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  1. BG_TX

    Birfield Wear - Look OK?

    What says mud, the tabs are discolored from what appears to be heat/wear - look ok?
  2. BG_TX

    Lift Gate Dent Repair?

    While making several trips in/out of the garage I forgot to pull the lift gate when backing in and oof! Can it be pounded out, pulled out, etc? I'll take any feedback including "you're an idiot".
  3. BG_TX

    Rear Vent Flap

    I got a new exhaust put on and had them exit the pipe behind the DS rear tire versus straight out of the rear as the OE configuration was. I'm getting some smelly exhaust in the cabin and I believe it is coming in through the vents in the rear - the plastic flaps are no longer present and the...
  4. BG_TX

    1989 TCase Part Number/Source

    Hello mudders... In the process of rebuilding the transfer case (1989 fj62) I am trying to run down some bearings that are inside gear 21 & 24 of the SOR exploded diagram. SOR wants to sell the entire gears but the gears are fine, I just need to replace the bearing. Anyone have any suggestions...
  5. BG_TX

    DFW, TX - Transfer Case Rebuild

    I'm in need of a TC rebuild on a 62 in the DFW area. I was going to do this awhile back with a mud member but by the time the rebuild kit came in I had trouble getting back in touch. Anyway... I want to rebuild since it needs split to remedy fluid migration between AT and TC. I have a complete...
  6. BG_TX

    FJ62 Fusible Link - Urban LC Kit

    In need of some guidance - not beating on the product, I'm just stupid... Purchased a set of '62 cables from Urban Land Cruiser and the kit comes with an 'OEM fusible link'. I compared it to my existing fusible link (FL) prior to starting the install and did not see how the link that came with...
  7. BG_TX

    TC Rebuild Kit

    I'm about to purchase a transfer case rebuild kit for my '89 62 and I noticed significant price fluctuations between vendors and I was curious if anyone knew the difference in kits that would justify the variances?:confused: JT Outfitters for $250 Man-A-Fre for $405 Spectre Off Road for $415...
  8. BG_TX

    Wanted  FJ62 Driver's Side Power Mirror

    Looking for the driver's side power mirror for an FJ62. Needs to be power, operational, not broken (glass/motor/etc), wiring harness attached and in overall good condition. :cheers:
  9. BG_TX

    Intermittent coolant leak

    My wagon is not my DD, I drive it maybe 1-2 times/week and it is always parked in the same place when not in use so I can watch for drips, etc (always clean under the wagon - I have a habit of checking each day when I leave). I drove the wagon last Friday then parked it. On the way out Sat I...
  10. BG_TX

    Transfer Case Input Shaft Seal

    I have a leak between the trans and the transfer at the seal… the transfer slowly becomes overfilled as a result. I plan on replacing the seal very soon and when performing the work I will also replace the input gear with a McNamara gear I already have on hand. My question, will a new transfer...
  11. BG_TX

    Aluminum vs Fiberglass Tent Poles - Newb Campe

    Debating tent poles (aluminum vs fiberglass) with a co-worker... He is fairly new to camping, his son is in cub scouts so they are camping more often and he is looking to purchase an ALPS Taurus... The model is offered with either fiberglass or aluminum poles (aluminum is about $80 more)...
  12. BG_TX

    Transmission Temps

    My transmission (auto) runs a fairly consistent temp of 200*, up to 220* when we are in the 100s. I already have an aftermarket trans cooler installed and I'm thinking about bypassing the rad cooler and running dual XL plate coolers in an attempt to keep it below 200*. My thinjking, if...
  13. BG_TX

    Rear Seat Belts FJ62- Were they factory?

    Texas recently passed legislation that all occupants (regardless of age or seating position - front/rear) are to be secured by a seatbelt. I don't have rear belts installed but the anchor points are present. Did all FJ62s come equipped with rear belts, only some, etc? I am concerned since the...
  14. BG_TX

    Angus Ribeye

    Made some ribeyes tonight and they turned out great... Ribeye(s) Mushrooms (I used portobellos) Onions (I used yellow onions) Jalapenos Corn (on the cob of course) Broccoli Worcestershire sauce (I use 'Lea and Perrins') Beer Salt Black pepper Paprika Crushed Red Pepper Cut...
  15. BG_TX

    Stuffed Jalapeño

    Large Jalapenos Bacon Cheese (shredded - I use an 'off the shelf' cheddar/monterey mix) Hot Sauce (I prefer Sriracha 'rooster' sauce) Cut the pepper down the middle, seed and insert your favorite hot sauce and cheese... Wrap the peppers in bacon... I marinate the bacon in hot...
  16. BG_TX

    Thoughts on this bumper... Smittybilt tube

    Hello - Came across one of these Smittybilt tube bumpers for cheap... I was wondering if anyone had some feedback on them? I don't intend on doing any insane 'crawling' but would like to remove the stock bumpers and replace with something that can withstand a bit more (I will keep the...
  17. BG_TX

    Northwest OHV Park - Bridgeport, TX

    Anyone ever been to this place (here)? Curious if anyone has been out there and what they thought of it...
  18. BG_TX

    Old RC Parts Source?

    I came across one of my old RCs today, prob 15+ years old... I remember this was a Cox/Kyosho partnership, I believe Kyosho electronics and Cox chassis... I don't know. The servo is filthy, servo linkage parts are missing, etc. Does anyone know of a good parts source for old RCs? I would...
  19. BG_TX

    Spring Identification

    Just as the title states... I pulled these springs from my 62 awhile back and cleaned them up today and noticed the stamps on them (previously not visibile due to dirt, etc). Does anyone know if these are OEM, etc? Thanks!
  20. BG_TX

    Dallas/FtWorth Pick-N-Pull 80 Series

    Hello fellow mudders... A recent thread in the 60 series section in regards to CARS landcruiser making their way to local junkyards motivated me to hit up our local Pick-N-Pull in hopes of finding misc interior 60 series parts. No luck for me but I came across an 80 series that had not been...
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