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  1. Bax454

    CTW 2016 Cruisn' The Woods 2016 - sign up!

    FYI fellow Cruzerheads: CTW2016 signup: Cruisin' the Woods 2016
  2. Bax454

    Wanted  Wanted FJ80 Caster Correction Plates urgently

    Need caster corrections plates. Looking for the quickest shipping option from MetalTech / Slee / Or other, figured I would ask if anyone has a set they want to get rid of. I would like to get 4-5+ degrees of correction. Want to wheel this weekend, but I think I am out due to my hack up job on...
  3. Bax454

    Where to measure caster with angle finder

    I have truly searched, but the keywords I have used versus the number of hits is tiresome. With an angle finder, is there a quick location to get a preliminary caster degree measurement? '93 FZJ80 Thanks, Ty
  4. Bax454

    Wheel backspacing confusion

    Hello, I have tried some searching, but keep stumbling over my thoughts and what I think is right. I want to maintain where the current location of the outside tread is, but going to a different tire and a 7" wheel. Details: Currently running FZJ80 factory wheels From what I read they are 8" ...
  5. Bax454

    Best price for TSLs? Buying tires (ordering) hopefully today!

    Hi cruiserheads, I have been searching around a bit, but always helps to have more eyes on the net. I am buying a set of 4, I already have a decent sized spare. Q78-16LT, TSL Bias Part #SST(SAM-53) The best total price, I have found, including shipping is $1,151.96 @ (Free...
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