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    For Sale  1997 LX450 - Whitefish, MT

    ****** SOLD ****** Selling my 97 LX450 - Not Locked I'm the second owner. Bought it about 7 years ago in Texas with 115k miles. Carfax was clean and showed one prior owner and had been in Texas it's whole life. Partial service history through Carfax and Lexus showed regular maintenance...
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    Towing with an FZJ

    I did a lot of reading on here about towing and never found a really good thread about what these rigs can comfortably tow. I read posts that said to never tow with one because it can't get out of it's own way, to people who towed 10k ++ lbs. I'm sharing my experiences to help anyone searching...
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    Holiday Brake Pad Failure

    In-Laws where here for the Holidays and used my LX. No issues reported. When I take the truck for a drive after they left there is a horrible grinding noise when applying the brakes. Take the wheels off and found the friction material had separated from the backing on the RF inner pad...
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    Tire Mount & Balance - This typical in your area?

    It's been more than a year since I bought new tires, never had this issue with mount & balance before. Bought new tires online and had them shipped to my house. Took tires and wheels to local tire store where I was told it is $60 for a mount & balance for used tires, $120 for new tires. Clerk...
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    Magnaflow Y-Pipe

    My Y-pipe is pretty deteriorated and I seem to be getting a lot more heat of the cats this summer. Good time to replace the Y-pipe, cats, and maybe full exhaust. Recent exhaust threads showed the Magnaflow downpipe looking much better than the Bosal. The issue is the Magnaflow is about $80...
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    Wanted  Factory roof rack and spoiler - FZJ80

    Looking for a factory roof rack and liftgate spoiler for my LX. Thanks
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    97 LX450 - NW Montana

    Holding on to it - Thanks for the interest. Selling my 97 LX450. I'm the second owner. Bought it about 4 years ago in Texas with 115k miles. Carfax was clean and showed one prior owner and had been in Texas it's whole life. Partial service history through Carfax and Lexus showed...
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    Replacing Rad, oil pump seal - Am I missing anything?

    Need to replace my radiator and am going to take advantage of the clearance and do some other maintenance items at the same time. Truck is a daily driver with 150k miles. Cooling parts are all original except phh. Here's what I'm planning, anything I'm missing? Radiator - Koyo Hose...
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    OME 861/862 owners - what shocks?

    I've had the OME 861/862 springs with Bilstein 4600 shocks on my truck since 2/11, about 15k miles. Over the last month the ride has degraded, becoming very "bouncy." The truck will continue to rock and bounce after hitting a bump. Feels like the shocks aren't controlling the ride any more...
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    Duratrac Prices

    I know a lot of people on here are running these, so I figured I'd check to see if the price I found is reasonable. Best price I've found is Discount Tire Direct $993 shipped. I'll apply the Tread Lightly $100 rebate to that. The local shops want $1300-$1400 mounted and balanced. :eek: The...
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    For Sale  97 Locked Collectors Edition - Seattle

    Not mine, no affiliation, came across the ad and decided to pass it along. 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 40th Anniversary Limited Edition
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    Wanted  WTB - OME 861/862 - Stock Heights for 80 Series

    Looking to lift? Sell me your stock height OME's. Looking for a useable set of OME 861/862's in good shape.
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    To those who have replaced their sunvisors

    The visors in my truck are still tight, but, the left visor outer bracket, the piece closest to the door with 2 screws holding it in is broken. Hoping someone has this piece off their old sagging visor.
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    New 80 Owner - Base Line Initiated

    Recently purchased a 97 LX450, no lockers, 118 k miles. Found it at a dealer in Houston. One owner, good service history through Lexus, clean Carfax, etc. Had a family member check it out. He found a few things wrong that the dealer fixed. Deal was done, family brought it up to Montana for...
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    Electrical Problem - Dome Light circut - Noob

    First off, I'm a < :banana: guy on electrical issues. The problem: My new to me 97 LX450 has an electrical problem. The dome lights, vanity lights, door lights, glove box light, clock and remote unlock are not working. The 10A "DOME" fuse is blown. Replaced the fuse and it...
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    Wanted  Set of LX450 Alloy Rims

    Looking to buy a set of LX450 rims to mount my snow tires on. Prefer non chrome. Looking to buy soon as the snow is flying. :)
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    FS - '88 FJ62 $2650 obo

    FS - '88 FJ62 $2200 obo - Montana Selling my '88 FJ-62. Stock vehicle with 245k miles. White over gray. Everything works including the a/c. 2 sets of wheels and tires. New rotors and pads in the front and wheel cylinders in the back. Runs good I drive it to work every day. Little...
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    Fs/ft - 1988 Fj62

    Looking to sell or trade my '88 FJ62. It's all stock with 242k miles. Pretty clean with a few dings, scratches and a little surface rust, driver seat is torn. Runs good, stops good, shifts good, all electrics work. I got it from the 2nd owner who purchased in in 1991. 2 sets of wheels and...
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    Back in a Cruiser

    Just purchased an '88 FJ62. Truck is all stock with 242k miles, I'm the 3rd owner. Seems to be in good shape. Runs well and is straight with some slight surface rust in a couple spots. Came with a stack of maintenance records. :) I am a little concerned about the auto trans at this mileage...
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