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  1. MrBaconjr

    For Sale  Weber Redline Rotary Electric Fuel Pump

    New in box, your for $50+ shipping.
  2. MrBaconjr

    Feleena from Far West Texas

    I’ve owned a LOT of cars and trucks over the years (somewhere around 40), starting with a Triumph Spitfire in college, and then through a series of trucks, SUVs, and European sports cars and wagons. Been a while since I have owned a vintage machine- buddy of mine got a built up 80, which...
  3. MrBaconjr

    Distributor stuck

    Any pointers on unsticking distributor? Not trying to remove it, just want to adjust timing, but can't get it to rotate. I have loosened the bolt, and applied penetrating oil to no avail. Any ideas on how to (safely for the dizzy) get it loose?
  4. MrBaconjr

    Dropping gas tank. Just a bit.

    Working through a bunch of issues on my 1985 FJ60- just got the wagon about 2 weeks ago, and while the cosmetics are great, the mechanicals side needs a bit of work. New starter (reman OEM), alternator (NOS 55 amp), starter switch, valve cover gasket, new fluids all around, heavy duty battery...
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