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  1. augirthedude

    1HZ Coolant leak

    Running a 1HZ in my 60 . Everything works well, I have a miniscule coolant leak at the front of the engine, between the cylinder head and engine block . No noticeable coolant has been lost but evidence of the leak is quite apparent. Is there a re torque procedure Im not aware of? The FSM...
  2. augirthedude

    Wanted  FJ 60 LF seat frame

    seat frame needed with seat back . Good hinge and seat back rachet .. upholstery unimportant but integrity of frame is.
  3. augirthedude

    1HZ Turbo Vendors , recommendations

    I recently installed a 1HZ into my FJ 60, I live at altitude and have come to conclusion that a turbo should have been included at the time of install . I am looking for recommendations of from whom to order the turbo kit from? There are many kits available specific to the 80 series, but no kits...
  4. augirthedude

    Propeller shafts...

    I’ve got some rear drive shaft issues ... slip yoke splines have some play ... after 300,000 miles I’d expect the wear. I’ve got new u joints but after looking around on line there is no definitive source for a complete new factory like replacement that I could find . I’m going down to drive...
  5. augirthedude

    For Sale  2F engine and H42 Transmission

    1986 2F engine . Running engine with good compression 120-125 psi, uses 1 quart of oil every 1500 miles , Webber carb , 6 into 1 header exhaust. alternator , starter , distributor , igniter/ coil desmogged , newer factory OEM PSpump with 20000 miles on it, smog pump eliminator idler with spare...
  6. augirthedude

    Injector leakage pipe gaskets for 1HZ

    Looking for a source of of these seals/gaskets, for a 1HZ , seals the leakage/ return pipe on top of the injector . any help with a part number would be appreciated .
  7. augirthedude

    Wanted  1HZ Header Pipe

    Looking for a 1HZ Header pipe. Can be cut. Just need to adapt to new exhaust system. Exhaust ring gasket is 9091706059
  8. augirthedude

    FJ 60 F to 1HZ

    1HZ finally bolted in the 60 !
  9. augirthedude

    Transfer case rebuild ...fuzzy memory and no reference in FSM.

    Any Ideas where this oil slinger goes ... I am using the FSM and it is not referenced in the text . It slides onto a splined shaft .. It was in the transfer case since it was in that parts bin... any help would be appreciated .
  10. augirthedude

    H55 conversion, transfer case front housing 10 mm bolt mounting bolt

    86 fj60 H42 to H55 trans Transfer case front housing, There are 3 internal 12 mm x long mounting bolts to attach the front transfer case housing to the rear of the h55 trans . There is or was another 10mm bolt that bolted thru the transfer case housing to the rear of the transmission...
  11. augirthedude

    For Sale  86 FJ 60 2F with 4speed

    86 FJ 60 Engine 2F Complete engine assy With 4 speed trans Just pulled this out for diesel conversion, de smogged, Webber carb, 6 in to one header , distributer , igniter, flywheel, clutch At least a 100,000 mile engine. Even compression @ 125 psi, no noises oil changed religiously at 4000...
  12. augirthedude

    Diesel conversion from 2F to 1HZ

    Making the change to diesel by installing a 1HZ with a H55 trans into my 86 FJ60. Any one out that has done this conversion... any advice or suggestions are welcome.
  13. augirthedude

    Replacement Antenna

    My original OEM antenna has finally broken . I am looking for a replacement more fitting an off road vehicle and will mount in the same location ( right fender) and fill the same hole where the original was mounted. I have done some searching on the interweb but have found nothing that I find...
  14. augirthedude

    On road trip need help in Kanab Utah

    86 FJ60 need rear lug studs ASAP anyone know some contacts here?
  15. augirthedude

    Temp front heater core bypass solution ?

    I just want to bypass the front heater core due to it is leaking ... I need the rig to run for the next two weeks until I can get back to the home base for permanent repairs and obtain a heater core . Does anyone have any sugestions which vendor supplies a quality heater core that is worthy to...
  16. augirthedude

    Front Axle; Disc Backing Plate, Brake Line Union Elbow

    This has got to be one of the worse engineering solutions I have seen, the elbow union that is bolted/ riveted to the brake backing plate . I am doing a knuckle service and it is possible to get the backing plate off while still connected to the flexible brake hose , I have some new hoses and...
  17. augirthedude

    Next Step; H-55 and Lockers, What axle ratio will make me happy?

    (86 FJ60)I finally have made up my mind to do the 5 speed conversion. since my rear diff (3.70) is a little worn and loose I would also find it would be a good time to replace my stock diff with a locker. I have read it would be advisable to have 4.11 ratio's in my axles if I were to convert to...
  18. augirthedude

    Fuel pump return line?

    Fuel pump return line? what is the purpose of this? I am installing an electric fuel pump this is why the question. My first thought is to keep the cool fuel from the tank circulating in the engine compartment to prevent gas vapor in the fuel lines.
  19. augirthedude

    Caliper bolts?

    Ok Im having a bad day .... Two days ago I had a front axle brake job done at a local shop, I supplied the factory rotors and pads ...I drove away feel ing good and the truck stopping great .. tonite while making a trip to town a grinding noise alerted me to stop and check out what was going on...
  20. augirthedude

    For Sale  86 FJ60 Rear Bumper

    86 FJ60 Rear Bumper W/ brackets OEM used in used shape, chrome is in great condition , bumper ends have some cosmetic scars, but still shows well ..... make offer ! location is in greer AZ FOB. Pics on request.. PM "augirthedude" on this forum.
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