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  1. marcuslx470

    Squealing burning smell?

    Im pulling up to the drive way and i hear this very loud squeal over the sound of my music and even a burning smell coming from the engine. i know the timing belt was replaced at 240,000 miles back of august in 2018. could it be that time to replace the belt if Im only at 286,000? or could it...
  2. marcuslx470

    AHC starting to go out pretty soon... suspension options?

    so I went ahead and went to Toyota to get a check-up on the LX today. long story short, the mechanic mentioned that for having 300,000 miles on it, it was in very good condition top to bottom, except for one issue he took me back to the back and had the truck on the lift. he showed me areas...
  3. marcuslx470

    Wanted  100 series roof rack or rear tire carrier !

    looking for a full-length roof rack local in Dallas area, willing to drive for the right deal! also in the market for something to hold my spare tire in the rear, preferably an aftermarket bumper but willing to settle for a nice hitch carrier !
  4. marcuslx470

    Wheel + suspension options!

  5. marcuslx470

    Breakdown Update... what should i look into next? + major issue

    hi all! first things first: I own a 2002 lx470 with about 270,000 miles on her not sure if anyone has seen my post from yesterday, but ended up broken down in the middle of Alabama and far from home. thankfully, with a few phone calls and asking for help, I was able to get all the information...
  6. marcuslx470

    RTH - alternator issues, Birmingham AL

    hey guys. kinda reaching but might as well try and reach out to my fellow mudders. im currently far from home, in the middle of alabama. a few miles east of birmingham, pretty sure the tow truck is taking me to pell city or leeds. regardless, my destination is texas. all by myself and i’m pretty...
  7. marcuslx470

    For Sale  LX470 side steps and front bumper for sale

    I did a side step delete and upgraded my bumper so I won't be needing these parts anymore. open to offers, just need them gone from the garage.
  8. marcuslx470

    MUDShip  Need shipping in Southeastern States?

    hello all! I'm planning a trip in my LX470 from Dallas, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia and ill be leaving the 12th or 13th, staying the weekend, then driving back to Texas around Monday the 16th. I have empty cargo except my backpack for clothes and other belongings for my stay. I have a roof rack...
  9. marcuslx470

    2002 LX470 sunroof fix

    hi all. I'm trying to do some home improvement -- well, truck improvement. I've read some forums about sunroof fixing but it's not very detailed or vehicle specific either and really outdated and wanted to see if anyone else has done this sort of thing or have any experience. so here's the...
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