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    For Sale  Texas-Dick Cepek (5) 31x10.50R15/15x8 aluminum wheels.

    I recently bought a 60 with these wheels and tires and the owner had just installed them so they hardly have any miles. Possible trades for these items for a 40 series: 2.5 suspension lift, family roll cage, rear bench seat w/headrest, rear jump seats, rear bumper w/tire carrier, vintage air...
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    For Sale  Texas-Cooper STT 32x11.50R15-15x8 black wheels.

    These have been on my 40 and have very few miles on them. Pavement only. Possible trades 2.5 suspension lift, rear bench seat w/headrest or jump seats, rear bumper w/tire carrier, family roll cage, vintage air AC. I’m located in New Braunfels Texas $900.00
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    Wanted DUI Distributor for 2F

    Thank you I will do that...
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    Wanted  DUI Distributor for 2F

    I'm looking for DUI Performance distributor for my 2F Holley sniper install. Thank you, Colin
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    For Sale 3BII Head New

    Hi Vinny, Its a new head and I'm not sure if its toyota or aftermarket, It was included with a BJ60 I owned several years ago.
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    For Sale  AHC Front Height Sensors.

    I have both front height sensors off a low mileage (75k) LX470. I replaced with new trying to chase a problem but ended up being something else. These are in great shape and work like new. $125.00 each or $225.00 for the pair.
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    For Sale  3BII Head New

    Bare 3BII head in new condition. This is a good quality reproduction head that will work with the 3B as well. I’ve read here on mud that 3BII head is an upgrade over the 3B head. I’ve sold my diesel 60 so I no longer need to hang onto this. $500 plus shipping
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    Wanted  FJ62 rear seat belts

    I’m looking for a set of rear seat belts from a FJ62 with gray interior. Also if located in Texas I would be interested in the top half of the back seat with headrests. Trying to make my 60 a little safer for my kiddos. Thanks
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    For Sale  AHC Accumulator/Globes

    I have 4 globes that I pulled off my LX470 with 70k miles that are still in good working condition. I bought new ones thinking it would solve an issue I was having and after buying but it ended up being my AHC computer. I’m asking $100 each. I’d prefer to sell in pairs.
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    Wanted OME stock height springs

    OME used to make them but it’s been awhile. I was hoping to pick up a used set. I’m in touch with a company in the UK (milneroffroad) that sells them for a good price.
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    Wanted  OME stock height springs

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a set of OME or other aftermarket stock height springs to replace my OME 2.5 springs. I'm wanting to go back to the stock look. I'm willing to trade my OME heavies, they are in excellent shape. Thanks!
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    For Sale 2002 LX470 87K Miles 90K service done NO rust Texas

    I do have the stock rims that look new along with a new set of Michelin LTX tires. I have a sale pending at the moment if that falls through I'll let you know.
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    For Sale 2002 LX470 87K Miles 90K service done NO rust Texas

    Thank you buddy.
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    For Sale  2002 LX470 87K Miles 90K service done NO rust Texas

    2002 LX470 87K miles 2nd owner 90K miles service done No rust Very clean inside/out Clean carfax/no accidents Brand New Michelin’s on stock wheels included We bought a LX570 and no longer drive the truck and I have to many trucks. At least that’s what my wife keeps telling me. 17k obo I’ll try...
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    Wanted 2002-2007 LC or LC, less than 200k

    I’m about to put my 2002 LX470 w/87k miles up for sale. I was planning on listing it for around 16k. If interested shoot me a text and I’ll send you some pics and additional info. I live in New Braunfels TX. 512-422-7627
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    For Sale TX: 60 series heavy fabricated rear bumper

    Do you still have this bumper?
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    SOLD 1987 FJ60 Rear Bumper

    I can try to pick it up on Sunday if that works for you? What part of Austin are you in? Please say south.... LOL!
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