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  1. FJnotCJ

    FJ25 Transmission Gearshifting Shaft Retainer Replacement

    Well, that's what it is called in the parts book. It is a little piece of steel that keeps the three shift rods in place while the shift forks slide on them forward and aft on commands from the gear shift lever (stick). If the rods are not stationary in the trans case cover, the ball and...
  2. FJnotCJ

    1FZ-FE: What is the path of pressurized oil?

    I am rebuilding a '97 1FZ-FE that died a horrible death...conrod and main bearing failure, large quantities of bearing material in the pan... My question: What is the path of pressurized oil once it leaves the pump? Does it go straight to the filter or does it first go through the oil...
  3. FJnotCJ

    Wanted  '97 FZJ80 Engine/Trans Wiring Harness Pieces

    Need the section of the engine wiring harness that goes to the right side of the trans, my plug is burned and wires fried..need the plug and 6-12" of wire to splice into my harness, you would have to cut the section below the intake manifold... Need the section that goes from the engine...
  4. FJnotCJ

    For Sale  Two FJ25s in MT

    Just in case folks don't make it over to the 25 classifieds.....
  5. FJnotCJ

    FS: 2 FJ25s

    Package of two FJ25 hard top models, located near Hamilton, MT. $1,500 bucks for both. First rig is a '61 0-FJ-21496, #44 in the "count" I bought it from "Cruiserman" with the understanding that he could buy it back at any time. That was a looong time ago, that he said "tag, you're it!"...
  6. FJnotCJ


    Say you get a call while you are out of town, your significant other has to evacuate the property due to (insert disaster here) SOON! She wants to know if you want anything out of the garage. What FJ25 items would you ask her to get, AND could you guide her to it through all your crap over the...
  7. FJnotCJ

    Patrol Pictures

    Post 'em up! This is my '63...
  8. FJnotCJ

    Invisible 25

    I was out for a drive and it just snuck up on me...followed me home it did...I should stay in the garage.
  9. FJnotCJ

    Repair of Stratolite and Grote Reflectors

    I bought some new reflectors to hide a couple of, ummmm, flaws on Slow's behind and was trying to figure out how to give them a little patina. As it turns out, the lense of the new reflector fits in the old stratolites and grotes (grote makes the new one too). Pop the old reflector apart...
  10. FJnotCJ

    F135 Oil Pressure WAY High...A Puzzler

    So I'm working out the bugs on the red 1960 and hook up a mechanical oil pressure gauge and am impressed by 100 plus psi readings when cold. When warm, idle is about 40 and goes up to 100 or so when reved a little...odd. This gauge has seen service on other rigs and is my high tech diagnostic...
  11. FJnotCJ

    Wrecked 97 CE, What to do, what to do!

    Found this in the garage when I got back from CM07! It runs and drives, the Wife picked it up for cheap for parts for her LX450. She wants some of the stuff off of it so she's not parting it out yet. Only 90K on it, no lockers, HARD hit on the right side put it on it's roof. Oh, the...
  12. FJnotCJ

    Wanted  FZJ80/LX450 Rear Sway Bar Brackets

    I need those U shaped brackets and rubber bushings, the ones that hold the rear sway bar to the axle, not the frame, for a 96 LX450. Destination is 59840, MT....Thanks!
  13. FJnotCJ

    Swingout Tire Carriers

    I need a little schooling here, is the carrier on the right an early 25 model or a 40 carrier with a 25 bracket...the one on the right has different hinges, is missing that curved inner support, looks like it used a jump seat bottom rubber bumper in the lower corner, lower edge not cut out like...
  14. FJnotCJ

    Maybe Check Your Rear E Locker Actuator Vent

    I was under the impression that the rear e-locker vented to the left quarter area by the jack via the wireing harness . I found this on The Wife's 96 LX450...the vent terminating in the left wheel well. Perfect shot for the pressure washer...There is no sign that the harness was altered, maybe...
  15. FJnotCJ

    Exhaust Resonator Relocation

    While working out some details on my Wife's LX450, She wished the low hanging resonator and tailpipe away. She was advised (after searching) there might be a whistle, "like a turbo", and the resonator was removed...a few weeks later she wished the resonator back... So after a little looking...
  16. FJnotCJ

    25 rear springs same as 45 rears?

    Did I miss something? I was searching the archives for spring info and found this thread... ...seems the early 45 rear spring is the same as the 25 rears 2 3/4 inches wide at the eye and 50 inches eye to eye...7...
  17. FJnotCJ

    1996 LX450 Stock Springs and Shocks

    I know, a fast moving item around here, just had to offer 'em up before I recycle them, how about $40+ride? Located in MT
  18. FJnotCJ

    Wanted  FZJ 80 Rear Diff Lock Actuator

    Title says it all, mine was rebuilt poorly by PO and rusted all to heck...
  19. FJnotCJ

    Slow Pigs

    Saw these today...not much left...
  20. FJnotCJ

    "Say Hello to My Little Friend"

    Read about these a while back in the outfitting forum, just got around to making one, you NEED one too! It is an air hammer with a 3/8 extension welded to it and an old screwdriver welded to the extension so you can rotate whatever you are beating the snot out this case I have adapted...
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