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    Gravity Center 98-2001

    I found information about the gravity center update, curious if it is a safety concern for these models.
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    Transfer betwen fuel tanks

    Hello, I am curious about the part that actually switchs between the fuel tanks, after hitting the SUB Switch. And location. Thanks
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    Converting Manual to Automatic

    How difficult is it converting 4.7 L 100 to automatic?. It looks like it is was set up for automatic originally.
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    The Door Lock Weak Actuator ..The Fix!

    This how my door lock actuators fixed: -open the motor (actuator) -clean -then then remove the small plate and weld both sides with a thin wire. See photos :
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    Need Advice On Upgrade ...Top 5?!

    Need your help guys on the top 5 best & most valuable upgrades for On/Off road,,, budget is tight ...but will manage over time Current issues: -Clutch is week, it burns easily with medium to heavy use of 4x4, changed clutch several times, the first part that fails is the release bearing...
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    Alternator And Battery Isolator

    Hello Guys, I just bought a 150 amp isolator but I am not sure now if it is ok with the stock alternator, I read that it should be the same size as the alternator or higher rating.. I wonder what size is the stock alternator? How can I check/measure myself? What are the risks and what...
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    Change from Manual to Automatic Trans..Advice!

    I am looking after all to convert my stock 4.7L V8 (model 98) Manual to automatic transmission..Dealer refused to do it!...found workshops willing to do it with 1 to 2 years warranty? need advice please... do I expected a problem down the road? Is it cost effective to do the conversion? and...
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    New Member with a Question? OME865!

    Hello all, I am happy to be here and have a question and hope to find an answer...I am only interested in the rear springs OME865, any idea if it is going to cause any problem to the stock suspension or stock drivability? I would like to keep the same stock hight but OME865 is the only...
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