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  1. gotmud

    '94 FSM

    Looks like the old link to the FSM is dead. Here's a new link that should work:
  2. gotmud

    For Sale  80 Series Rear OEM Springs

    Came out of the :princess:'s '93 with 3rd row. Color codes are purple/purple, yellow, aka 48231-6A080 and 48231-6A100. $45 + shipping from 85298.
  3. gotmud

    FS: Rigid 12" Compound Miter Saw

    Figured I would see if anyone here is in need of this before I try CL. I've had it for about three years. Bought it to do the moulding in my last house. Since then it's been taking up space in my garage. Looks like HD sells them new for $569. Asking $450 obo.
  4. gotmud

    Fs: 315/75/16 km2

    >90% tread depth remaining. No patches/plugs. Recently balanced. I'd like to sell the wheel and tire together, but will consider selling separate. Wheel is 93/94 style. $250 obo. ***Edit*** Wheel is powder coated.
  5. gotmud

    Cryo'd Ignition Parts

    I'm getting ready to do another run of 80 series (1FZ-FE) ignition parts. I'm selling two "kits" Kit 1 consists of: Plug Wires Cap Rotor Plugs Kit 2 is just the plugs. All parts are genuine OEM and are treated by the leader in cryogenics treating. Kit 1 - $225 Kit 2 - $66...
  6. gotmud

    For Sale  Land Rover Cup Holder

    Brand new. Works great mounted on the 80's console. $25 plus shipping from PHX. Hard to see in the picture, but the bottom is gray.
  7. gotmud

    Don't Waste Your Money

    O'reilly's is blowing out their stock of Safety-Kleen brake parts cleaner for $1/Can. Not only is the brake cleaner very weak, the nozzles are defective. Out of the dozen or so cans I had, 8 of them had nozzles that would stay open and piss parts cleaner everywhere:mad:
  8. gotmud

    Clean 40th For Sale in Suffield

    My dad saw this today and stopped to take a look. He said it was really clean. Windows were still foggy this morning so he couldn't see if it was locked. Can't vouch for the dealer.
  9. gotmud

    Wanted  AZ - 80 Series Exhaust

    Mostly looking for the factory down pipes for a 1FZ-FE (either style). Don't need the cats. Will consider OEM muffler and tailpipe/resonator as well. Shoot me a PM or email:
  10. gotmud

    For Sale  2000 Safari SLE For Sale - Phoenix

    Bright red/tan exterior has only minor cosmetic flaws while the tan interior is super clean. SLE trim level gives you all the necessary creature comforts like: Power Windows, Power Locks, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, AM/FM/Cass/CD, Rear Air Conditioning, Rear Wiper, Privacy Glass and much more...
  11. gotmud

    Anyone need OEM parts or wrenching done?

    Been almost a year since I posted last, mainly due to some personal issues revolving around :princess: v2.0, who is now ex:princess: v2.0 Anyways, if you're looking for parts or need some wrenching done, shoot me a PM.
  12. gotmud

    OME 863J's

    I have one set of used 863J springs. Were on my '94 for about 18 months. Asking $100/pair - includes free shipping. First one to send the funds to gets them.
  13. gotmud

    AZ Road Conditions

    Looks ADOT has redone portions of their website. Many of my old links to the traffic cams don't work. Here's their new site: ADOT traffic I've found selecting just the "Weather Sensor" makes finding the cameras/conditions a little easier.
  14. gotmud

    add on a/c for a '90 Amigo

    Neighbor wants to sell his '90 Amigo for peanuts. Only draw back is it didn't come with A/C. Has anyone added a/c to a non-a/c model?
  15. gotmud

    Looking for a 1FZ-Fe

    I've decided to start doing some R&D on a few different mods for the 1FZ-FE. Since I rebuilt mine 18 months ago, it's not exactly a candidate for what I want to do. What I'd like to find is something that is still rebuilable, out of the vehicle and was running when pulled. Hopefully that's...
  16. gotmud

    For Sale  80 Series Headrest Covers

    These came off my 3rd row headrests but will fit all three rows. "B+" quality. No rips or cracks. Have been treated with conditioner several times. Only one minor blemish on one of the covers. $40 - includes free shipping
  17. gotmud

    80 Series Replacement Armrest Leather

    Here's a quick and cheap way to fix your worn console armrest. This cover is brand new, 100% leather and matches the interior perfectly. $40 includes free shipping. Paypal -
  18. gotmud

    80 Series Marlin Front Axle Seals

    Brand new seals from Marlin. Seals are thicker and have a flange on the outside. $10 and they're yours! Free shipping. paypal is
  19. gotmud

    OEM O2 Sensors

    We all know the OEM O2 sensors are the best out there. So when I came across this deal on the 80 series sensors I wanted to pass it along to the 'Mudders! If there is enough interest, I'll extend it to other models too. Here it is: 91-92 List Price - $176.27/each 'Mud Price $123.39/each...
  20. gotmud

    Phoenix to Ohio - 3rd week of June

    I'll be driving my dad's Crown Vic sometime during the 3rd week of June. Plenty of trunk space and some in the back seat area. First come, first serve. Destination is 15 min east of Akron.
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