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  1. shoresoccer13

    For Sale  North of KC MO 1993 $8000

    I am posting my 80 for sale to help fund getting a new Tundra. It has 320K miles on it and does like to go through oil. Starting to get a small rust spot on the body on the passenger side rear wheel well. Upgrades/changes done to this 80 are as follows: Factory passenger grab bar, OME mediums...
  2. shoresoccer13

    SOLD  St Joseph MO SUBTANK 80 Series

    I have a subtank for an 80 series that I am looking to sell as it does not appear that I will ever get around to installing it on my own rig. Looking to get $1200 shipped. Also have the circuit from George's subtank install write up. Thanks.
  3. shoresoccer13

    For Sale  Land Rover Cupholder for 80 series

    I have one in gray color with all hardware and the smaller insert as well, 35 shipped.
  4. shoresoccer13

    Center Console Question

    If you were to remove the ahc to go to a more normal suspension in an lx470 would a similar year land cruiser center console be a direct fit replacement so that you could eliminate now dead switches for the ahc? I tried searching this up but most of the topics are just on removal or...
  5. shoresoccer13

    For Sale  Cloth Seats from 91 or 92 LC

    I have a set of cloth seats that I pulled from a 91 or 92 LC for sale. Looking to get 150 plus shipping for the pair, the passenger seat is in near perfect condition for its age, the drivers seat could use to be redone , but these are an "upgrade" from the leather. Will post pictures as soon...
  6. shoresoccer13

    Elocker Swap

    I have read many of the threads and just want a clarification on what it different about the 93-94 elockers and the 95-97 elockers. I have a 93 that I am going to be swapping in the elockers into. Current list of parts I have for this swap is: 94 Locker floor harness 94 elocker ecu 94 elocker...
  7. shoresoccer13

    SOLD  SOLD 80 series altimeter/subtank overhead guage $175 MO

    I have for sale an extra overhead console piece for a sub tank install. It is grey in color. I will sell for 175 shipped in the continental US. If you are close by and want to do local pickup that can be arranged as well. I leave for 2 weeks on the 15th of July and will not be able to check...
  8. shoresoccer13

    2nd row seat issue

    I am in the process of switching out my leather seats all 3 rows with cloth seats from a 91 or 92 into my 93. Some of the hardware on the donor seats was a little rusty so I spent the time to change over all of the bad hardware out of the cloth with the good hardware from the leather seats. So...
  9. shoresoccer13

    SOLD  2004 Lexus LX470 KC

    For sale my 2004 LX470 is my daily driver so miles will go up, current mileage is just over 207K. Previous owner did close to 15000 in maintenance prior to selling vehicle, I have fixed a few things that have come up and have some parts for fixes that need to be done at some point. I have...
  10. shoresoccer13

    Needing some help

    Would anyone be able to go look at a truck for me near Austin? It is a 2006 Dodge 2500 Megacab at American Truck Source. Interested in it to tow my 80. Just want to make sure it would be worth driving 11 hours to buy.
  11. shoresoccer13

    Zippy Build thread

    I only currently have notes on things I have done to my 93 Land Cruiser, but going forward will add pictures of projects as they are on going. 07/27/13 Purchased my first Land Cruiser to replace the 1981 CJ-8 we had for Family expeditions and off roaring trips. 08/02/13 Obtained 54mm axle...
  12. shoresoccer13

    Whine above 70

    I was driving down the interstate and noticed today that if I go above 70 I have an intermittent whine, slowing down it disappears completely and above 75 is constantly there. The only thing I notice at a complete stop is that the passenger front appears to be lower than the rest of the vehicle...
  13. shoresoccer13

    Parting Out  1994 Toyota Land Cruiser St Joseph MO

    I am going to start the part out on a complete 94 LC in the next few weeks, some parts I will be keeping to put in my other 80 however parts from it will be available as well. Two sets of seats will be available both gray to blue gray leather. Motors on both drivers seats need fixed. Will be...
  14. shoresoccer13

    For Sale  1994 Toyota Land Cruiser $4500 Near KC

    I have it posted on craigslist in KC. I am putting this out there and if it doesn't sell before spring I will be pulling the e-locker axles and components for retrofitting to my other 80. At that point I will be parting out the rest of the vehicle minus some components I want for my other...
  15. shoresoccer13


    I am looking for a replacement engine for my 80 that I can rebuild while I still drive.
  16. shoresoccer13

    Deciding which to buy

    93 with lockers and 205k and parts vehicle as well or 99 with locker and 208k Just want opinions currently have a 93 without lockers
  17. shoresoccer13

    Wanted  Parts for Sub tank/auxiliary tank 80 series

    I am looking to buy all the parts to add a sub tank to my 80 series. PM if you have parts available for sale.
  18. shoresoccer13

    Axle Swap

    Any potential issues with swapping the locker axles from a 97 lx450 to a 93 lc? Found a cheap lx450 that would be my donor. I saw threads about going from older to newer but did not see newer to older.
  19. shoresoccer13

    80 with lockers

    There is a 95 with factory lockers, ome lift, and metal tech sliders, with 147xxx miles for sale within driving distance of me. What would be a fair price on this they are asking 15k which seems a bit steep. The knuckles have never been rebuilt and it supposedly has a couple of rust spots.
  20. shoresoccer13

    Pacemaker headers and King Brown exhaust system

    I just recently ordered this full exhaust system from Pacemaker in Oz. They were great to work with on this and very helpful. I will post pictures as I do the install it is supposed to be a direct bolt on replacement for the factory exhaust.
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