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    fj60 engine upgrade question. gen v

    found a good deal on a wrecked 2014 gen v 5.3 with a little over 40k miles. has anyone done one of these with the stock 4 speed and transfer case? couldn't find anything on the gen v on here unless im searching it incorrectly. and didn't see an adapter from aa for the gen v. I also am...
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    Parting Out  looking for fj60 or fj62 hood

    wondering if any one has a hood that is in good shape between fort Collins Colorado and Amarillo texas. we travel there and back often to visit son. thanks
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    help with temp control adjustment

    the switch will go all the way to the cold side but wont go past about midway back to the heat side. is it a cable that operates it and if so is it a universal part or oem only.. got nothing in my search
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    What bolts are used for third row seats

    Does any one know what bolt and length that is used to bolt third row seats down on the inside fender well.
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    Help sourcing a rebuild kit for h55

    i have a list of bearings my transmission guy needs to rebuild a five speed tranny I bought on mud. Can anyone point me in the right direction for either the bearings or a complete rebuild kit
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    Bad coolant leak

    can someone give me some help I have a bad coolant leak on my 93. It seems to be coming from towards the back of the engine. On my old 99 there was a small t fitting if I remember correctly that was the usual culprit. You mud guys sent me what I needed and was able to get the part from a...
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    Need input on which tranny solenoid this is.

    My shop has narrowed down the shifting issue to a bad solinoid. Can some one tell me which one this is. I have a pict of the one he says needs to be replaced but can't figure out how to upload the image. I can email you guys the pict if someone can send me their email address. Or a link...
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    Shifting issues.

    Transmission is skipping 2nd gear. Checked the connections that was listed on here and confirmed its electrical. From the transmission guy working on it. It has a code 63 in it which is a broke wire or a short but doesn't explain why the shift indicator goes off in drive I'm at a loss it...
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    fsm for h55f

    so I have tried searching this on here and also on yahoo. is there a specific fsm for this transmission and if so can some one tell me where I can purchase one.
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    Wanted  h55f top plate and or shifter

    looking for a top plate for the h55f that will be used on a late model year 86 fj60 as well as the shifter. or if someone knows a part number if they can still purchased new from toyota
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    h55f rebuild diagram

    does any one know where to find one of these. I searched the site but I did not find one
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    parts to rebuild transmission

    where is the best source to get parts for the transmission in a 93' and also parts for the five speed Toyota transmission. cant remember the number on it but its the one people replace the four speed with in the 40's and 60's
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    thermostat help

    cant get heater to blow hot air. heater core is not clogged and we replaced the water pump and new thermostat but my mechanic is asking if there should be a different thermostat then what oreillys sold us
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    oil leak behind cam gear

    can anyone tell me if the cam gear is pressed on or keyed? my mechanic is saying we need to get the cam and crank gears off to get to the plate that needs to be removed so we can stop the oil leak.
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    shop recomendation that does v8 conversions

    I am wondering if anyone could recommend a shop in Texas, new mexico, or Colorado that would do a v8 conversion.
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    need model number for bilsteins.

    have a 86 fj60 with a 2.5" ome lift. what bilsteins would I need to get, and would anyone know the collapsed and extended length of the front and rear shock. also any input on icon 2.0 and 2.5 shocks main use is daily driver with very mild occasional off road use.
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    Wanted  ac condensor and line

    I am needing an ac condenser and the aluminum line that comes off of it.
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    a/c condensor and line

    can anyone give me a supplier for the condenser and aluminum line for an 86 fj 60
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    front hubs are shot

    is there a rebuild kit available for the oem hubs or is it better to spend $195 for warn replacement hubs
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    Wanted  3rd row seats in grey for a 99

    I will be coming to winter park Colorado soon and would like to locate some seats on my way between Amarillo texas and there. just let me know if you have something and where you are located and what you would need for them.
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