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  1. mmml4

    Brake caliper bolt torque

    I disassembled my front calipers because I couldn't get the pistons out and now I can't find the torque value for the four bolts that hold the caliper together. Does anyone know the torque value for those bolts? Thanks
  2. mmml4

    HF2AV Temperature Gauge

    I want to add a temperature gauge to my transfer case but I don't know the best way to get the sender in the oil. What says the mud community.
  3. mmml4

    Wanted  WTB 1997 LC front bump stop

    I need both bump stop/cone things, complete assemblies for a 1997 Land Cruiser front axle shipped to 35601. Thanks John
  4. mmml4

    Wanted  WTB frame side steering damper mount 1997 80 series LC

    I need the frame side steering damper mount that will fit a 1997 80 series Land Cruiser, please PM me. John
  5. mmml4

    HF2AV Temperature question

    I pulled my truck into the garage to work on the vent hoses on the t-case/tranny and the t-case was so hot I could only leave my hand on it for a minute or less. Is this normal? I had just driven it to the drug store right after getting home from work which is 12 miles and about 50% of that...
  6. mmml4

    HF2AV rear output housing problem

    I purchased the A343F/HF2AV for my 4runner and did not notice this bit of damage. I do not need the speed sensor. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this short of a new housing? :cheers:
  7. mmml4

    Viscous coupler, good or bad

    I put a transmission/tranfercase from a 97 LC into my 99 4runner. When I took it for a test drive I forgot to lock the CDL (no front drive shaft yet) but it still moved and made it around the block and back to the garage but very slowly. Should the truck of moved at all and does that speak to...
  8. mmml4

    A343F valve body question

    I had to remove my valve body assembly from the transmission casing so I could swap the manual valve lever shaft, it connects the shifter linkage to the park neutral switch. I was wondering if it is a must to replace the valve body gasket or can I reuse it because I did not separate the upper...
  9. mmml4

    need transmission picture

    I bought an A343F out of a 97 Land Cruiser and the vent hoses on the transfer case/transmission are damaged and some are missing. I need a pic of the transmission from the top if anyone has one so I can get it ready to go into my 99 4runner. Thanks in advance. :cheers:
  10. mmml4

    front drive shaft question

    I need some help with my 4runner project even though its not a Land Cruiser it does have Land Cruiser axles, transmission and transfer-case. I have about 19-1/2" of separation between flanges and 5" of offset at rest in my front drive shaft, 1 degree at the t-case \...
  11. mmml4

    Wanted  80 series wiring harness

    The wiring harness that comes from the transmission/transfercase has two large connectors on it that plug into the engine harness IIRC. I need the two mating connectors from the engine harness and a few inches of wire to go with them or the entire engine harness. I don't know what year...
  12. mmml4

    Wanted  CDL relay/module

    I need the CDL relay/module that will work with my 97 LC transfercase. Would also like the wiring harness from the relay to the tcase.
  13. mmml4

    Need wiring diagram, please help

    I need the pin out/wiring diagram of the connector on the wiring harness that comes from the CDL/transfer case. I am using the transmission/transfer case from a 97 Land Cruiser in my 99 4runner and need to build controls for it. ThanksJohn
  14. mmml4

    Wanted  80 series parking brake cable

    Part needed to fit a 1996 FZJ80. I need the parking brake cable assembly and all mounting hardware including the handle in the console to where it connects at each end of the rear end. Shipped to 35601 Thanks
  15. mmml4

    Wanted  80 series rear bumpstop/cone

    I need the bumpstop/cone that is located in the rear coilsprings. :cheers: John
  16. mmml4

    For Sale  LX450 3rd row seats

    96 LX450 3rd row seats, same color as these. They are yours if you will come and get them in Decatur,AL.
  17. mmml4

    need opinions on this grease

    What do you think about this grease for packing the birfield and knuckle? Mobilgrease XHP 460 Series
  18. mmml4

    Prado information please

    I was doing research on my 4runner project and ran across some information that I would like to verify. I am going to be using the A343F/HF2AV from an 80 series Land Cruiser in my 4runner. The information I found said that the Prado uses the A343F behind the 3.4 liter 5VZ-FE V6, can anyone...
  19. mmml4

    Need a Cruiser mechanic

    I have a friend with a 1997 LC that is in need of a mechanic in the Decatur/Huntsville AL area to do a full service on the front axle and some other things. If you know of any please let me know. :cheers: John
  20. mmml4

    insurance settlement

    1996 LX450 170,000 miles in great shape, all stock. My son put the LX450 on its top via utility pole guy wire :mad: . My question is for those who have totaled their LC/LX, what did you settle for from the insurance company or what should I expect.
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