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    For Sale  B engine 1979 rebuilt with rebuilt diesel pump

    I try to find someone that need a rebuilt B engine with rebuilt diesel pump from a 1979 BJ40 24 volts. New piston, piston sleeves, bearing, machined oil pump, I have a set of timing gear from a 3B. Rebuilt 24 volts alternator. New water pump. Power steering bracket (home made) New seal, new...
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    B engine Highway trouble

    Juste before my 6.2 Gm swap. I want to have some clues about my B engine. I rebuild injector, diesel pump and motor. so the complet engine is like new. When I run on highway, I have high EGT temps 1100F at 100km/h 2200rpm. (often talk about it) When I put my transmission to neutral on...
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    Wanted  Need : input shaft H55 from F or 2H

    I need and input shaft from a F or 2H engine... 10 spline coarse.I can exchange If someone need a h55 fine spline input shaft. I have many other part. like bellhousing, transmission,body mount 79 and less etc for exchange
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    Input shaft H42 10-corse to H55 21-fine

    I will put a Ranger torque splitter in my BJ40... My B engine don't turn my 33'' tire enough and always have my high EGT at 60m/h. So I change my engine in the same time to a 6.2 379CI GM diesel engine. I have two of those engine for 200$ and share the same bolt pattern then a 350 if I'm not...
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    6.2l GM V8 to H55F

    Already have a 6.2l V8 gm and H55F lying on the ground. I saw a marks adaptor for Bj40 B engine. Did some of you did the swap ? B to GM V8 Dieseler 6.2L pre 86 I'll buy the adaptor shortly and want to know what I need to buy to fit this kit. I read a leat 10 tread about it.. but I don't...
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    Ajust Fuel Setting

    How do I ajust Fuel on my turbo B engine ?? I can turn the screw at max Fuel and smell diesel. My pyro go really fast at 1300F. Turn It to Lower Fuel setting possible and motor run weak but EGT go to 1300F slower but certainly. Never I can have like other of you with a right foot on metal and...
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    hi-steer for SUA 4'' lift

    The Bj40 1979 have 4'' lift from leaf and 2'' lift from shackle. When road have rail and hole in it.. (every road in Quebec) the truck go left and right. I change tie-rod, knuckle bearing, idle arm etc... put a power steering Everything is good and new and that change nothing. So do I need to...
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    reverse ajusting screw

    How does it work ? anybody have an idea ? What does this adjustement
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    H55F reverse trouble !

    I remove my transmission and open the cover. I saw that the reverse gear and the one the slide in it way a little bit worn.. The gear is round at a corner. Do I have to adjust it or it's when someone try to put it in reverse when he was not completly stop ?
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    Turbo Lack of Air

    After the installation of my new turbo, I can't reach 60m/h and the engine EGT was way to high. (1300F) at 50m/h. 8psi boost Running strong below 40m/h and 750-950F ,4psi boost The last turbo was the same exaust turbine A/R (.49)size but bigger intake A/R ratio(.60 and now .42). I don't see...
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    Turbo EGT SPEC B serie Engine

    Just to know if I'm in spec, what's your EGT number when you run with your modified B series turbo engine. My B engine run without turbo between 650F at 40m/h and 950 F at 60m/h With my last turbo ; .49 exaust .60 intake, 5-10psi boost 750 40m/h and 1000F max 60m/h With my turbo ; .49...
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    were is your license plate without your door?

    The title tell all want a need to know. I remove the hardtop and ambulance dort. Now were do I put the license plate. Do you have some pic ?
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    24 volts regulator

    I bought a 24volts regulator from 4wheelauto last year. A transpo with a green, red and the cassing for the ground. Does anybody know witch one from the red or green is the current and witch one is the on/off switch for the alternator ?
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    B and 3B difference

    engine B 1979 engine 3B 1984 I rebuild a B engine and trying to do the same on a 3B... I know that a post show the pieces that is the same on the two engine but I have some trouble finding it. I'll tell you some difference between those engine. B engine ... 3 bearing camshaft, really...
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    24 volts glow plug controller

    I need some advise with those controller. I don't have any controller on my BJ40. I want to build one with a little 8 pins microcontroller of microchip(I have the programmer with mplab ide and ccs compiler), a LM317 for 5 volts regulation, an tl081 (amplifier) to driver my 24 volts 40 amp...
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    Injector pipe B engine

    I need to replace the injector pipe that come from the fuel pump to the third injector. It look's to be made really strong. Does a Diesel shop do this kind of pipe or I really need to find one used to replace it ? I have a B engine 1979.
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    Camshaft Bearings

    It's appear that the B and 3B engine have only 1 size camshaft bearing. Si how can you rebuild your camshaft ? Do I need to buy a new one or some compagnie do bearings with different thickness ?
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    External Oil pump

    Just thinking of that.. Can I put a external oil pump on my BJ40. Just in case that I need it. Like the electrical water pump some people have to be sure that the mecanical water pump is not broke. I look many treads... without any answer. My pressure look good. 5 psi idle, 28 psi at...
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    H55F oil spray trouble

    I just finish the installation of my H55F with T-case. I do a 30 miles run and the T-case is empty of oil and spray all that s*** on my diff. I first think that my diff seal blow but I see that it's come from an hole that is 1 inch up the flange that hold the drive shaft on the Tcase... It's...
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    H42 to H55F (Driveshaft mod)

    Have a H42 4 speed but I will replace it with a H55f Shortly. Need to know How I need to modifie the driveshaft to fit my need's ? I need to know it before I start the mod because it's my only truck . I need it to go at school each week. All part need to be ok when I do It. I know that...
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