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  1. badzj999

    For Sale  N.VA - 1992 LHD 1KZT Swapped LJ77

    I am feeling a little hesitant posting this, but I am probably going to make the move to a more modern 200 series after this sale due the arrival of my first child. 1992 LJ77 (1992 was last year of the LJ/2LTE but this is a 1KZT swapped 77) Located in Northern Virginia. What you see is...
  2. badzj999

    SOLD  1992 HZJ73 - Arlington, VA

    Asking price is $27,000. For sale is a 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ73. This is a very rare European import with essential left hand drive that was never offered in the US. This Land Cruiser was imported last year and has slowly been restored by myself to the condition it currently sits in. I...
  3. badzj999

    For Sale  Arlington, VA: 15" Deerfield 2 piece wheels w/ 33x10.5x15 BFG All Terrains

    I have a set of JDM 15" Deerfield 2 piece wheels that came off of an imported Land Cruiser KZJ77. I removed these because they required spacers to fit a 70 series Land Cruiser. They have 4 slightly used BFG All Terrain KO3s that are 33x10.5x15. These tires have 12/32 tread left which means they...
  4. badzj999

    SOLD  3B and H55F

    Pulled the 3B from my 1987 BJ73 to swap with a 1HDT. Nothing wrong with the 3B, ran the engine for 2 years up and down I-95 with no issue. The engine has 272,000 km on it. The transmission is the same as the engine, everything works as it should. This came out of a 12v vehicle so the glow plug...
  5. badzj999

    Wanted  Rear Euro Bumper and Tail Lights

    Looking for a factory black European spec rear bumper and tail lights. Let me know if you've got them. Thanks.
  6. badzj999

    For Sale  Ebay - 1987 BJ73 in VA

    1987 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay
  7. badzj999

    Rust Repair and Paint Shop Recommendations

    I am looking for a good body shop that will do rust repair (rocker and fenders, I have the patch panels) in Northern Virginia. Every place I have called seems to be production type body/collision work and won't touch rust. I am in Arlington but won't mind going elsewhere in NOVA to a reliable shop.
  8. badzj999

    Wanted  BJ/HZJ 73 Interior Roll Cage and Seat Belt Connections

    I am looking for un to (2) interior roll cages for a 73 series Land Cruiser. Either a BJ73 or HZJ73 cage should work and hopefully will include the seat belt attachment points. Please let me know If you have any take off cages lying around. Thanks.
  9. badzj999

    BJ73 front drive shaft not engaging in 4low

    I have an 88 BJ73 with a 3B 5 speed and I am not getting the front driveshaft to engage in 4low. If I shift the transfer case into 4high the front tires get power but if I drop it into 4low I am only getting rear axle power. The 4x4 shift light is engaging in the dash. Anyone dealt with this before?
  10. badzj999

    BJ 73 Rain Cover That Fits

    Just wanted to share if anyone is looking for a rain cover for their BJ/HZJ 73 the Smittybilt Full Climate Jeep Cover product #825 for the Wrangler LJ Unlimited (long wheelbase 2 door Wrangler built from 2004-2006) works almost perfectly. Both the LJ and 73 model Toyotas share the same...
  11. badzj999

    70 Series Rear Bench Seat Compatibility

    I am trying to figure out if there are rear bench seats from more widely available Land Cruiser series that will fit a BJ71 and or HZJ73? I have both vehicles and they never came with the rear bench. I found an Ebay ad for FJ62 seats that states they will fit a BJ70 but I have no way of...
  12. badzj999

    Wanted  70 Series Rear Bench Seats

    Looking for rear bench seats for (3) 70 series Cruisers. I have a 1992 HZJ 73, 1991 HZJ 73 and a 1987 BJ 71 and I am looking for rear bench seats for all 3. These all came from Europe without the seats and I would like to have them in these vehicles. Let me know if you have some or know where to...
  13. badzj999

    Importing from Portugal

    I have been lurking around for a while and feel I need to ask some questions about a vehicle I am trying to purchase in Portugal. Has anyone had experience importing a vehicle from a private seller in Portugal and importing the vehicle back here to the States? Do you run everything through the...
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