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    looking for some old front springs

    Just picked up a 3rd Gen T4R and building a budget truck. It turns out that LC80 fronts will work in the rear. However, it sounds like there are a number of different ones available, so this is what I am looking for... 19" Double Pink Light Blue White 7.5 wraps 18.5" Double Pink Grey White 7.5...
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    SoCal 80's member seeking some trail input!

    Good afternoon! I am generally over on the Socal page, however I decided to prod you all for some info. Our group of avid off roaders/campers is doing our annual January trip and we wanted to do something new. We typically stick to the Mojave Road or Death Valley for our 3-5 day "overloading"...
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    Backcountry campspots/good offload travels in southern AZ?

    Putting together a 5-day trip for our little offload crew for the first week of January. We are looking to stay below the 10 freeway, but most definitely above the 40. Any ideas? we all have built up rigs and do lots of "overlanding" up the 395 and the general SW, but we are all new to southern...
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    Have you ever seen tires do this?

    Pulled off the shoes today to do a brake job. Rolling the tire to set it aside and I noticed this. Have you ever seen this? I would all over online putting in silly combinations of words, but no images match. A little history, it has been sitting for a month. But not on top of the metal grate or...
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    grey leather door panels and 3rd row seats for sale

    For Sale: - 80 series Door Panels and trim SoCal Come get them, please.
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    For Sale  80 series Door Panels and trim SoCal

    I have a set of four door panels in grey leather for the 80 series. These came off my 3fe, and do NOT have the lights. All but the driver's door are in AMAZING condition. The Driver's door is damaged at the front due to a door limiter breakage. My local upholstery shop said they could glass the...
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    real time stereo help, please!

    I am installing a pioneer double din in my '92, and I am encountering a weird issue. I followed all the installs on here; unplugged the factory amp, wired up the new uno to the Metra harness, plugged it all in, and... when both of the metro harnesses are plugged into the corresponding factory...
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    Orange/black wire coming from stereo harness

    Hey errrybody! I'm wiring up a new head unit and coming from the small female connector, on the Metra harness kit, there is an orange wire with a black stripe. What is this for? It is on the same connector as the rear speakers, so i was suspecting it was the subwoofer, however there is no (-)...
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    AC control issue

    The velocity/power/ whatever you call it slider/selector on my '92 is doing some weird stuff. The air flow increases as you slide it from left to right as it should, however the very last position, or "MAX," has about the same power as the first selection. Any ideas? Thanks. I owe you one!
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    Custom nameplate for my 80

    I visited my friend last night to work on some 80-specific products we are developing. More about that in a future post. Anyhow, as I walked into his house he greeted me with a laser-cut emblem he made at work for me. My rig has a name, and it is Lando. It is short for Lando Calcruisean, because...
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    eBay Snorkel install

    So, I was on the side of the fence that snorkels were for the birds... That was until I just got back from an almost 800-mile round trip adventure that took me all over the 395 and Death Valley. Upon return the inside of my engine bay was caked in mud and dust, and my air filter looked just...
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    Overland Expo

    Anyone headed there? I think we will be headed out Thursday evening. Not sure if we are driving straight through or stopping in needles for the night. We are planning on leaving Early Sunday and heading to antelope canyon. It would be great to meet some of you there!
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    AC belt flipped

    Good morning mudders! My 80's AC slowly died (3FE), so I finally took it in to be serviced. The shop replaced the compressor and the the dryer and gave it a full recharge. I drove it for about 20 minutes to my friend's house in pure freezing bliss and then turned off the truck. On my way home I...
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    AT/Brake/Volt light flickering

    1992 FJ80, untouched motor here. On the way home tonight the AT oil, e-Brake, and volt light flickered under deceleration. it looked like the volt meter may have been a little lower than typical, but I have no had any charging issues since I bought this rig about a year ago... A search of the...
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    harbor freight winch plate

    Good evening! I just purchased and installed a tjm17 bumper. It looks good, and will look great once I have a winch installed. I looked up the TJM plate, and it is $200!!! I just got the HF plate for $40 as I have heard of people using them quite regularly. Anyone do this with the tjm bumper? I...
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    There is a first for everything!

    As long as I can remember I have been a fan of trailers. Not the kind you pull behind a vehicle, but the kind that let you know if a movie is worth your time or not. Anyhow, Check this one out. Ewan McGregor uses an 80 for a get away vehicle. And by the way it is moving, I think it has one of...
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    I've got Hella questions...

    Norcal jokes, I've got them for days. I purchased some Hella's a few months back and followed their directions for the wiring. The supplied instructions are about 1,457,234,087 times more vague than Ikea's instructions. So, this is where I am getting tripped up. I want to run the lights when...
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    What would you do? I bought the Anza Borrego book/map combo, and it is extremely overwhelming. I want to see it all. If you had 3 nights in AB, where would you go? What would you do? Where wouldn't you waste your time? I have never been there, so I am pretty open to anything (although I do not...
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    91/92 interior question

    Good morning, folks. So, here is the story. I have an 80 with a 3fe. I can't tell you if it's a 91 or a 92 because it had been given a blue sticker by the CHP almost 20 years ago. For those of you unfamiliar with a blue tag, it is a VIN given to a vehicle that was stolen and messed with. Anyhow...
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    AUX Light Splice-In

    I have a set of Hella 700FF's, with HID bulbs on the way. I mounted and ran all the wiring, shrink wrapped stuff, mounted the relay, created grounds, blah blah blah. The instructions that came with the lights are like this "ekgjhaiduhgajkwenrw qwekrhf;qwoeihrowiehskajfn; A;SKFJOEIJ124." They...
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