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  1. Aragorn

    Does anyone have a spring compressor I can borrow?

    I am doing the suspension on my truck and I was wondering if anyone has some I can borrow. I have heard the ones that you can rent from Autozone are not the best especially for long springs.
  2. Aragorn

    Cutting a propane tank?

    Have you guys ever had any experience cutting propane tanks. I am making a forge and I bought a used 25 gallon propane tank. I would prefer not blowing myself up, I filled it with water and drained it twice. Does anyone have experience? Thanks! Joe
  3. Aragorn

    Couple days left to buy a Baofeng Radio before they are banned.

    Just an FYI there is only a couple more days left before the Baofeng radios are banned for sale in the US. More info below: Maybe some of you guys have some good input. Anytime the government want to ban something, I am usually...
  4. Aragorn

    Cummins Repower Survey

    So I have been dreaming of having a diesel Land Cruiser since I got my 1997 FZJ80 about 2 years ago. I have done a decent amount of research and it doesn't seem super feasible to swap a perfectly good running 1FZE engine for a diesel that might be a huge headache, twice the original cost ($) I...
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