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  1. Dparo

    Trade  Northwest Indiana gray rear bumper and hitch from 2007 Land Cruiser

    Trade: I’m located in Northwest Newton County near Rt41, nearest town is Morocco. Can meet on 41 or come to my house.
  2. Dparo

    Amsoil products

    Feeling this there any interest in Amsoil products? I am a dealer and have been thinking about putting something together for forum members. I see on some other forums that there is “a guy” but not much here. Thoughts?
  3. Dparo

    Shot in the dark but black LX450 seen on the Magruder in September

    I was in the gray 100. I remember it being near the west end of the Magruder and I have no idea why I didn’t ask here sooner, really wanted some details on the build. It was a black LX450, maybe with 37’s? Anyway I’m looking to pick one up, really wanted to know more. Thanks.
  4. Dparo

    RTH: Transfer case noise

    Getting ready to jump on the Lolo Motorway in Montana and wanted to see if I needed to be concerned. I shifted into Low yesterday and now back in High but I can hear some rattling going on at highway speeds when on the gas. If I hold the shifter the noise disappears. I have tried numerous...
  5. Dparo

    Removing the Y-Pipe

    So after installing the DT headers I am looking to remove the Y-Pipe restriction. I am looking at the Flowmaster 70 series that has dual 2.25" inputs with a 3" output. I'd need to use a reducer to make that happen from what it looks like. This would then require the resonator be swapped into...
  6. Dparo

    Platform for 2nd row only

    Maybe my searching is bad but I can’t find anything on just doing the 2nd row area. I can’t do a full platform because I have the full Trekboxx system and don’t need it for sleeping but for either gear or two big dogs. Ideally I’d like to have some sort of barrier extend up to block off the...
  7. Dparo

    Carburetor Rebuilding

    I have a 1987 Ford F250 that I use for the farm. It probably isn't worth much but I am having some problems getting it to run. It gets fuel but won't start. It cranks strong. If I am able to get it started it needs to have the pedal pressure to stay running, which has gotten worse over time...
  8. Dparo

    For Sale  Front and rear speakers from 2007 Land Cruiser

    Removed to upgrade, I know some people prefer to just replace. Working fine when removed. $old shipped US50 for all four.
  9. Dparo

    Second row platform

    Does anyone have a plan for a platform for the second row after removing the seats? Goose Gear makes a cool seat delete but it is pretty expensive and it requires the rear (3rd row) platform which I can't do because of a cabinet system. I was looking to remove the seats to make room for gear...
  10. Dparo

    Looking for a winch for the Slee front bumper

    So their website hasn't really been updated to account for the newer model winches so I emailed to ask about the Warn Zeon 10S. They were not able to verify that it will fit. Would the 10 be enough or should I consider the 12? Thanks.
  11. Dparo

    Has anyone had both the Slee and Dissent rear bumpers?

    I need some answers on install comparisons and general feedback. I have been waiting on the revised Slee bumper but it doesn’t look like it will be released soon and having my spare in the back seat (2nd row) is becoming a literal headache. The newer Dissent looks intriguing but it looks like...
  12. Dparo

    More O2 sensor info needed.

    So my search didn’t show me much but if you try to recover some part numbers one place I found was here... Oxygen Sensor (O2) Part Numbers and Replacement So I ordered the ones with the threads since I wanted to replace the ones that were in the manifolds. But the shop says that they were...
  13. Dparo

    Looking for a mounting solution for electrical in engine bay

    So I have the Slee dual battery tray...which is designed to mount an air compressor on the secondary battery tray. But does anyone know of a solution for mounting the additional control system needed for managing the dual battery system? I found one solution for mounting the Redarc BCDC...
  14. Dparo

    Joined a local HAM group tonight

    Been wanting to do this for some time, recently reading here and some other places pushed me to do it. Group is very old in average age but pretty cool, seemed very helpful and are active in the local community. Testing is free for members as well so I am starting to cram. They are kind of...
  15. Dparo

    For Sale  2006-07 Custom 100 Series Land Cruiser Grille

    I originally picked one with the TOYOTA badge but have decided to buy another option. Not enough can be said for the quality put into these. This comes without powdercoating and as shown. I paid $500 and $50 for shipping and am asking $500 shipped US50. Product can be seen at Grille Designs...
  16. Dparo

    Tool Roll/Bags

    Looking at picking up a couple, wondering if anyone could offer feedback trying to compare these three. ShopRoll - Adventure Tool Company Tool Bag Atlas 46 | products Ideally minimizing sound from tools while driving is high priority.
  17. Dparo

    Slee rear bumper

    Does anyone know what revisions are being made? Hopefully the latches at least as it looks like the other models are receiving that change. I asked but was only told that it was “in development” with no ETA. Eventually I need to make a decision on a direction because I want it done before...
  18. Dparo

    Anyone using X2 Power batteries?

    Searching X2 Power gave a lot of unassociated results. Looking at this one, just did the Slee Primary battery tray upgrade. SLI31AGMDPM - X2Power Premium AGM BCI Group 31M Dual Purpose (Starting/Cycling) Marine & RV Battery at Batteries Plus Bulbs
  19. Dparo

    Passenger firewall grommet restoration

    Ran some wires and the grommet popped off. I have big hands and have been trying to reseat it longer than I care to admit. Didn't see a fix with a search, just not to let it happen, LOL. Ideas? It looks like the white plastic insert should spring free if I could move some clips but it seems...
  20. Dparo

    For Sale  2007 Land Cruiser factory step/sliders and roof rack

    color is Galactic Gray. $50 for everything roof rack has some rubbing from PO and he wasn’t able to remove caps without cracking the tabs from the covers. steps are in good shape, some scuffing. located near Lowell, In.
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