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  1. adventurers

    Wanted  SoCal - Fzj80 Stock Suspension

    I am now the proud owner of 2 fzj80s and I'd like to make the Lx450 into a clean stock vehicle to hold onto. The problem is I got rid of the original bumpers. I don't mind repainting them I just would prefer them not dented etc so it will look nice and clean.
  2. adventurers

    Drive shaft throwing off grease, overfill or something wrong?

    I haven't crawled under in about 5k miles, got under there today and saw this. Is this simply the mechanic overfilling when he checked the slip yoke or is there something wrong here? How would I know?
  3. adventurers

    Anyone in SoCal have a gx 460 tow hitch they don’t want?

    Before I bought one I figured I’d check if anyone deleted theirs or don’t need it and I can come unbolt it? Ours Gx is white and I will have the trim price that covers the spot if you want that too.
  4. adventurers

    SOLD  SoCal: 2014 GX 460 front grille

    Upgraded to the 2020 looking grille for my wife. This one is in great condition nothing chipped or broken. Selling with center logo cap since I upgraded that as well. $100 mud price. In Costa Mesa CA
  5. adventurers

    craigslist  San Diego 1984 Polished Turd??? Been on the hunt and this one comes up with what looks like a clean truck with crappy photos. Did a vin search and came up with this website that had a photo of the thing at 307k: JT3FJ60G0E1119504...
  6. adventurers

    craigslist  1995 3x Locked SoCal $27500 Anyone want to take a stab at how much all his additions cost him in parts and labour? I'm like 99% sure the truck was bought on ebay for $9776 without a front bumper. Just wondering what kind of profit margin he is trying for if i...
  7. adventurers

    Wanted  Thunder Cloud Metallic Side Steps near CA or Shipped.

    Looking for the stock Thundercloud Metalic (silver) factory steps. Anyone take them off and have them in good condition?
  8. adventurers

    Trade  SoCal UZJ100 Newly Black Powder Coated 18" for Stock 18" Wheels

    New to me 2005 LC came with newly powder coated black wheels. Anyone want to meet at a tire shop and swap wheels? I want stock silver or other light color 18" wheels. Im in orange county.
  9. adventurers

    Dealer  Unlocked No Rust CA 1996 with only 97k Miles $11900

    Got a tip on this trade in at Norm Reeves Ford (ask for George) in southern California. I forgot to snap any photos but i have this one the George sent when it was being washed. Just checked it out. It has some Toyota dealer service records with it and the engine looks really clean so the...
  10. adventurers

    craigslist  WA Fully Built 2003 216k Miles - Asking $17k

    FJ100 Landcruiser Overland vehicle Just one more cool craigslist 100 series to post, too bad i'm on the lookout for a stock kid hauler
  11. adventurers

    craigslist  CA 2001 65k Miles - $15500

    TOYOTA LAND CRUISER Note mine, interesting if the mileage is real
  12. adventurers

    For Sale  CA Single Owner Locked 1997 - $3800

    Not mine. Autotrader looks like Poverty package, maybe no roof rack or side steps from factory? Single owner, has the magic dial.
  13. adventurers

    For Sale  Low Mile SoCal 1997 lx450 Supercharged w/ Lockers This is not mine but I was the first person to see it this morning... here’s my report. The supercharger is not for the fzj80 but the 5.0 engine, and it has a cat with incorrect numbers so it will not leagaly pass...
  14. adventurers

    Is the oil pump drive gear keyed to the crankshaft a HUGE deal?

    Browsing craigslist in the market for a 80 I came across this post and it had this whole write up on how 1996-97 land cruisers have this horrible flaw in how the oil pump drive gear is engaged. I had never heard of this before and don't remember ever seeing a discussion on here about it. I tried...
  15. adventurers

    Wanted  V8 Swap w/ Lockers

    I have the cash to buy an 80 w lockers and have it converted but i don't want to wait! Every reputable shop on the west coast that does the convertion is booked way out. So if you know of someone who has one and might want to flip it for some cash PM me
  16. adventurers

    How much steering play before the pitman arm moves?

    Im trying to diagnose what seems like a lot of sloppy loose play in my steering wheel. I followed the steps in this awesome thread and everything seems good except where the drag link connects to the pitman arm. That has some play and probably needs to be replaced. My question is now, when...
  17. adventurers

    For Sale  CA Locked 1996 TLC, lift, ARB front 185k miles

    asking $12,900 Locked 1996 Land Cruiser 185k miles not mine, just found it sneaking around on autotrader of all places. Lodi CA
  18. adventurers

    eBay  Built 96 LC Locked W/ 190k Miles in AZ

    96 Locked & Built W/ 190k Miles in AZ - not mine no affiliation to seller was monitoring ebay since i was in the market, but it looks like I've found my truck so I'll post some of my finds here in classifieds for you good people to jump on now that i'm no longer looking.
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