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  1. Alleycats

    For Sale  Arizona / transmision 3fe
  2. Alleycats

    FREE  free alternator / bad bearing > otherwise working

    free alternator with bad bearing, it charges, just needs it's bearings replaced. fits 1991 FJ80 Tucson AZ locals only
  3. Alleycats

    Heading out to West Stronghold for spring break.

    Hey guys, we'll be heading out again this time to 'west' cochise stronghold middlemarch rd. There are many camp sites (primitive) that we'll have to choose from so really looking forward to it. Our objective is to climb a couple of routes on bubble butt dome I think they go at 5.6 and we'll...
  4. Alleycats

    Camping in the Mcdowell Mountains?

    So I'm heading up to do some climbing with the Fam in the Mcdowell Mountain park Scottsdale, can I just camp out in the desert off one of those dirt roads? Does anybody know? Thank you, Paul
  5. Alleycats

    Tucson looking for driver side tail light lens.

    I just backed into my trash can and cracked my darn lens, does anybody have a spare driver side tail light lens? Thanks, Paul from Tucson
  6. Alleycats

    for sale Tucson FZJ
  7. Alleycats

    might interest someone

    Not a LC but interesting:
  8. Alleycats

    For sale 1995 FZJ

    Saw this on CL and thought someone might be interested.:)
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