruiser and need a replacement.
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    Single DRL Not Working

    I'm having an issue with my day time running lights. The driver side works as usual, but the passenger side will not come on. My low beams and my high beams work as usual on both sides, but when the headlights are off or on auto mode (when the DRLs would be on), only the driver side lights up. I...
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    SOLD  CO: 100 Series Front Grill and OEM Headlights

    I'm installing my Land Cruiser Grills front grill and headlights buckets this week. I'll have a stock Toyota grill and OEM headlights from my 1999 100 series for sale. Make me an offer for any of it that you're interested in. I'm willing to split it up and ship it if you pay for shipping. Local...
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    For Sale  100 Series Head Rest Upholstery

    I redid my seats recently and have the leather for all 5 headrests for a 100 series. They came out of my 1999 LC and are in great shape. Color is grey. I'm just seeing if someone can make use of these since they're still in good condition. How about $75 shipped anywhere in the US. PM me if...
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    2nd Row Bed Platform Hanging from Grab Handles

    I'm planning to rebuild my camping platform for my 100 series. One of the things that has always been a hassle is that the part of the platform that sits over the second row seats is always angled down slightly and makes it difficult to remove things from the second row floor. I store this part...
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    For Sale  CO: 100 Series OEM Front Upper and Lower Control Arms

    I swapped in new upper and lower control arms over the weekend. These are oem, but the ball joint's are pretty bad and the bushings will likely need replacing. These would be great to make your swap faster if you want to put in new ball joints and bushings. They came off my '99 with 190k...
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    Starting Problems When Hot Outside / Less Than 1/4 Tank

    I'm in need of some diagnosis help here... I've searched and never found anything that was exactly similar to what I'm experiencing or had an actual resolution. So, here are the details: Make: 1999 LC Mileage: 185k Location: Colorado, ~6000ft (in case altitude may be a factor) Problem: Having...
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    Crank Pulley/Harmonic Balancer Issue - How bad is it?

    Hey all, So here's the back story: I daily drive a 99' 100 series in Colorado. I was driving up to Denver (70ish miles) for an interview last Friday, when I noticed a noise from the engine bay that was a bit concerning after I pulled off the interstate. It sounded like a rubbing with an...
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    I'm new here - is this a good buy?

    Hi All, I'm looking at a 1999 Land Cruiser this afternoon. It spent most of it's life in Pennsylvania, and came to Colorado for the last 3-4 years. According to the Car Fax, it had regular maintenance at the Toyota dealer and was driven about 8-15k per year. Based on the photos, the body is...
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