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  1. sdbrassfield

    Going to remove flares...

    What kind of mud flap options are out there? Post a pic.
  2. sdbrassfield

    Without or With?

  3. sdbrassfield

    Wheel question

    Will the early oem rims from the early fj60s (the ones with the center caps from the late fj40s up to the 84 model 60) fit the 85-87 fj60. Is there a backspace issue?
  4. sdbrassfield

    Mirror Question

    Will an FJ 62 side mirror bolt up to the 80? I am tired of fiddling with my 80 mirrors...
  5. sdbrassfield

    LX 470 - Tranny Alternative

    I have a beauty of and LX I have had for 3 years. All original garaged kept since born (2000), stock, 130k LX. Love it and drive it on trips and the wife grabs the groceries in it. I have an 80 and a 60 and do most of my posting there cause I do not have to post on anything for the LX. But...
  6. sdbrassfield

    Rear Propeller Shaft Oil Seal 87 FJ60 US

    Anyone out there know what this toyo part # is? It is an 87 fl60 US. I have looked in all my FSMs and parts diagrams and can not find it? also want the rear cover gasket as I will do that while I'm at it but cane make it if necessary...
  7. sdbrassfield

    Wanted  WTB - fj62 side mirrors

    WTB fj62 side mirrors. Driver and passenger side. PM me...
  8. sdbrassfield

    Fresh Desmog - Do I need Fuel Cut solenoid to work or not

    Just finished a desmog on my 87 - 60 series and truck is running better than ever. Still has a small idle problem. It idles better now than it did. No intake leaks. I removed the Fuel Cut solenoid to inspect it and it is working but found that the o-ring is missing. Do I need the o-ring on...
  9. sdbrassfield

    Wanted  62 side view mirrors. Looking for set...

    looking for driver and passenger side side view mirrors....any out there?
  10. sdbrassfield

    FJ80 needs New Shoes...

    1992 FJ80 am looking at a set of new rims and tires. I am going to go w 16" tires this time around. I have found some 16 x 8 steel rims w 3.5" of backspace that are 6 on 5.5" w the correct size center. Black and powder coated. Will I have any back space issues? I am gonna run 32 or 33"...
  11. sdbrassfield

    FJ-80 Radiator Options

    1992 FJ80 has a stock radiator that is still doing a good job but the seals are leaky around the plastic tank crimps and I would rather not spend the money resealing them due to age, etc. If I am taking it out to do so I am going back in with a new piece. I have found OEM type rads to purchase...
  12. sdbrassfield

    Fj80 - No Start

    Replaced the alternator on 92 fj80. Been having an intermittent no start issue. Will crank fine w no start. The a/t temp, brake, check engine and charge warning light is staying on prior to start. Isn't some of those lights supposed to go away after a few seconds prior to starting? When it feels...
  13. sdbrassfield

    Finally Starting This One

    I picked up this 60 in 2008 with the intention of starting a makeover on it...In the meantime I found and resto-ed a different 60 and two 80s and have since kept one of the 80s and sold the other two. Last month I got back working on this one by dropping and replacing the fuel tank and getting...
  14. sdbrassfield

    Fuel pump issues

    87 FJ60. Truck started running a little rough and started smelling a little bit of fuel. Looked under hood and fuel pump is misting/dripping fuel out of vent hole. Am ordering another fuel pump, however just want to confirm that the diaphragm is probably shot and the pump is going. Is there...
  15. sdbrassfield

    Wanted  Wtb - 1987 fj60 parts

    Need transfer cross members and rear drive shaft/yokes. Located in eastern NC.
  16. sdbrassfield

    Rust Bullet or Rust converter product (like crc)

    Someone w/ some experience give me the pros/cons of both. The rust bullet seems to need more prep/finish than the conversion product ?
  17. sdbrassfield

    h55f applications

    Did the h55f come in any (other) us made toyos than the landcruiser ? I have noticed alot of mini-trucks came with 5 spds. Are they the h55 ?
  18. sdbrassfield

    fj60 4spd trans

    Is there a long and a short version of the 19 spline trans (4spd) for the fj60? I have to pick one up for one of my 60s and I think there is a 17 spline version also. Is there two types of 19 splines, a long and a short. Are there any markings/#s I should look for to ensure it will bolt into...
  19. sdbrassfield

    Wanted  wtb - h42

    Looking for a good shifting, non-whining h42 for my next project...
  20. sdbrassfield

    WTB - h42

    Looking for a good shifting, non-whining h-42 4 spd for my current project vehicle...
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