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  1. dwai

    For Sale  Nitto Ridge Grappler LT 305 70 17

    Nitto Ridge Grappler LT 305 70 17. These tires have about 1500 miles on them. Great condition. Set of 5 tires. I'm selling because I decided to upgrade to a different tire/wheel setup. Location: San Jose, CA Here's my craigslist posting which includes photos...
  2. dwai

    Ski/snowboard rack for k9 roof rack solution?

    I have a k9 roof rack on my 200 right now. I know the k9 rack is compatible with yakima and thule cross bars but I don't really want to add additional height when I'm transporting snowboards. Anyone successfully mount a ski/snowboard holder directly on the k9 rack? If so, what mounting solution...
  3. dwai

    For Sale  King 700lbs spring at 14" length

    This is a 3.0 spring which is used for a 2.5 King shock. I used this for about a year and went to a 800lbs spring due to additional weight from a bumper and winch. I ran this on a 200 series with a stock bumper and the ride wasn't harsh. U can find all the info here...
  4. dwai

    For Sale  2008 Land Cruiser 3rd row seats

    2008 Land Cruiser 3rd row seats Color: Gray Price: $400 Location: Bay Area, CA
  5. dwai

    For Sale  2008 Toyota Land Cruiser front bumper

    2008 Toyota Land Cruiser front bumper Color: Silver Asking price: $150 Located in Bay Area, CA
  6. dwai

    For Sale  LC 200 SPC upper control arm

    Selling my SPC UCA for a land cruiser 200. I've had it for about 15k miles. I kept the balljoints greased every 5k. I'm selling this since I upgraded my shocks and uca to a different setup. These worked great and I never had an issue with it. I reconditioned them by removing any surface rust or...
  7. dwai

    Opening KDSS valve on a slanted driveway

    I'm replacing my SPC UCA to total chaos UCA on my LC this weekend but my driveway is slanted. Is it ok to open the KDSS valves on a slanted driveway? I'm worried that the incline will cause some kind of unequal pressure when the valve opens/closes. Am I just overthinking this or is it a valid...
  8. dwai

    08 rear camera relocation

    Parts Got this from my taco and 4runner friends. He had extras lying around and gave me one to see if it would work for the land cruiser. It was from pelfrey build, but they are no longer in business. I saw a similar part from this vendor 2010+ Toyota 4Runner Backup / Reverse Camera Relocation...
  9. dwai

    Safari snorkel for 5.7L USDM land cruisers

    I was ordering a snorkel from slee today and they mentioned that ARB finally released a new snorkel for the 5.7L engine (3UR-FE). Part info ARB SS88HPE - SAFARI Snorkel - '08-'15 Land Cruiser Snorkel - 5.7L Looks like they...
  10. dwai

    What are your hub to fender measurements?

    I have kings 2.5 shocks installed on mine. Just ordered a TJM T13 bumper and a winch so I'm going to have to adjust the shocks again. The first installation had the fronts at 21.5 which is a bit low for a 2" lift. Would it be crazy to adjust them to 22.25 - 22.5 in the fronts? I don't want to...
  11. dwai

    Upgrading to SS brake lines. Do I need extended length?

    I have a 2" lift on my truck and wanted to upgrade to stainless steel brake lines. I've shopped around and found Goodridge has them Goodridge G-Stop Brake Lines Questions is, are those appropriate for a lifted truck or do I need to go with something longer? Thanks!
  12. dwai

    OME suspension kit up for sale!

    Thought I'd post this here too if anyone was interested. I recently upgraded to kings and had these on my rig for a year. For Sale - LC 200 OME suspension kit lmk
  13. dwai

    For Sale  LC 200 OME suspension kit

    I had this installed for about a year and adding 10k miles on it. I recently upgraded to Kings and I'm selling these. They work great and includes the bushing and tophats Parts 2 x OME2722 Rear Coil Springs 2 x Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport 61029 Rear Shocks 2 x Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport...
  14. dwai

    For Sale  LC 200 OEM front strut spacers

    Got these brand new, never used. I was going to originally put them on OME nitro shocks but decided to go with a completely different suspension setup. Includes 2 struts. $80 + shipping. Prefer pickup in NorCal area.
  15. dwai

    Need rear bump stop recommendations

    Just fitted some 34s on my land cruiser and I'm upgrading the bumpstops. Ridge grapplers 305/70/17 done... For the fronts I'll be installing these with a 3/8 spacer Wheeler's Front SuperBump Bumpstop Set for 2005+ Tacoma, 2003+ 4Runner, 2007+ FJ Cruiser, 2007+ Tundra (01SUPERBUMPKIT) I'm...
  16. dwai

    For Sale  LC 2008 stock wheels. Set of 5

    Selling my stock wheels in the bay area. 2008 Land Cruiser wheels 18 set of 5
  17. dwai

    For Sale  LT 275 70 18 KO2 set of 5

    Incase one of you are interested in the bay area. Great fit for a 100 and 200. Link fixed : LT 275 70 18 KO2 set of 5
  18. dwai

    Ridge grapplers 305/70/17 done...

    I know there has been a lot of questions around this tire size so I thought I'd share. I upgraded from stock wheels running 275/70/18 ko2. I enjoyed the KO2, but I thought I'd try something different this time around. After my first trip with them I'll update u guys. For suspension I have the...
  19. dwai

    Choosing spring rates for King shocks

    I'm looking to upgrade my OME slee kit to king shocks. I have the current setup 1 x Pair SPC-25465 Upper Control Arm 2 x OME2722 Rear Coil Springs 2 x Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport 61029 Rear Shocks 2 x Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport 91005 Front Struts 2 x OME2702 Front Springs (625 spring...
  20. dwai

    Wanted  Single rock warrior wheel

    Looking for a single rock warrior wheel in Norcal Bay Area or LA area.
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