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    SOLD So. Cal. 2003 100 series Bump It Off Road rear bumper with dual spindles

    off a 2004. Not if this is the color your looking for but I’m in OC and not very far from you for the swap. Let me know
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    For Sale  SoCal - pair of Thule 450R with 53” Aeroblades

    Selling a set of Thule 450R mounts with 53” Thule Aeroblade bars in silver. Used these to mount my rooftop tent till I switched to a rack. In good condition and comes with locks and a set of two keys. Located in Orange County and not willing to ship. Asking $200
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    For Sale  SoCal FS: Pelican 1640 case with no foam and in great condition

    I have a Pelican 1640 I was using to store my camping gear but went with drawers and no longer needed. It’s the 1640 versions and every buckle works as it should and no cracks. Local pick up in SoCal preferred but will ship at buyers expense...$140 nick
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    SOLD  SoCal FS: ARB Drawer driver side fit kit NEW

    Selling a brand new ARB drawer driver side fit kit (ARB100FK). Ordered the full set but only needed the passenger side. Asking $65 shipped or $60 local pick up in OC
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    For Sale 100 series headlamp $100

    I’ll take them. Pm sent
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    Is it worth sell or to spend more to fix

    thanks for the input... I just ordered the pfran clamps so we’ll see how those work out for now on the cv’s. Outside of Timing belt, water pump, radiator, brake flush (all done at same time), I did everything else ... but I guess I would’ve saved more coin had I tried it myself.
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    Is it worth sell or to spend more to fix

    How much does a oem reboot cost for cv? And a new boot for the steering rack on drivers side? I won’t do it alone and will probably take it to a shop to do it
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    Is it worth sell or to spend more to fix

    I have an 04 LC in stone gray. My dad was the original Southern Californian owner and decided to get rid of it. I decided to take it from him with 300k miles. Since taking it over, I took it to a Toyota dealer to do the timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt, and Heater T’s. I also had a Denso...
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    CV Boot Clamp Question

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    CV Boot Clamp Question

    As of now, there is no play unless I really try. And so far it has prevented any grease from coming out so looks like it did the trick. Just curious on how tight they need to be? By the way, these aren’t your typical hose clamps...smooth surfaced on the inside
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    CV Boot Clamp Question

    I recently installed the Ironman foam cell pro lift kit on my 04 (299,000 miles) with a trail tailor diff soon as I installed the lift, my inner cv boot started to seep some tears, just little bits of grease oozing out....I think my old clamps (original) has just lost...
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    Wanted Spidertrax Wheels Spacers For LC100

    Slee showed out of stock. Amazon shows rears in stock but not front. Didn’t know Slee was only place...sorry, exaggerated when I said everywhere
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    Wanted  Spidertrax Wheels Spacers For LC100

    Like the title says, looking for a set of hub centric wheel spacers...looks like spidertrax is not in stock anywhere...
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    SOLD Brand New LC100 Ironman 4x4 Torsion Bars SOCAL

    these are the 0-440lb performance ones....TOY050 Torsion Bars
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    SOLD  Brand New LC100 Ironman 4x4 Torsion Bars SOCAL

    I have a brand new set of Ironman 4x4 Torsion Bars (gasoline) for the land cruiser 100. Decided to keep stock bars. Never installed, just sitting in my garage. Asking $300 for the brand new bars and local pick up. Located in Orange County.
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    Help!! Stripped threads on Diff Mount Bolt

    I just installed the Trail Tailor diff drop on my 04 land cruiser. While putting it back together and screwing on the front diff mount bolt (which was removed from the rear diff mount), it started going in smooth then got really tight, and now it keeps spinning without tightening. I can’t take...
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