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  1. Tredwards

    Wanted  Wanted - 2 Scepter military fuel can for diesel fuel.

    Hello, I am looking for 2 Scepter MFC's for diesel. I prefer the tan and new if possible. Thanks.
  2. Tredwards

    Wanted  WTB: LX470 galactic grey trim below headlights

    I would like to buy the trim that goes below the headlight for a lx470 in galactic grey if possible. I have a 2005 and broke mine doing a HID retrofit. Thanks for the help.
  3. Tredwards

    Wanted  WTB: 100 series landcruiser front DS/PS side lamps

    I would like to buy a good condition pair of side lamps (ones on the outside of the headlights) for a 100 series landcruiser. I actually have a 2005 LX470 but am installing an ARB and am trying to use the 3 function capabilities of the landcruiser side lamps. Plus I broke the mounting tab on...
  4. Tredwards

    HID retrofit how to - Depos and morimoto mini d2s projectors

    I ordered a set of mini h1 projectors for my LX470 from @Luke111 and saw his amazing hid retrofit pics for the 80 series. Well I figured I already have a ton of lights on the 80 so why not make the ones that get the most use better. I talked with nick @2000UZJ to get some help with building a...
  5. Tredwards

    Wanted  1996 FZJ80 grey ash tray

    Looking for a grey 80 series ashtray for a 1996 landcruiser. Thanks, Trey
  6. Tredwards

    Wanted  1996 landcruiser grey ashtray

    I have a 1996 landcruiser. looking for grey ashtray in good condition. thanks. Trey
  7. Tredwards

    Wanted  80 series switches

    Looking for switches for 1996 fzj80. Hazard, defrost, fog light, etc. I need about 5 with both switch and pigtail wiring. Thanks
  8. Tredwards

    Dashpad cover pic request

    Hello, I will be getting a dashpad cover and wanted to see if anyone has any pics to help with making the decision. I have been looking at the dashmat for $38 on autoanything but was not sure about colors. I have a grey interior 1996 landcruiser. I am also open to other covers if yall like...
  9. Tredwards

    Installed Terrain Tamer Brake Pads

    I installed front and rear Terrain Tamer brake pads that I got from my friend Rob at Odd Iron Off Road. I actually put OEM pads on my 2010 Subaru Forester this morning and decided while I already had all the tools out and setup that I would go ahead and install the Terrain Tamer pads I had...
  10. Tredwards

    Brake bleeding dash lights question

    I was bleeding the brakes while changing pads on my 2005 lx470. My wife was pushing the brake pedal while I bled the brakes. Occasionally the vsc and abs lights would go off and the car would make a beeping noise. We would stop and the noise would go away. After finishing the job I have test...
  11. Tredwards

    AHC springs question: king vs lexus

    I have a 2005 LX470. I am going to be installing front and rear arb bumpers soon and have new lexus rear springs currently in place. Put in about 1 year ago. I have a set of slee 30mm rear spring spacers in the garage that I had originally planned on placing when the new bumpers went on...
  12. Tredwards

    Wanted  2005 LX470 front seat headrests (tan/oak)

    WTB headrests (without DVD player) for 2005 LX470 with tan interior. Need both driver side and passenger side. Thanks for the help, Trey
  13. Tredwards

    Question about bumper install on LX470 with AHC

    I have a 2005 LX470 with AHC that has been maintained and is working well. stock height. I recently installed 275/70/18 tires. I am planning on installing a front ARB combo bar and a rear arb bumper. I have Slee 30mm rear spacers and plan to install those with the bumper to help maintain...
  14. Tredwards

    Wanted  1996 FZJ80 airbags - grey

    Hello, I am rebuilding a 1996 fzj80. I need a drivers and passenger airbag. My mechanic is getting the passenger airbag as there are 2 different part numbers to make sure we get the right parts. I would like to purchase both driver and passenger airbags in grey. Thanks, Trey
  15. Tredwards

    MP3 Integration Questions

    I have a 2005 LX470. I am looking to get MP3 integration. I have read several threads about the VAIS and GROM technology. I have been looking at the VAIS option and am debating between the Bluetooth integration vs the usb/hard drive option. So I am looking to see if anyone has any specific...
  16. Tredwards

    New to the 100 series forum

    Hello everyone, I have been on the 80 forum for 2-2.5 yrs. I wrecked my 80 which is currently being fixed by a local shop that specilizes in 40/60/70 series. We were in need of a 3rd car so that I could keep my 80 as more of a toy and less of a DD. After some searching and finding a good 2005...
  17. Tredwards

    Wanted  2005 LX470 OEM trailer hitch - Georgia

    Looking to buy an OEM trailer hitch for a LX470. I live in southwest Georgia. Thanks.
  18. Tredwards

    Wanted  2006-2007 Landcruiser in Southwest Georgia

    Hello, After totaling my built 80 series and waiting for insurance outcome (Planning to get another and rebuild), my wife and I have decided to get her a 100 series Landcruiser for our 3rd car. We have been looking around and cannot find much in our area. Ideally we are looking for a 2006-2007...
  19. Tredwards

    80 series craigslist scam

    Just to warn everyone. I am looking for an 80 due to totaling mine and happened across this one in Dothan, AL. I have contacted the seller with emails and this is a scam. My wife researched the information and they make it sound as if they cannot get you a chance to see the car and want you...
  20. Tredwards

    Builds  Daughter's Favorite - Build Thread

    1996 Toyota Landcruiser. Mud member since 2013. Finally starting a build thread 2 yrs later. This thread is titled Daughter's Favorite as I negotiated to get the 80 series from my father during the birth of my daughter (yea wife still talks about that) and though the car drives my wife crazy...
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