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  1. Giles

    For Sale  1974 HJ45 only 43k Miles LHD

    Hi I have the most original rust free HJ45 can ship to US
  2. Giles

    For Sale  HJ45 LHD 1976 only 70kms

    I have a 1976 HJ45 diesel with only 70kms from new, I sold it 4 years ago and was lucky enough to buy back from the customer. I think there will be very few in the world that are LHD with this little milage. It was originally in the fire service in Portugal where I purchased it from the first...
  3. Giles

    HJ45 LHD Fire truck vintage

    Hi everyone, I am very excited as years ago I sold a vintage diesel Fire Truck that had only done 67kms,,,I always regretted it, well glad to report I just purchased back of the very nice guy I sold it to. Here are some old pictures from when it left me, I will post some new ones when its back...
  4. Giles

    Early fj40 4 speed

    Hi , I have had quite a few RHD early 40s and they have all been 3 speed but I have just purchased a 1973 (of what i like to call MK1 Landcruiser ) and its got a 4 speed and I think a F155 motor is that correct, the truck certainly looks totally origonal (except the fron seats, can somebody help...
  5. Giles

    Brake fitting size

    Hi there I have a new brake Union form my 1968 FJ40 but the old pipe fittings are shot, can anyone tell me what I should be looking for (in the UK)please
  6. Giles

    Brake Union 1968

    Hi there,,anybody know what the OEM part number is for the rear brake Union on a 1968 FJ.
  7. Giles

    Vin number help

    hi all I have a FJ45 I am trying to register in the Uk. The truck came from Austrailia with no documents but I need some info like when it was produced etc. The Vin is fj45316900, can anybody tell me anything from just that?
  8. Giles

    twin carb 1968

    Hi there Need a bit of advice, I have two fj40s one is 1968 and one is 1969., the 1968 one has a twin choke crab on it and I think it is ready to be replaced. Should i try and put the same back on it (what ever it is) or should i just fit something else anyway?? Giles
  9. Giles

    hope you like a good tale!

    this is a USA Garwood boat i found in a barn in the UK, for those that don`t know its the Rolls Royce of boats and this one was in one of the biggest battles of WW2. this picture is her on the anti aircfart gun carriage just as I found her this is a link to an article a US mag kindly posted...
  10. Giles

    increase top speed 1968 f 3speed

    Hi there i have a 3 speed FJ40 which i want to keep sort of standard but it would be a lot more usable if it would go faster on Motorways. I don`t want to put a 5 speed box in and I don`t really want to put massive tires on it. Is there any other way to increase the speed? could you change the...
  11. Giles

    Please help seized

    Hi there please help. I have 1968 FJ40, drove it 3 miles perfect, parked,then could not restart. Basically the engine is somehow seized, I have the plugs out and the starter off. If i tow it in gear the wheels just drag???? anybody got any idea and what i should do next as I am a bit stumped...
  12. Giles

    Land cruiser fire tucks, did they ever make any

    hi there did Toyota ever make fire trucks or where they made by coach builders ?
  13. Giles

    can you fit 1970+ steering box in 1966

    hi there a guy has asked me if he can fit a later steering box to a 1966 FJ40, just at a glance it looks like you could but you would have to change the column. has anyone tied this and is it possible? Giles
  14. Giles

    Wanted  Toyota Chinook

    Hi there bit of a long shot but i thought I would ask,,I am after an early Toyota Chinook camper in very good condition please tell me somebody knows where one is Giles
  15. Giles

    Bj40 on kzj70

    Hi there, I bet this has been asked before but I couldn't find any info. Could you put a bj40 body on a kzj70 rolling chassis, I have seen one for £450 with power steering and it seemed a good way to get PAS and coil springs if its the same wheel base Giles
  16. Giles

    LHD HJ45 Fire Truck

    Hi all I have a strange hobby of buying classic cars I like but most of all i buy Cruisers. This is a truck I just sold and thought you all might want to see some pictures as its the only one I have ever seen just like this. Giles
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