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  1. Skiime

    Icon wheel offset question...I know, I know.

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've done anything new to my truck, so I've decided to finally pull the trigger on some new wheels, and it just so happens, AncientMariner recently posted the exact wheels I want on my same color LC, so thanks for letting me steal your pic! I've still got the...
  2. Skiime

    Head unit cuts out

    Hey guys, I couldn't find any another threads about this, but maybe someone has had the same issue. It started out happening just once or twice over a few months, but now it seems like maybe once a week or so, my head unit just cuts out, or turns off and then turns right back on again. Nothing...
  3. Skiime

    Front bumper options that aren't too big

    Okay, so I got some lemons the other day, and now I'm thinking about making some lemonade. :) Was driving down the interstate when a "yuge" piece of truck tire smashed into my front bumper. It didn't cause too much damage, but enough to where I'll probably go through my insurance to get it...
  4. Skiime

    Anyone use LEDs for your high beam?

    Hey, it's been a while since I've done much research on LEDs for headlight replacement bulbs. Has anyone swapped their high beams for LEDs? I'm not very happy with the output of the current halogen bulbs, so I'm wondering if LEDs are brighter? I've noticed two different types. Some have some...
  5. Skiime

    Totally random, parked next to my old truck

    So, we were out killing Christmas trees last weekend and of course on the way back, the wife wants to stop at the outlet mall. I drop her off and start looking for a place to park, when what to my wandering eyes should appear, but my old 4Runner in the first parking of course I had to...
  6. Skiime

    Key Fob issues

    Has anyone here had any issues with their key fob? Lately I've had intermittent problems where I wasn't able to lock or unlock the door, and often I would have to touch the fob to the start button to start the car. Obviously my first thought was to change the battery, but after doing so, I'm...
  7. Skiime

    Need your tire opinions again

    Okay, so I'm still at a conundrum with my I mentioned, I got the 2" lift on, and am totally happy with that. I decided to go with the 295/70/18 Nitto G2's on the stock wheels, and I need some opinions on what you would do. My issue is that the tires do rub the lower control arm just...
  8. Skiime

    Anyone on here with California plates in Atlanta today?

    So I know this is a long shot, but I was having lunch today and noticed a sweet gray LC pulled up with front and rear ARB bumpers with California plates. I was going to go talk to the guy, but he left before I got over there. I was eating at Heirloom BBQ in the Cumberland area of Atlanta, so...
  9. Skiime

    Finally got my lift on w/new tires (long post)

    Okay, so after however long I've been talking about it, I finally got my lift and sliders on...well, actually I've had the lift for a few weeks now, but finally got some new rubber last week. I ended up going with the Ironman 2" Foamcell lift and went with the WhiteKnuckle sliders. I couldn't...
  10. Skiime

    A/C won't turn off

    So, really strange, when I push off, the A/C no longer turns off. It still works fine, and I can change the temp and fan, but just won't turn off. I guess I'll just take it to the dealer, but has anyone seen this issue before?
  11. Skiime

    Drum brakes on Tacoma??

    Sorry, I know this is off topic from this forum, but I was just reading the article on the front page about the 2016 Tacoma, and it says that it comes with rear drum brakes? That seems insane to me that Toyota would ever put something so old tech on a brand new truck. I understand cost...
  12. Skiime

    Anyone tried a TRD brake kit?

    Just curious, has anyone here ever upgraded to a TRD brake kit? I'll admit, as poser as it might be, I love the way the red calipers look. I don't really have any "need" per say for this, but dang it looks cool. I'm not even sure if it will fit the 200, but...
  13. Skiime

    Wheel well difference between 100 and 200

    Hey, does anyone know if there's a big difference in clearance in the front wheel wells between the 100 and 200? Did they make the 200 a little tighter, or do you think they're about the same?
  14. Skiime

    About to pull the trigger on my lift

    So after way too much tire kicking, literally and figuratively, I'm about to pull the trigger on lifting the LC and getting some sliders. I've pretty much decided on the Iron Man 2" foam cell lift with the Light Racing UCA. I've been going back and forth on the sliders, but I really like the...
  15. Skiime

    Anyone with a green LC with bumper at Orange Beach this weekend?

    So I saw a sweet green LC with front bumper at Orange Beach this had MS plates. Was that anyone here? I thought It may have been MScruiser, but I don't think he has a bumper on his. I couldn't get a good look at the side, so I didn't see what wheels it had.
  16. Skiime

    Will 305/65 fit on stock wheels?

    Hey guys, so I think I'm finally going to lift the LC this summer, and I'm back to thinking about tires. I really want to go with the new BFG KO2's, but they don't make them in the size I want, which is 295/65/18...I'd like to stay with the stock wheel. They do make them in a 305/65/18, but...
  17. Skiime

    Were you at Home Depot in Smyrna on Saturday?

    Hey guys, I was at the Home Depot in Smyrna/Vinings last Saturday and someone left one of the GA Cruisers/IH8MUD cards on my window...was that any of you? It was left on a gray 200. I didn't even realize there was a GA Cruisers section in here, so thanks for leaving the card...nice to know you...
  18. Skiime

    Were you at Home Depot in Smyrna on Saturday?

    So I was at Home Depot on Saturday getting my yard supplies on, and when I came out I saw that someone had put a card in the drivers first reaction was damn spammers, but then I saw it was a Georgia Cruisers card saying nice Land Cruiser. It's one of the IH8Mud clubs, so I was...
  19. Skiime

    Just bought my son a new Land Cruiser!

    Okay, so it's 1:18 scale and remote controlled, but it's new. :) I figured he needed a truck like daddy's, so I found it on Amazon. Front and rear lights work too.
  20. Skiime

    Does your back seat rattle?

    Hey guys, just wanting to see if this is normal, or it's just me. Has anyone noticed their right rear seat (the middle row, single side) rattles a little bit when going over bumps? I'm thinking probably not, just want know if it's normal before I take it to the dealer. Thanks.
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