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  1. landonridge

    U-Joint Repalcement

    With my new lift and the slight vibration, I have decided to swap out the u-joints on the front drive shaft. What is the best option for U-Joints? OEM, Spicer, other???? I figured if I remove the drive shaft, might as well go ahead and replace. It has 200k miles on them.
  2. landonridge

    Doors Lock when rear hatch is opened...

    Does anyone else have a cruise where the doors lock and the lights come on when you open the rear hatch? I assume this is some type of security function. Is there a way to turn it off?
  3. landonridge


    I have a set of the stock 16" alloy wheels coming but they do not have the lugs. Where can i get the correct lugs for these wheels? I haven't decide if in going with the chrome or black. Thanks for the help!!!!
  4. landonridge

    New OME Lift now slight vibration

    I recently installed a 2.5" OME lift on my 96 Cruiser. Now between 10-15mph there is a slight vibration that feels like is in the front end. It could be the tires as the front two are ready for the trash and im about to pull the trigger on some new ones but I just wanted to see if there was...
  5. landonridge

    Rear Door Courtsey Light Covers

    Does anyone know if you can buy just the clear covers for the rear door courtesy lights? These are located at the bottom of the door and both of mine are cracked. Maybe a part number that I could order from? Thanks in advance
  6. landonridge

    rear hatch lock adjustment??

    So I just finished up changing the actuator because the arm was broken and I replaced one of the plastic bar clops that was broken. Everything seems to be working but now with I hit the power lock, it seems to activate but it doesn't push the lock quite far enough to lock. If I physically push...
  7. landonridge

    Door open/ Interior lights come on when making a hard left turn????

    Has anyone had a problem with the door ajar light coming on and the interior light above the second row seat coming on when making a hard left turn? Sometime it also sounds like the door try and lock/unlock. I have checked all of the doors and they are closed. Any idea what may be causing this?
  8. landonridge

    Best Place to buy Parts

    Im needing to order some new parts for my 1996 Cruiser... POWER STEERING PUMP STARTER VALVE COVER GASKET OIL PUMP COVER GASKET SPARK PLUG WIRES & PLUGS AND RUBBER SEALS ON TEH HEAD I MAY BE MISING SOME ITESM THAT I NEED. Where is the best place to order these? I used to get them from Cruiser...
  9. landonridge

    Fluid Leak i missing anything??

    I'm getting ready to work on several fluid leaks that I have had on my 96 FZJ cruiser. I have 195K miles and its my dd. Here is a list of what I plant to do and I wanted to make sure I'm not missing an opportunity to fix something while I'm there. VALVE COVER GASKET SPARK PLUG SEALS OIL...
  10. landonridge

    Break Issue

    I recently had my breaks replaced. they work fine other than when I have to hit them quickly and hard. The pedal is stiff and I have hardly any breaks. The pads and break booster were replaced. Any idea what could cause this?
  11. landonridge

    Rear Ceiling speaker Grills

    I had posted this a while back but haven't been able to find anything that might work. Does anyone know if a fix to hold the rear ceiling mounted speaker grill in and keep them from falling out?
  12. landonridge

    Front Door Loose Pocket Fix

    Both of the pockets at the bottom of the front doors are loose. It looks like the screw holes in the pockets have stripped out and they flop around. Does anyone have a good fix for this?
  13. landonridge

    Cruiser Parts

    I'm needing to purchase several parts for my 96 cruiser. I'm looking for the best place to get OME parts. I used cruiserdan but I believe he doesn't do that anymore. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. landonridge

    Rear Passenger Door Lock Issues

    The rear passenger door on my 96 cruiser will not lock and unlock with the buttons. it will work it if move the switch with my hand. All of my other doors work fine. Ay idea what may be causing this and how to fix? Thanks for any help!!
  15. landonridge

    SOLD  North Carolina (Charlotte) 1995FJZ80 Factory Tripled Locked w/ blown headgasket

    1995 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER FJZ80 FACTORY TRIPLE LOCKED PRICE: $2000 OBO MILES: 337,000 VEHICLE HAS A BLOWN HEAD GASKET LOCATION: CHARLOTTE NC This has been my daily driver for over 14 years. It is triple locked from the factory. No rust on the vehicle and no body damage. It was repainted 7 years...
  16. landonridge

    Possible blown Head Gasket

    Yesterday my car started idling very rough on the way into work. I decided to wait try and just take it back home after work and figure out what was going on. When I left the office, it was still idling very rough and white some was pouring out of the exhaust. This continued to come and go...
  17. landonridge

    Hum Noise identification..........

    My 1995 LC has developed a humming noise this seems to be coming from the front area of the cruiser. I can hear it at lower speeds but it is more noticeable around 50-60mph. It does go away when I let off of the accelerator and when I go over a hump in the road. Going uphill makes the noise...
  18. landonridge

    Lift paralysis by analysis!!!!

    I'm ready to pull the trigger on installing a lift on my 1996 fj80. I want to get the highest clearance without having to worry about brake lines or drive shafts. I plant to install an ARB front with a winch and hopefully a rear with a tire carrier. I will also have a roof basket. I plant to...
  19. landonridge

    Possible knuckle issues

    I had noticed a large amount of grease on the inside of my front driver side wheel. Last week when my son pulled the car into the drive I saw some smoke coming from that area. I'm thinking that I need to rebuild the joints but just wanted to make sure that its needed and that adding more...
  20. landonridge

    Wanted  REAR Hatch Emblem non OEM.

    Im looking for an aftermarket rear land cruiser emblem for the rear hatch. I don't want to pay the price for OEM. Please let me know if there are any available.
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