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  1. FishTacos

    Electric power steering

    This landed in chat from a new member. A professional mechanic that has a customer that wants him to research available kits, mods, etc. @cruiserbrett feel free to delete this thread.
  2. FishTacos

    Cab drivers side body mount perch part number.

    I've been trying to determine if this is a body part that is still available. I can't find a schematic that includes this part: Above is out of the truck. Hard to see (sorry) it is sitting on my leg vise bench here. Below is before I removed it: Yeah.......shut up Californios (and all...
  3. FishTacos

    Kipa 21100-61021 -- inexpensive aftermarket carburetor for the 2F

    There is a thread about these Chinese made aftermarket carbs going on the 40/45/55 forum. Quite inexpensive when compared to the OEM rebuilds. Here is a link to that thread: Anyone use one of those $80 carbs off of amazon? The second post has a link to the amazon page. If that link is broken...
  4. FishTacos

    FSM for '90 - '95 pickup.

    Just bought one for song. All the links to fsms I could find in the FAQ section seem to be dead. Anyone have a lead?
  5. FishTacos

    Wanted  [WI] FJ60 Frame

    The rear third of my frame is Swiss cheese on toast. Hopefully someone has something local (highly doubtful, obviously) but I am willing to drive some distance to pick one up. Thanks Mudders.
  6. FishTacos

    Machinist near Madison?

    I need to machine a 2F intake exhaust manifold and Im hoping someone here know of one that has done this job on this intake. The three piece exhaust makes them a bit wonky from what I hear. Just-In-Time Machining in Middleton was recommended by a friend that works for Kayser Ford. Anyone have...
  7. FishTacos

    Intake exhaust manifold repair

    I have the manifold removed and both exhaust horns pulled. A few questions: 1: A pair of springs and a single ring sits in the groove in each horn. Or perhaps there are two groves with a ring in each and the springs (which appear to be wavy shaped objects in the Specter Off Road diagram)...
  8. FishTacos

    MUDShip  I need a 20' container shipped NJ to WI

    Anyone know of a good company to contact? I've found a lot of dead ends in my search for a good carrier. Any input is appreciated.
  9. FishTacos

    So I decided to destroy this couch

    Or, I found what I was looking for and it was right under my bum. I have a very rotten drivers seat on my 68 as you can see below.
  10. FishTacos

    1bbl D40 carb cable connections

    I am trying to hook up the cables to my D40 and It has been a while since I removed it for a rebuild. I was a little dismayed when I realized that I have 3 cables to hook up. Ok, so there's the choke. That's pretty straightforward......just hook that sucker up to the thing that closes the top...
  11. FishTacos

    Need to move Mill from Niles MI Via Westville IN to Madison WI

    hey all you bad Mudders, My brother just bought a Southbend mill (~1500 lbs) and an inspection plate (~600 lbs) and he is trying to find a way to transport them to his shop In Madison, WI. I know it is probably a long shot but I figured It couldn't hurt to try MUDship. Will pay a reasonable...
  12. FishTacos

    Wanted  Backup/reverse light switch 3sp floor style

    Just like it says. I hope there is a hoarder out there with one. Alternately, if anyone knows of an aftermarket option please let me know. I'm pretty sure they are NLA from TEQ but.....maybe not?
  13. FishTacos

    3m seam sealer 8405 vs 8505

    Does anyone have a preference between these two or a superior product otherwise?
  14. FishTacos

    d40 carb 1bbl questions

    2 d 8 d40 carburetor from a '68 40 so I guess it isn't the original carb ('72, '82 even???) I have a 74 engine in there and I believe it has a '68 I/E manifold but I'm not really sure. It does have the adapter bit for the 1bbl carb and the firing order in the intake casting toward the #1...
  15. FishTacos

    Wanted  FJ40/45 Wheel cylinders E-7/70

    I would like to buy your wheel cylinders. Unlike you who was smart enough to swap out to discs, I still run 4 drum brakes on my '68. I don't really care what condition they are in. Thanks mudders.
  16. FishTacos

    Valve lifter question

    The cam side is all convex:whoops: concave so clearly they need some grinding. The pushrod side is all fawked up on the edge. What gives? What does that?
  17. FishTacos

    NJ machinist?

    Hi GSmudders, I have a '73 F engine all torn down. It was a victim of hurricane Sandy. I think it will need to be rebored and the machinist that I usually go to, Marten Motors in Morrisville, PA, is no longer in business. Anyone have a recommendation? I am in the Trenton/Princeton area. Thanks.
  18. FishTacos

    F block needs to be rebored. Machinist in NJ?

    I have my 73 F engine all torn down. The poor thing got flooded in super storm Sandy. Unfortunately I think I need to have it bored out to a larger size. I may have a line on some OS domed pistons. A fork truck mechanic I talked to may be able to get some. He said they are hoarding them...
  19. FishTacos

    F engine major kit.

    I was a bit surprised to find this on Ebay. Has anyone used this kit? I smell a fish.
  20. FishTacos

    eBay  F Engine major kit.

    Anyone know if this is for real? I thought pistons from this era were no longer available even aftermarket.
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