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    Wanted  1st gen tacoma double cab bed and pass fender

    I'm looking for a 1st gen tacoma double cab bed (5 foot bed) and passenger fender. It would be great if it was lunar mist (metallic silver), but I can always respray if need be. Any leads are appreciated. Thanks.
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    Trade  North Carolina: 1975 FJ40 for 4WD Tacoma

    1975 FJ40 for trade for a 4WD Tacoma. This has been my daily driver for the last few years. It has a Chevy 327 V8 with new 4 barrel Quadrajet, ramshorn headers, two into one crossover exhaust. Saginaw power steering, front disc brake conversion, tuffy console, new seats, and Troll Hole soft-top...
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    Wanted  North Carolina: FJ40 door upper window frame sections

    I’m looking for upper later model door window frame sections for a FJ40 stretch project. Any condition welcome.
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    Wanted  North Carolina: FJ40 rain gutter sections

    I’m looking for sections of rain gutter from a FJ40 hardtop. I just need a few sections for my FJ40 stretch project. I can piece together if need be.
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    For Sale  North Carolina: FJ40 round and square bezel bib/grill

    Round bezel bob/grill and square bezel bib/grill $50 each obo.
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    For Sale  North Carolina: FJ40 seat belts

    Seat belts from a 75 FJ40. $50 obo.
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    For Sale  FJ40 exhaust and carb gasket

    Brand new gaskets $30.
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    For Sale  North Carolina: FJ40 seat parts

    For sale: FJ40 seats from a 1975. I have visions and metal backs. No headrests. $100 or best offer for everything.
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    Wanted  North Carolina: Fj40 hardtop sides, cap, and late style drivers/pass doors

    I'm looking for FJ40 hardtop sides and cap. I am building a stretched FJ40 and am also looking for an extra set of later style passenger and drivers doors. I live in Boone, NC. Thanks in advance!
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    Fj40 Stretch

    I previously built up a FJ40 and found myself with lots of extra sheetmetal. These parts followed me from my previous house in Milwaukee to North Carolina regardless if that making any sense. Once in NC, I stumbled upon another FJ40 body with a rusted out frame for $300. and later when on the...
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    For Sale  North Carolina: FJ40 Soft Top

    For Sale: Soft Top for FJ40 $1000. I purchased this FJ40 Soft Top a few years ago when I was building my FJ40, but never ended up using it or driving with it on the vehicle. It still has the protective covering on the windows even. The top is made from Black PVC so it won't shrink over time and...
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    For Sale  North Carolina: 1967 FJ40 with extra parts

    Getting ready to part out or sell this 1967 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. I do not have a title; why I am parting out but would sell whole if there is interest. No engine and no trans. The tub is in ok shape and could be restored. The rear section near the bumper is rusted out but typical of most of...
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    Wanted  FJ40 frame or frame sections

    I'm looking for a FJ40 frame or sections of frame that I can use to stretch an existing FJ40 frame that I currently am rebuilding. Would pefer the rear section of a frame if you only have a partial frame that you're looking to sell. I'm located in North Carolina.
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    1970 Toyota Rust Red FJ40

    This thread will cover the refurbishing of my "new" '70 FJ40. I acquired the FJ via Facebook after seeing an FJ40 listed for $350. I figured the parts were surely worth that amount so I went ahead and bought it straight away after seeing just a two pictures of it. It was located just an hour or...
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    Wanted  '70 FJ40 Gauge Cluster

    Looking for a 1970 or approx. gauge cluster.
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    MUDShip  Trying to get FJ40 rolling chassis from Advance, NC to Boone,NC

    I'm trying to get an FJ40 rolling chassis from Advance, NC to Boone, NC. NO engine or trans in the FJ so should be lighter. Tires are rotted so don't hold air. Will need to be winched onto trailer. The distance between the locations is around 1.5 hours. Any Mudders out there that might be able...
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    Front Disc Brake Conversion (Chevy rotors and calipers)

    Preface: From reading numerous threads I assume folks are going to ask why I didn't go with Toyota parts as many suggest here. Simply put, these parts were readily available and I had the tools to make the conversion happen. I know this has been covered here before, but I thought I might share...
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    For Sale  1975 FJ40

    I'm selling my FJ40; this is a daily driver that I don't really want to sell but looking to purchase a new truck for longer distance driving. Hoping to find a Tacoma to use as a daily driver to replace the FJ40. This is a solid FJ40 that runs great and has lots of brand new parts. It has a Chevy...
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    Help Identifying Fj40 bracket

    I'm hoping someone can help me identify this part from an FJ40. I feel like a fool as I just can't figure out what it is. It appears to be a cadmium plated bracket of some kind. I just can't place where it belongs. Thanks in advance.
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    For Sale  FJ40 front seats from 1975

    I need to get rid of these. These seats came out of a 1975 FJ40. They are really just good for parts if you're planning on rebuilding your rusty seats as the mounts are not present. Metal is in good condition though. I'm located in NC but willing to ship. $90 plus whatever it costs to ship them.
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