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    Air flow meter air by-pass passage screw - FJ62/3fe

    Does anyone know the function of this screw? It is similar in appearance to the Golden Screw on the throttle body, but the FSM does not mention its function, just identifies the chamber that it is sunk into as the "air by-pass passage." I also find only one thread on Mud that mentions it. When I...
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    For Sale  GA - used FJ62 headlight bezel with parking light - Left side

    Used FJ62 headlight bezel with parking light. Some of the silver foil is peeling and some is discolored. The parking light lens is cracked. $65 + shipping from 30068.
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    For Sale  GA: FJ62 headlight bezel with parking light - Right side

    Used FJ62 headlight bezel with parking light - right side. In descent condition. Some of the silver foil is worn off and there is the usual discoloration. $75 + shipping from 30068.
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    SOLD  GA - FJ62 receiver/radio

    88-89 Land Cruiser, 87-88 Camry OEM part no. 86120-32211. $50
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    For Sale  GA -FJ62 Rear Wiper Control Relay

    OEM part no. 85940-90A10. $40
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    For Sale  GA -FJ62 Power Mirror Switch

    Power Mirror Switch FJ62. Used in good condition. $35
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    For Sale  GA -Toyota FJ62 Arm Rest Grab Handle Grey

    Toyota FJ62 Arm Rest Grab Handle Grey - used in good condition - four available. $30 each
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    For Sale  GA - Hopkins Towing Solutions 43315 Plug-In Simple Vehicle Wiring Kit

    This is an unused item, but without the original packaging. $33 on Amazon: This kit can be used for wiring trailer lighting to a 60-series using the steps described in Dazed's post: 4 wire trailer plug and play kit I have already swapped the pins as described. $20 + shipping.
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    SOLD  TPS from '89 FJ62

    Used throttle position sensor from '89 FJ62, Toyota part no. 89452-28030. Tests within FSM specs. Sensor springs back cleanly. $20 + shipping.
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    Speedometer cable clip question and tip

    During recent work on my speedometer cable (gear oil in cable and speedometer due to bad o-ring and/or oil seal at transfer case) I broke the plastic clip (pictured) that holds the cable, which sits about mid-point, against the truck body above the transmission. Marietta Toyota looked up the...
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    SOLD  Atlanta - Hood to cowl seal - FJ62

    Used hood to cowl seal from 1989 FJ62 - used, cleaned, and coated with dielectric grease - in good condition, but without clips. $40 OBO + shipping. PM if interested. -
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    Indicator light film?

    Does anyone know what the film that covers indicator lights are called? And where I can get some? I need to replace the one over my engine light.
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    SOLD  Sleeping platform/storage box - Marietta, GA

    This sleeping platform/storage box fits nicely in the back of an FJ62 and was built out of MDF, based on Mike Wood's design: TLCA : Toyota Trails, March/April 2008 (WFS) It's a bit scratched up, but works great. I've probably got $60 and a few hours of work in it. It's coated in marine...
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    Removing fuel injectors - FJ62

    I've searched the forums and can't find a post that specifically describes the procedure for removing fuel injectors. Can anyone help? I'd like to remove the injectors from my '89 FJ62 (146,000 mi.) and send them off for cleaning. Thanks
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