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  1. Rix 45

    For Sale  LV Door latches cont.

    Photos cont.
  2. Rix 45

    For Sale  FJ45 LV assorted door latch parts

    Each removed from a '66 LV. Each offered post paid to lower 48. PM me for details please. Tail gate latch right side $75.00 Tail gate latch left side $75.00 Rear gate limit pieces $25.00 Door limit screws $45.00 Tail gate limit screws $25.00 Left frt. doo latch $75.00 Right frt. door latch...
  3. Rix 45

    For Sale  Drivers side door control "98 LX470

    All functions work with exception of the driver window. It is sluggish and compelled me to replace it. This is a good parts piece or a BTN. $20.00 shipped to lower 48.
  4. Rix 45

    BaT  A bit of BAT science fiction is reality Holy crow! I saw this car last week. It was being serviced and detailed. It was said to have been from an estate. I looked it over and would have offered up $ 9500.00. Man am I out of the loop. Check out the comments.
  5. Rix 45

    Wanted  Steering Pivot housing

    I'm in need of just the housing. These were used in a number of years . need one for a left hand drive truck. Thank you, Eric
  6. Rix 45

    A famous LV. Where could it be?

    I spotted these photos in Earl Stanley Gardner's book "Off the Beaten Track in Baja" published in 1967. Sadly in the book he only mentions the "Toyota station wagon" once and fawns over the "new Ford Bronko" a couple of times. The book is full of photos and so few of the LV I would speculate it...
  7. Rix 45

    Really nothing new..... people scoping out the LV

    Dana Point Harbor, Dana Point, CA. yesterday looked to be a father and son duo spent several minutes going over my old relic. Kinda fun to watch them. Thought I would share. E.
  8. Rix 45

    Found on the Way to King O Hammers

    Spotted these lovelies.
  9. Rix 45

    Pig Adventure

    Drove my 55 to Canyon Guadalupe in Baja Calif. Mex. over the last few days. Crossed at Mexicali. No problemo on the way in, a total horror to get out of that totally dis organized city. The hot springs were great. Always an adventure in a pig , always an adventure in Mex.
  10. Rix 45

    For Sale  Craigs list find

    See you all in Palm Springs 1965 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Pickup, Nut and Bolt Restored, RARE
  11. Rix 45

    Wanted  WTD Birfield

    Need a shot version birfield for a trail back. Thanks, Eric
  12. Rix 45

    For Sale  WTB

    Fine spline birfield for trail spare. Thank you Eric
  13. Rix 45

    LV Back Seat Part

    Can any one confirm these are back seat back rest retainers. My '65 has a different set up. These as I recall came out of a '66. T hank you E.
  14. Rix 45

    For Sale  FJ 45, 40 Hood hinges

    Hood hinge set. Counter sink holes. $ 80.00 plus the ship.
  15. Rix 45

    For Sale  FJ 55 Spare tire chain up

    Nice working factory spare rig. $65.00 plus ship. Thanks, Eric
  16. Rix 45

    For Sale  LV Spare tire mount

    Good condition mount includes the bolts. $90.00 shipped to lower 48. Thanks, Eric.
  17. Rix 45

    For Sale  LV Gas Tank Fill

    Filler port. Plug type. Inner housing is a bit rusty so it comes with a good one. $125.00 shipped to lower 48. Thanks, Eric.
  18. Rix 45

    For Sale  FJ 55 Floor Mats

    Nice front and passenger area mat set. Black. Came out of a '78 I lost in a rear end accident back in '86. A small tear at the jack area. Photo is of them dry. Not bathed in silicone spray stuff. $350.00 + ship cost. Offered as the pair only. Also offering a rear cargo mat. Grey. Has a patch and...
  19. Rix 45

    For Sale  For sale in So. Orange County CA. '71 FJ55

    I found this truck in a neighbor's yard some years ago. I extracted it recently and have got it to run after a carb O/H and a major tune up with a fresh battery. F 135 motor is good with headers. Stock three on a tree shifts and drives all gears. Fresh clutch master and slave. O/H ed radiator...
  20. Rix 45

    For Sale  Craigy find

    1973 Toyota Landcruiser FJ 55 parts car Amazing what this guy thinks this is worth. I love California. Eric.
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