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  1. Brycruiser

    Thread on trailer built from fj40 tub

    Looking for a thread on building a trailer from an old fj40 tub I have.
  2. Brycruiser


    Just joined TAC.Havent seen anything about monthly meetings. Brycruiser
  3. Brycruiser

    transfer case question

    Only had my 94 80 for 2months,didnt get a manual with it.When I Switch to low on my transfer what actually locks.The dash says diff locked but I dont have e lockers.
  4. Brycruiser

    stereo wiring diagram 94 fzj Help

    Does anyone have a color code diagram for a 1994 fzj 80 stereo? Cant find an adapter for 94s and I may have to splice. Thanks
  5. Brycruiser

    stereo wiring diagram 94 fzj Help

    Does anyone have a color code diagram for a 1994 fzj 80 stereo? Cant find an adapter for 94s and I may have to splice. Thanks
  6. Brycruiser

    source for headlights

    Does anyone have a reasonably price source for 80 headlights. Was hoping just the glass lense was replaceable. Priced a whole unit at $260.
  7. Brycruiser

    Need advice on a 94 fjz 80 body lift

    Anyone thats done a body lift on a fjz 80 I could use some advice.
  8. Brycruiser

    Frustrated looking for oem wheels fjz80

    Having a hard time finding wheels for m y fjz 80 I traded for.It has cheap 4 runner wheels on it now with the wrong offset.Would like some advice on where to go for either oem or after market wheels that fit right.Thanks,Brycruiser
  9. Brycruiser

    what wheels fit my 94 fjz

    Just got an fjz that had some funky wheels on it and have been looking for steelies for it.What other years of Toyota wheels fit?
  10. Brycruiser

    online parts help please

    Head gasket out on my 1994 80,trying to find a good online parts supplier. Hitting a lot of dead ends.Looking for some advice.Thanks
  11. Brycruiser

    Recipe for vortech swap in my 60

    I'm looking to connect with someone who has done a F2 to vortech swap. The good ,bad, and ugly and what not to do.Parts I need ect. Thanks,Brycruiser
  12. Brycruiser

    Lost pics

    I lost 2 sets of pictures with a computer glitch. Looking for great pics of sliders for my 60 and someone out there had their own link to at least 100 different pics of 60s. any help would be great. Brycruiser Boise,Idaho
  13. Brycruiser

    2f to v8 advice

    I'm finally giving in to a v-8 change out. Could use some advice to make it less painful. I have a rebuilt 350 out of 84 suburban and a 700r rebuilt for wheeling. All my friends have 40's so I'm in new territory. Would appriciate some advice.Thanks Boise, Idaho
  14. Brycruiser

    Engine rebuild. what carb to buy

    I,m building a new 2f and don't know which way to go with a new carb. Weber can't be my only choice ?
  15. Brycruiser

    The right setup for 84 fj 60 rear disc

    I've gotten a little confused on the right way to go about converting my 1984 fj 60 to rear disc brakes.I could use some direction from someone who has done this with good results.Thanks,fj60 Boise
  16. Brycruiser

    unidentified object in gas line

    I found a brass tube in line hidden under my air cleaner about 4 inches long and tapered. can,t find it in my books and can,t see a reason for it. Anybody?
  17. Brycruiser

    2f idle solenoid

    Anyone out there ever have a problem with a idle solenoid on mid 80's fj 60? Minne quit idling last week and thats all I can pin it on.:confused:
  18. Brycruiser

    Great info for the new guy

    Went to Moab last May in my best friends 40.Got back and decided it was time to get a cruiser. I have 3 friends with 40's,but ran across a 1984 60 in great shape,right time, right place. Problem is my friends can't answer some of my 60 modification questions. Really happy to join this...
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