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  1. ssettar

    Wanted  Just “some” FJ62 grey seat fabric

    I know, I know, but looking to repair the crotch area in the drivers seat of my ‘89. All the other seats are in great condition, so don’t want to swap them, and the SMS is close, but not close enough. Anyone have a small amount, maybe 12”x12” they have? Grey w/black stripe. Thanks
  2. ssettar

    SOLD  FJ62 Rear Speaker Grills

    Have a nice set of OEM rear speaker grill covers from a FJ 62. This is for a set of the metal grills only, and doesn’t include the plastic mounts. I’ve seen them going for $60 a piece, asking $60 for the set. Thanks
  3. ssettar

    SOLD  NC- FJ62 rear speaker box/housing

    Looking for replacement rear speaker mounts. Need to black plastic pieces the speaker sits in and grills attach to. I do not need to grills. Thanks
  4. ssettar

    SOLD  FJ 60/62

    In the market for a 60 or 62 that will be mainly used as a daily driver, for me and the wife (local design business) but will be used for occasional beach/mtn weekend camping trip as well. Looking for most of the obvious things like no/limited rust. Would prefer automatic but open to manual...
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