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  1. interactivebagel

    Favorite campsites around Moab

    So we're planning a trip to Moab and I'm looking for campsite suggestions. We like camping in more remote areas where you're not slammed up against a neighboring campsite. Any and all suggestions welcome. Post pics if you've got 'em!
  2. interactivebagel

    Gap size between rear ABS sensors and sensor rotor teeth

    Just did my rear wheel hubs: bearings, seals, races, etc. and I noticed that the DS hub went on much easier than the PS hub. On the passenger side I really had to force the hub to the back of the spindle and tighten the bearing lock nut. The oil seals at the inner bearings were identical...
  3. interactivebagel

    Schofield Pass in CO closed due to rockslide

    Glad I got this one in last year! Here's the article:
  4. interactivebagel

    Rear Wiper Relay Fix

    Turning on the rear wiper using the steering column switch on my '96 was always a crap shoot as to whether the wiper would actually begin to function as it should. Four winters I have put up with this wishy and not washy garbage. No longer! I did perform all the tests proscribed by the FSM, and...
  5. interactivebagel

    Line-X'd LC owners question

    Putting Line-X on at least the sides of the LC just makes absolute sense to me. I'm just wondering how it looks over time, and how does it clean up after a muddy day? Does it clean up back to new looking? What do you guys use to clean it? A pressure washer? I've never owned anything with Line-X...
  6. interactivebagel

    New Tires and The Possibility of Redemption

    One year ago today I was in Bismarck, ND running some errands. I was trying to get to the Tractor Supply Co to buy a new pulley wheel for my neighbor's craftsman riding lawn mower and realized I had missed my turn. I pulled off on to a narrow frontage road, and thought I could maximize my U-turn...
  7. interactivebagel

    onlinetires -- Any good?

    Does anyone have any experience with these guys? Their prices are really low. Almost low enough to cause suspicion. I'm looking for Toyo OC AT2s. Discount tire direct doesn't have them.
  8. interactivebagel

    Toyo Open Country R/T Coming Soon

    So stoked to see an M/T A/T hybrid from Toyo, but I'm not holding my breath for a lot of sizes in 16s. Still looks pretty sweet!
  9. interactivebagel

    Finally: A coolant flush, new hoses, and PHH

    I know I shouldn't have procrastinated on this, but I did. Now, having done it, I know why I did. Changing out that PHH was the worst job I've done on the LC to date. :) All those hoses up next to the firewall were challenging, but now it's done and hopefully will never have to do it again. I...
  10. interactivebagel

    Radiator cooling system flush

    Just cross referencing another forum for cooling system flushing info and came across this gem I wanted to share. There are links on ingredients and an MSDS sheet for a Gunk flushing agent. Guess I'm not gonna use Prestone any more.
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