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  1. Dwight S

    2000 Land Cruiser: Center Console, do you think it can be fixed?
  2. Dwight S

    2000 Land Cruiser: Center Console, do you think it can be fixed?

    That’s another port installed aftermarket item. Heat gun and patience will remove. You can get new on EBay if you want to.
  3. Dwight S

    Happy Holidays - 100 series parts needed asap

    Check There’s a few in salvage yards around. Rocky Mount, Elm City, Clinton. None are blue. Black, burgundy and champagne. just went through this with mine. Bumper in elm city was garbage. buddy who is a body guy recommended aftermarket bumper, reused mine with broken tabs...
  4. Dwight S

    Fog lamp relay location

    The relay is on the back side of the fuse block in the left kick panel. If you can hear it click, I wouldn’t think that it is the relay.
  5. Dwight S

    New electrical gremlin and out-of-town. Any easy fix?

    Check this connection, especially the underside. I had similar issues and this was corroded so bad on the underside that I had to replace the terminal. Take it apart, clean, grease and put it back together with battery grease on a scrubbed terminal.
  6. Dwight S

    Wanted  RDU -NC. 100 Series Front Bumper and impact bar

    Looking to see if anyone local to Raleigh NC has a front bumper and impact bar for a 100 series Cruiser in their way that they’re looking to get rid of. Would really like to find a Riverrock Green, but I’ll take what I can find. prefer local sale (150 mile radius) as I don’t want the shipping...
  7. Dwight S

    Tailgate lid replacement - no more carpet please

    Most likely it’s ivory. Check your door tag for the trim code. Once you have that, you can check with a dealer and see. If it’s discontinued, check for any local wrecking yards for Crusers. I was at a couple on Friday in NC and I believe there was one there.
  8. Dwight S

    2006 4Runner - 17" TRD wheels - Tire ?

    Gang, Please forgive me... i'm sure it's been asked 100's of times, but I'll ask again since I've been away a few months and the Advance Search seems to have changed into something less friendly... My son is getting his mom's 2006 4Runner Limited and we're going to dress it up a little. We...
  9. Dwight S

    Alarm Gremlin 98 LC

    It is probably due to weak actuator motors not fully disengaging the lock/sensor. Try hitting the unlock button two or three times before you attempt to open the door and see if that works. You can also unlock it manually with the key and see if you get the alarm.
  10. Dwight S

    Slider pic thread

    Ummm.... YES PLEASE!
  11. Dwight S

    Any DEFINITIVE way to test a bad ignition coil WITHOUT a CEL?

    Your description is spot on for a failing coil. I don't have a technique to diagnose it, but I would go ahead and get a new coil and get ready to change it out. Just have a code reader & some basic tools handy and get ready because it's only a matter of a little while before it gives up...
  12. Dwight S

    Your Top 5 projects to begin building on a budget?

    Those front rockers are holding some serious dirt. Pull the front wheels and the plastic splash shields out and get the dirt cleaned out, although it is too late for the passenger side...
  13. Dwight S

    Black Friday 2019 Deals

    Then when you scroll down, you get this:
  14. Dwight S

    New Owner Intro!

    Welcome. Looks like a south-eastern truck (fender flairs) that made it's way north.
  15. Dwight S

    Looking like a thief at my surf break

    Try twisting (unlocking direction) the valet key in the lock cylinder multiple time. Sounds like the lock/alarm sensor (whatever its called) isn't fully disengaging. I've had some issues when we unlock using the remote that you hear it unlock, pull handle and alarm sounds. But, if we hit the...
  16. Dwight S

    Tools needed for shock replacement

    Spray your lower rear shock bolts with PB Blaster for a few days and let it soak in. On mine, we had real issues separating the shock from the mount. We ended up using a hydraulic jack body frame kit to separate the shock from the mount. And this was on a southern truck with no rust.
  17. Dwight S

    1998 LC starts and runs for 1-2 seconds.

    Check for corrosion on the terminals. A loose or severely corroded terminal can cause similar problems.
  18. Dwight S

    Need help finding little green LED's

    I was thinking local Toyota counter sales.
  19. Dwight S

    Need help finding little green LED's

    I’m guessing $8 each....
  20. Dwight S

    Need mechanic in Eagle/Vail area for motorized tilt steering wheel issue

    Take a day trip and go see @2001LC..... If I lived within a couple of hours of him, he'd be my go-to.
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