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  1. Todrn55

    For Sale  Northern Louisiana - FJ62 steering wheel

    Fj62 steering wheel minus the horn pad. All contact for horn present. Horn worked fine where it was removed. See pics. Some surface cracks. Mild looseness on top portion from the underlying subframe. Brown interior truck. not horrible shape. Should rehab well. 50+ ride. thanks, todd H.
  2. Todrn55

    For Sale  Northern Louisiana; 18 inch steel Tundra rims

    Toyota tundra 18 inch steel rims. Recently cleaned and painted. Have TPMS installed. Good shape, no bends or cracks. Went another way with tire plans for my Toyota truck. Size 18 x 8 rim size. Has five hole bolt pattern from Toyota. No center caps. No lugs. Sorry. $80, obo. Thanks t
  3. Todrn55

    Wanted  GLASS LX470 head lamps

    I replaced my 05 Lx with glass aftermarket headlamps. They look good but the beam pattern sucks. I’m gonna look into polishing the OEM ones, but they are yellowed. I’d like to go back with the older glass factory one if anyone has “spares” laying around. Thanks
  4. Todrn55

    LX470 spoiler help.

    The previous owner had a run in with a garage door and my spoiler has been loose since purchase. I’ve considered removing it all together but kinda like it. It’s the whale tail on a 2005. All the foam tape is I’ve got that. Gonna try to get it back to factory specs. Too much...
  5. Todrn55

    Wanted  100 Series all AHC used.

    My current Lx had s surprise for me. It was kinda bouncy so I figured an old AHC fluid would fix it. All kinda dealer service but not that...why would they do that? I think she had s shade tree guy service it and put in good ole hydraulic fluid...high grade stuff. After 3 complete system...
  6. Todrn55

    Wanted  LX470 2005 towing harness

    Found out today my “newsed” LX470 has a busted towing harness...broken at the bracket. No discernible part #s. Big one piece gray connector. No pigtails off the wire. 7 way round harness for connecting. Thanks...
  7. Todrn55

    For Sale  Northern Louisiana: 1998 Lexus LX470

    I have been the owner since early 2014 to replace my 2004 Tundra DC that was wrecked. Since purchased I have put relatively few miles on it. It was purchased with ~ 169K on the clock; now has 186K. Color is: Rock River Green Mica (Grey). Overall I have baselined all fluids and fixed what was...
  8. Todrn55

    Wanted  O2 sensor upper end wiring. 3Fe

    I’ve tried most of the used parts and restore vendors. I’m sure I missed someone. I’m needing the 3fe upper end O2 sensor wiring. I have a 1988 TLC and it came with the o2 sensor wire burnt and severed and frayed. Needless to say I got a check engine light due to it. There is no upper end...
  9. Todrn55

    Wanted  3fe upper O2 sensor wiring

    I’ve tried most of the used parts and restore vendors. I’m sure I missed someone. I’m needing the 3fe upper end O2 sensor wiring. I have a 1988 TLC and it came with the o2 sensor wire burnt and severed and frayed. Needless to say I got a check engine light due to it. There is no upper end...
  10. Todrn55

    FJ62 to 4 speed manual....reverse lights?

    I thought i had done all the hard work with the auto to manual conversion. I'm now down to the making the reverese lights work issue. Several threads have been reviewed that are not so easy to find.. Lambcruiser..Orangefj45/George please chime in. Ive got the old auto wiring harness and the...
  11. Todrn55

    Fj62 rear main seal question..

    I put a Feltpro rear main seal on my 88 FJ62. Is it meant to sit totally flush or sit up pasr the flange a few mms once seated?? Oddly it sits “more” flush on the bottom only at the 6 o’clock position. Hopefully I didn’t bigger it up. Doing all this with a 4 speed conversion and want it to...
  12. Todrn55

    Need help on diff/t case plugs.

    I'm about to baseline my 1998 LX470's fluids.....front diff has 10mm allen key fill/drain plugs. T-case has the ~24mm hex bolt style as does the rear diff. Is there one specific plug that will do for all these areas??...meaning can I replace them ALL with low profile allen key magnetic drain...
  13. Todrn55

    Wanted  FJ60 door cards x 4

    Looking for brown interior door panels x 4. Want to change fj62 back to poverty package with manual locks and window.......dead on reliable!!!
  14. Todrn55

    Wanted  FJ62 radio brackets

    I'm doing the Scoin H/U switch since my truck came with no radio at all. Notice I only had one OEM radio mounting bracket. Reaching out to the best Internet community I've ever been a part of. Thanks in advance. Todd Hilton
  15. Todrn55

    Lx470 passenger floor board leak..

    Hello, I have a passenger side floor leak go on a month now. The floor board fills up with water after a rain or a wash..... Puddles to front outer kick panel area at front of door at footwell area.. Trouble shooting: 1). Checked hood cowl area by wipers: removed it all cleaned it up...
  16. Todrn55

    LX470 Won't turn over, kills all electronics?

    Drove the lx470 today to run errands with wife and problems. Got home prepped for hunting, loaded the truck and NO go with a cranking attempt. Ignition switch with normal shaft breakage yet. Tried to crank turn over. Intermittent working of ACC....(radio, dash...
  17. Todrn55

    Fj40 value?

    I looking locally at a 1972 with a pretty great body and frame....lowest rust I've seen in a while. Known: Carburetor is off, gas tank is rusted, no fluid in radiator, no battery, needs x 4 tires. Last ran in ~2003. Engine will just under 100,000 miles. Got some good and some bad (all the...
  18. Todrn55

    Wanted  Fj62 OEM radio brackets

    Just getting around to working on installing a radio in the 62. Notice only the Rt bracket was present. Any one have a set out of a junker for sale? Thanks, Todd H
  19. Todrn55

    Need a good Hobo knife

    I had an old non-stainless folding knife with the usual and a spoon and fork as a child. Used it an loved it. Got careless as kids will do a left It in the rain......rusted out and chunked it. That was 30 years ago. I was wanting to get one for me and my two children to take camping. Any...
  20. Todrn55

    AHC front height discrepence?

    I have a 1998 LX470 and I'm still playing catch up from the last two owners. Just started playing with the AHC system. Got the pressure on the System corrected to spec but now (and before too) the Lt side is about an inch lower......which was measures from the ground to the fender. Yes that's...
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