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  1. Marcus1983

    For Sale  WA: 1996 Locked FZJ80

    Up until recently, I planned to keep this Land Cruiser forever. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time/space to enjoy driving or working on it and I would rather focus on other hobbies. We recently purchased an F-250 (which :princess: loves) and the Land Cruiser (which :princess: hates) is...
  2. Marcus1983

    Happy Day! Weathertech Floorliners Available

    Just got an email that Weathertech liners are now available for the 80! This was the top item on my list of reasons to buy a newer vehicle, so I guess I am keeping her... Here is the email: We’re happy to let you know that the FloorLiners for the 1991-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser are now...
  3. Marcus1983

    For Sale  WA - Stock 80 Hitch Receiver in Spokane ($50)

    I am selling this stock hitch receiver that I picked up last fall. I bought it from a junkyard in Sacramento because I needed to tow a uHaul up to Washington. It has been sitting in my storage space since. I figured I would see if anyone wanted it before I took it to the recycler. Some of...
  4. Marcus1983

    Window Switch Meltdown

    We were getting picked up by father-in-law at LAX (in his 97 80 w/150k) and noticed a burning smell on startup. We assumed it was ash from recent wildfire by his house. Sitting in line to pay for parking and notice smoke coming from passenger rear window switch. Even though we were pretty...
  5. Marcus1983

    Wanted  [WA] Factory alarm T-harness

    Looking to
  6. Marcus1983

    Wanted  [WA] 80 Series Front Wiper Arm

    All I need is the spring that provides tension to the arm. I managed to lose one while refinishing mine. I am located in Spokane, Washington.
  7. Marcus1983

    For Sale  [WA] Set of 5 Cooper Discoverer ST 255/85-16 - $150

    These were purchased in May '09 and have just under 35k miles on them. They have never been patched or repaired. There is some minor cracking around wheel openings (probably because vehicle was stored outside?) -- otherwise they are in good shape for their age. I figured someone would...
  8. Marcus1983

    Yet Another Cat Thread - Magnaflow Y-pipe 23120 + 2nd Cat Delete

    I am looking at cat replacement options for my 96 with ~240k miles. A couple of years ago I had a shop install the bosal cat back and it has been trouble free. I know the supports had to be pretty significantly massaged to get everything to fit. Now I am looking at the magnaflow y-pipe in...
  9. Marcus1983

    Tekonsha Prodigy RF Brake Controller

    Search turned up nothing . . . Does anyone have experience with the Tekonsha Prodigy RF brake controller? It looks to be pretty slick, but possibly too good to be true?
  10. Marcus1983

    Help ID part Denso 113620-1920

    Going through a box of random parts from PO and found this part. Looks like an emission related item but can't find it doing search on mud or Google. Also knew PO was planning to you put in supercharger I thought this might be related to that??? Labeled Denso 113620 1920
  11. Marcus1983

    Wanted  80-Series Trailer Hitch Receiver - Sacramento, CA

    Looking to buy a trailer hitch for my 80 series that is compatible with a Slee rear bumper. :cheers: Marcus Edit: Never mind - found one at a local junk yard.
  12. Marcus1983

    Missing ECU Mounting Screw

    I am in the middle of installing a new radio. While removing my factory amp, I noticed that my ECU is not secured at the top. This is definitely the source of a rattle I have been hearing since I got the truck six years ago. It looks like the tab is threaded for a screw, but I am hesitant to...
  13. Marcus1983

    eBay  [SoCal] ARB 80 Series Front Bumper & Warn M12000 Winch

    I am posting this ebay link up for my Brother-in-law. They decided that the winch and bumper were a little overkill for their needs. I saw the winch run when they purchased the vehicle from Cube Dweller in August of 2011. I will do my best to help...
  14. Marcus1983

    RTH - Rear Axle/Hub/Brake Advice

    Dug into my rear axle this morning because I had noticed the P/S leaking oil. The D/S locknut was only hand tight. P/S seemed about right. Both axles have wear marks from axle seals -- P/S more pronounced and irregular than D/S. Both outer bearings just fell out when I pulled the hub??? 1)...
  15. Marcus1983

    Confirmation of Rear UJoint Orientation

    Couple of questions here. I have ~224k miles on my 96 with no lift. I had all of my u-joints replaced at a driveline shop on Friday. I have had the new joints for almost a year . . . figured I should just fork over the $ to have them installed rather than wait another year. 1) It seems...
  16. Marcus1983

    FZJ80 ARB Winch Bumper and Warn M12000 Winch For Sale

    I just helped my Father-in-Law purchase Cubedweller's FZJ80 from Sacramento. He has decided to go a different direction with the bumper and winch. I was going to post up in the classifieds, but thought I would give you guys first dibs. ARB Winch Bumper and Warn M12000 - currently the winch...
  17. Marcus1983

    Is This Called the Front Door Belt Moulding?

    This piece of exposed metal on my front passenger door is becoming annoying as it grabs at arms and clothing :doh:. I can't seem to see it referred to as anything other than "Front Door Belt Moulding" in the FSM. Is this what I am looking at? Does anyone have experience replacing it or...
  18. Marcus1983

    Desert/4x4 Bachelor Party Ideas in SoCal

    I have been given the task of brainstorming 4x4/offroad ideas anywhere in Southern California for a bachelor party later in October. There will be 8-11 guys and the options are pretty open. It will probably end up being a Friday night/Saturday type of deal and a small group of the more...
  19. Marcus1983

    1998 Toyota Corolla Won't Start -- Spark Plugs?

    My 1998 Corolla wouldn't start yesterday. It has ~117,000 miles. - No CEL and no ODBII codes. - 1/4 tank gas - Tried jumpstarting -- no help - Engines sounds like it is turning over I last drove it on Friday and it was sounding a little rough. I had been having some hesitancy starting a...
  20. Marcus1983

    Transmission Filter Cleaning Procedure

    I am planning to put a new transmission pan on this evening (long story). I have searched and I have come up with different opinions on what to do about the filter. The old fluid looked pretty good and there wasn't much material on the magnets. The fluid was changed about 70,000 miles ago by...
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