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  1. CostaCruiser84

    Wanted  Alternator Bracket

    Anyone have an alternator bracket for a ‘77 BJ40? Not sure if it’s the same as the FJ bracket or not. Mine looks as though it’s been rewelded several times over the years.
  2. CostaCruiser84

    BJ40 Starter

    I’ve been running around and around trying to find a starter that will fit my 77 BJ 40. Ordered one from and they sent me the one on the right on the picture. It doesn’t look anything like the one on the left which is the one that came out of my cruiser (Not sure if that is...
  3. CostaCruiser84

    BJ40 Timing Cover Gasket

    Anyone know where I can get a timing cover gasket for a BJ40? Or a whole engine gasket kit for that matter...wouldn’t mind having them ‘all’ on hand for the future. Thanks
  4. CostaCruiser84

    Harmonic Balancer Removal

    Hi all, how do I get this harmonic balancer off? I rented a puller from Advance Auto but it doesn’t appear to work with a B engine.
  5. CostaCruiser84

    1977 BJ40 Build Thread

    Starting a thread for my 'new to me' BJ40. It is originally from Costa Rica. It ran pretty good when I bought it and then promptly stopped (actually didn't run when we picked it up but I thought the battery was just dead from the cold). Anyway, a buddy and me have started the process of getting...
  6. CostaCruiser84

    Leak on front axle / brakes

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums and don't know much about diesels so I'm looking for any insight you all can provide. I recently purchased a '77 BJ40 and my buddy and I have been working on it. We're stumped as to where this leak may be coming from on the front axle. Wondering if it's possibly a...
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