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  1. Toyote

    Harrop Elocker in T100, anyone?

    Love the factory lockers in my 80-series, and would like to bring some of that peace o mind to my T100; rear for sure, maybe both front and rear. I like to simplicity (relatively speaking) of Harrop vs ARB, tho I know ARBs are awesome. Anyone have real world experience with Harrop in their T?
  2. Toyote

    CDN m101 rust repair

    Found me my dream m101 Canadian a couple weeks ago; super solid and original, very clean, not beat to death. There is an area of concern-- on the outside, "passenger" front-- where there is some severe rust through in the external plate just ahead of the fender. The tub and sides inside are...
  3. Toyote

    Wanted  CDN m101- ideally in PNW?

    Making a cast for an m101 in nice to excellent shape that anyone might be considering letting go of... if that's you or know someone who is, I'd love to chat about it. Thanks!
  4. Toyote

    Electrical help: stereo-alarm-etc fuse blowing

    The fuse that controls all the above-- including antenna, lighter, etc-- keeps blowing in my rig. There has been nothing changed, added or subtracted, no work of any kind done on any of these items, and yes, all of them worked flawlessly for years and a gazillion trouble-free miles. Let's...
  5. Toyote

    For Sale  1990 FJ62, 169k miles, very original, second owner; Portland, OR

    Asking $9,500, pretty firm. More pics ›› 1990 FJ62 Story Bought this only about 6 months ago to replace my 80-series (which I thought I was giving to my daughter); that's since changed. I love my 80, and so unfortunately I have to sell as I can't afford to have two LCs. Very original...
  6. Toyote

    h4 bulb burning dim

    I recently upgraded my headlights to some Hella h1/h4s and @slcfj62's fantastic harness. Finally real lights! 3 months in and my driver side h4 started glowing very dim; pulled it and replaced it with new and that side still runs dim w/ the new bulb... just curious what might have made this...
  7. Toyote

    Wanted  FJ62 Stock Front + Rear Bumpers

    In search of front and rear bumpers, stock OEM chrome, in very good to excellent condition—no rust, dents, etc. I can probably re-use my end caps and hardware, but if you have those items, I would be interested too! Thanks much— I'm located in Portland, OR.
  8. Toyote

    Wanted  FJ62 front fenders... red?

    Looking for a pair of straight, rust-free front fenders, driver & passenger, for my 1990 FJ62. Rust. Free. In a perfect world they are stock red color. And maybe even in PNW?
  9. Toyote

    Intermittent CEL + hot plastic smell...

    Haven't looked too far into this, but wondered if this was maybe something familiar to the 60-series crowd... I've noticed this especially when my engine is under load, I'll get a "something's hot/melting" smell and immediately the CEL pops on. Engine seems to run fine, and nothing is overtly...
  10. Toyote

    Wanted  FJ62 driver side, left, FRONT MUDFLAP

    Looking for this unobtainium part for my US FJ62-- driver side, front mudflap, preferably NOS if possible or otherwise excellent condition. Thank you!
  11. Toyote

    Wanted  stock FJ62 stereo (am/fm/cassette) in exc working condn

    I'm weird in that I want to keep my sound all stock. My original unit just died, I'd like to replace it. Anyone have one they don't need or want any more?
  12. Toyote

    For Sale  New DEPO lights, 80-series, $250, Portland, OR

    **NOT FOR SALE** cant edit headline, sorry. Bought these off of (I think) Neodials from eBay at least two years ago and have never opened the shipping box. Brand spankin new. $250 plus shipping?
  13. Toyote

    For Sale  CDN m101 trailer, all stock, new springs (Portland, OR)

    Very sad to have to do this, but sometimes you have to do things in life that suck. My CDN m101 is for sale; will get pics up as soon as I can, but let me hit some of the high points: no dents or structural ugliness; bed is in great shape; all minor surface rust has been treated-- the worst...
  14. Toyote

    Removing old sealer / liner

    Pulled the old beat up fenders off my m101- I'd like some help/POV on how best to get rid of the sealer, kind of caulky stuff, that was between the tub and fender. Heat and scraper? Sandblast that section? It's just me in a driveway so I'm hoping to make some kind of quick work of this so I can...
  15. Toyote

    Painting my CDN m101- how to's?

    Hi all, I'd like to freshen up my trailer. I've treated surface rust with POR15, still need to pull off the old trashed fenders and install an NOS pair, but once that's done, I would like to paint it. Probably keep it OD green. Questions: - Monsta Line the tub? - Monsta Line the tub AND...
  16. Toyote

    For Sale  2 (two) 20L Nato Jerry Cans NOS, plus spout

    Ordered these from Shane/AATLAS1X a while back and won't be using them. These are dusty, maybe have a scratch here or there, but not dented and totally unused. (I wish I would've kept them in the box!) Would much prefer not to ship-- anyone local to Portland interested? $100 for the bunch.
  17. Toyote

    Brake overhaul advice - cdn m101

    My trailer's not going to win any beauty contests but it's super solid. Its got nice patina ;-) As long as I maintain it's "systems"-- lunete, wheels, brakes-- I'm happy. I could use help from my more brake-experienced brothers. I want to keep the lever, cable, brake function as it is, but I...
  18. Toyote

    Wanted  early Toyota 4x4, sr5 — 1986 maybe?

    WTB a 1985-1989 or so. Putting out a feeler... I'd like to have a simple, reliable "other" set of wheels to drive on occasion. I have always loved the 2nd gen trucks — yes, even when they went to IFS — like a 1986 sr5 extended cab or something. Really do not want a project, so something...
  19. Toyote

    For Sale  [OR] first & second row seating, tan leather 80-series

    I replaced the leather on my '97 fzj80 with new from AATLAS1X and have been storing my original leather for a couple years now. No rips or tears, and generally clean (no smells or stains) and in decent shape (even drivers seat); it was just "worn" and I was looking for something new. Would...
  20. Toyote

    Removing EGR mounting bolt

    EDIT: meant to say removing the *stud* Diving into cleaning the throttle body, upper intake and injectors today. Unfortunately rounded off the end of one of the bolts on the EGR mount that connects to upper intake; since I was going to have to trash it to get it out, I dremeled a screwdriver...
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